[Officers of the Post.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Penny Post.]403

[Officers of the Post.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Penny Post.]

Alborough, Woodbridge, Wickham, Stow-Market, Framlingham, Hadley, Sudbury, Brandon, Lavenham, Wulpit, Mildnal, Clare.

SURRY. Croydon, Rygate, Kingston, Farnham, Guilford.

SUSSEX. Chichester, Rye, Winchelsey, Battle, Hastings, Haylsham, Penisey, Lewis, Est Grinstead, Stansted, Petworth, Midhurst, Arundel.

WARWICK-SHIRE. Coventry, Birmingham, Coleshull, Warwick, Rugby, Southam, Stratford, Henly, Atherton.

WESTMORELAND. Kendale, Kirby-Launsdale, Appleby, Kirby-Stephens.

WILT-SHIRE. Salisbury, Marlborough, Chipnam, Highworth, Bradford, Calne, Trubridge, Lavington, Devises, Amsbury, Wotton-basset, Winterborn, Lurgeshall, Warmister.

WORCESTER-SHIRE. Worcester, Droitwich, Sturbridge, Beudley, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster.

YORK-SHIRE. York, Hull, Doncaster, Ferry-bride, Tadcaster, Burrow-bridge, North Allerton, Rotherham, Barnsby, Thorn, Snath, Pontefract, Selby, Wakefield, Leeds, Halifax, Bradforth, Otley, Wetherby, Knutsbrough, Rippon, Ripley, Settle, Sherborn, Thursk, Middleham, Gilsbrough, Whitby, Kirby-Moreside, Pickering, Scarsborough, Bridlington, New Maulton, Pocklington, Howden, Wighton, Beverley, Headon.



ANGLESEY. Beaumorice, Holyhead.

CAERMARTHEN-SHIRE. Caermarthen, Llanelthy, Kidwelthy.

CARDIGAN-SHIRE. Cardigan, Llanbedec.

CARNARVON-SHIRE. Aberconway, Carnarvon, Bangor.

DENBIGH-SHIRE. Denbigh, Wrexham.

GLAMORGAN-SHIRE. Cardiff, Swansey, Landaff, Cowbridge, Bridge-end, Aberaven, Neath.

PEMBROOK-SHIRE. Pembrook, Tenby, St. David's, Hartford West.

SCOTLAND. Edinburg, Cock-bornspeth, Haddington.

THE Governors, and other Officers of the General Post-house are these: First, Commissioners for executing the Office of Postmaster-General, are two, with a Secretary and a Clark.

Governors and Officers of the Posthouse.

Officers of the Inland Office, four; viz. a Comptroller, a Receiver, an Accomptant, a Solicitor.

J. S.

Clerks of the Roads, seven; viz. Chester Road, North Road, West Road, Bristol Road, Yarmouth Road, Kent Road, Kent Road off by Night. One Clerk for each.

Other Clerks, thirteen in number.

Window Men, three.

Officers of the Foreign Office, two; viz. Comptroller, and Alphabet-keeper.

Clerks to this Office, six. And two more; viz. a Receiver's Clerk, and an Accomptant's Clerk.

To shew the Method, Diligence and Exactness used in our General Post-Office, and the due Dispatch of the Post in each Stage, take this Specimen; containing the Letter to each Postmaster in the several Towns, as far as East Greensted; with their respective Certificates, at what Hour each Post came in, and went out, and set forward; with the Number of Miles from Stage to Stage.

For His Majesty's Special Service.

WHereas the Management of the Postage of Letters of Great Britain and Ireland, is committed to our Care and Conduct: These are therefore in His Majesty's Name to require you, in your respective Stages, to use all Diligence and Expedition in the safe and speedy Conveyance of this Mail and Letters: And that you ride Five Miles the Hour, and so for every Hour, according to your Articles, from London to East Grinsted, and from thence to return accordingly. And hereof you are not to fail, as you will answer the contrary at your Perils.

To the several Post-Masters betwixt London and East Grinsted.

Haste, Haste, Post Haste.

 From the Letter-Office in London, July 7, 1717, at half an Hour past 2 in the Morning.
16Received at Epsom half an Hour past 6.     
And sent away 3 quarters past.
Alexander Findlater.
3Received at Leatherhead a quarter past 7.     
And sent away half an Hour before 8.
Ed. Badcock.
5Received at Darking half an Hour after 8.     
And sent away at 9.
Cha. Castleman.
6Received at Rygate half an Hour past 10.     
And sent away at 11.
John Bullock.
16Received at East Grinsted at half an Hour after 3 in the Afternoon.]



FOR a further Conveniency to the Inhabitants of this City, and Parts adjacent, for about ten Miles Compass, another Post, and that a Foot Post, commonly called the Penny Post, was erected. And tho' at first set up by a private Hand, yet being of such considerable Account, is taken since into the Post-Office, and made a Branch of it.

R. B.

And by this all Letters and Parcels, not exceeding a Pound Weight, and also any Sum of Money not above 10l. or Parcel of 10l. Value, is safely conveyed, and at the Charge of a Penny, to all Parts of the City and Suburbs, and but a Penny more (at the Delivery) to most Towns within ten Miles of London, and to some Towns at a farther distance.

The Penny Post of great Use.

And for the better Management of this Office, there are in London and Westminster, six General Post-Offices, kept at convenient distance from each other. At all which, there constantly attend every Day from Morning to Night (Sundays excepted) Officers, to receive Letters and Parcels from the several Places appointed to take them in: there being a Place, or receiving House, for the Receipt thereof, in most Streets, with a