[Penny Post.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Fire Office.]404

[Penny Post.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Fire Office.]

Table hung at the Door or Shop Window, on which is printed in Great Letters, Penny Post Letters and Parcels are taken in here. And at those Houses they have Letter-Carriers to call every Hour, and to carry such Letters and Parcels as are there, to the General Office within their Circuit. And after the said Letters and Parcels are duly entred in their Books, they are forthwith sent by others to be delivered as directed. So that all the Day long they are employed, some in going their Walks to bring in, and others to carry out.

There is another great Conveniency by this Office; and that is, that what Letters come from beyond Sea, or from any Part of England, Scotland, or Ireland, by the General Post, and are directed to Persons in any of the Towns to which the Penny Post goes, they are delivered by the Messenger without farther Trouble, paying the Postage.

The Names of the six Grand Offices, and their Places, viz.


Westminster Office, in Court in the Strand, by Northumberland House.

The Temple Office, in Chichester Court in Chancery Lane, near Lincolns Inn.

St. Paul's Office, in Cannon Alley by Paul's Church-yard.

Exchange Office, in Star Court in Cornhill.

Hermitage and Ratcliff Office, at the Entrance into East Smithfield, upon Little Tower Hill.

Southwark Office, in Green Dragon Court, near St. Mary Overy's Church in Southwark.

An Alphabetical Account of the Towns and Places appointed for the receiving of Letters, and Parcels, and Money, as aforesaid, to be delivered to the said six Grand Offices, or any of them, and thence to be sent as aforesaid.


ABridge, Acton Town, East Acton, Adleston, Aveley.

Bagenham, Barns, Barn Elms, Barnet, Barkin, Battersea, Beddington, Bednal Green, Blacklands, Black-wall, Bow, Old and New Brentford, Bromley, Upper and Lower Brompton.

Camberwel, Casehalton, Chelsea, Charlton, Chertsey, Chigwel, Cobham, Clapham, Conyhatch, Cranford, Croydon.

Darlston, Deptford, Drayton, Dulwich.

Ealing, Great and Small, Earls-Court, Edmonton, Eltham, Enfield, Epping.

Finchley, Fox-Hall, Fulham.

Ganford Town and Green, the Grove, the Gower, Green-street, Greenwich.

Hackney, Haggerston, East and West Ham in Essex, Ham by Richmond in Surrey, Hamersmith, Hampton Court and Town, Hamsted, Hanwel, Hanworth, Hare-street by Rumford, Harlington, Harmsworth, Harrow Hill, Hayes, Heston, Highgate, Hillindon, North and South, Hockingham, Holloway, Hornchurch, Hornsey, Hothwel, Hoxton.

Ilford, Islington.

Kempton Park, Kennington, Kensington Town and Gravel Pits, Kentish Town, Kew, Kingsland, Kingstonwick, Knightsbridge.

Lambeth Town and Marsh, Lampton, Leyton Stone, Low Leyton, Laylam, Lee, Leusham, Limehouse, Littleton, Longford.

Martin, Mile-End, Mitcham, Morden, Mortlack, Moulsey, Muzzle-Hill.

Newington Butts in Surrey, Newington Green and Town in Middlesex, Nine Elms, North-End, North-hall in Middlesex, Northall in Hartfordshire.

Ongar, Osterley Park.

Pancras, Parsons Green, Peckham, Petersfield, Pinner, Pissingford Bridge, Playstow, Plumsted, Poplar, Putney.

Rickmansworth, Richmond, Rohampton.

Sandy-End, Shacklewel, East and West Sheen, Sheperton, Shepherd's Bush, Sipson, Smalbury Green, Southall, Southgate, Stanwel, Stepney, Stroud on the Green, Stockwel, Stratford, Stretham, Sunbury, Sutton.

Teddington, Thistleworth, Thorp, Upper and Lower, Tooting, Tottenham Court, Totteridge, Turnham Green, Twittenham.

Upton, Uxbridge, Upminster.

Whaddon, Waltham Green, Wallington, Waltham Abby, Waltham Stow, Walworth, Walton upon Thames, Wansworth, Wanstead, Waynham, Weybridge, Whetstone, Whitton, Whitton-Dean, Wimbleton, Woodford, Woolwich.

Note, That for every Letter, or Parcel, or Sum of Money under 10l. from these Towns and Places to London, there is to be paid at the Receiving Houses One Penny; and from London to the aforesaid Places, the Messenger may demand one Penny more; being for his Pains and Care, at the Delivery, and no more.

This Penny Post is managed by three Officers, a Comptroller, an Accomptant, and a Receiver.


The Convenience of this Penny Post is great, with respect to all such as dwell in so many Towns and various Places, as are within ten Miles of the City; who may have Letters to them, and from them, sent every Day in the Week. Insomuch, that is a little Wonder, that a Foot Post can perform it. As on this Essex side, the Foot Post, who goes as far as Chigwel, ten Miles from London, takes his Compass first from London to Low Leyton; then to Walthamstow; thence to Woodford; and so to Chigwel; and to all the several Houses dispersed, where Letters and Parcels are to be left: And then back (homewards) to Wansted; thence to Leyton Stone; and so to Stratford, and then to Bow, and London. Which Circuit makes about thirty Miles Walk each Day. So that he travels 180 Miles weekly, Winter and Summer, fair Weather and foul Yet in the Winter Season, sometimes making use of an Horse, necessarily.

J. S.

There is yet another Practice of great Benefit and Convenience used in London; and that is, for Insuring Houses against Fire. Which any Man may do, for a little Money, for the Term of seven Years; and so renew again, if he pleases. For which there is a certain Office kept in the City, called the Fire Office, in Cornhill, and in Fleet-street. All Houses thus Insured, are known by a Plate fixed upon them, being the Resemblance of a Phenix in a Flame. This Office maintains in Pay a competent number of strong expert Men, with their Accoutrements, who are always ready at hand, when any of these Insured Houses chance to be on Fire, to quench the same. The Rates for Insurance, and the Fund for Security, and the Names of the Insurers, appear by this Table following.

The Office of Insurance against Fire.