[Contents of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Charters.]357

[Contents of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Charters.]

Maior, Escheator in London Page 43
Maior to be Justice of Peace and Oyer and Terminer in London 57, 58, 160, to 165
Maior Justice of Peace in Southwark 109
Maior is to have the measuring of Coles, Corn, Grain, Salt, Apples, Plums, Roots, Onions, 116, 129, 141
Magna Charta recited 40
Middlesex, the Sheriffwick of Middlesex granted to the Citizens of London 2, 12
Medway, the River of Medway 15, 23, 42, 115
Maior to be amoved at the end of a Year 17
Maior to be Clerk of the Market 107
Maces to be worn by the Serjeants of London 51
Market, no Market within seven Miles of London 46, 183
Market on Southwark, three Days in a Week 109
Market, the King's Clerk of his Market not to intermeddle in Southwark 107
Market, the Maior of London Clark of the Market of Southwark 107
Marshal of the King, not to intermeddle in London 42
Merchant Strangers, not to sell by Retail 53
Merchant Strangers, to sell within forty Days, nor to keep Houses 42, 33, 55
Merchants of Almain 55
Martins le Grand, all Inquisitions to be in St. Martins le Grand 47
Martins le Grand, all Inquisitions formerly taken in St. Martins le Grand, are to be taken in London 82
Murage, to be free thereof throughout England 38
Murder, to be free of Murder 2, 4, 6, 10



Newgate, the Citizens to have Custody of Newgate 55
Non user of their Customs, no Forfeiture of the same 61
Newgate, Felons arrested in Southwark to be carried to Newgate 102
Non user of their Customs and Liberties dispensed withal 127, 128, 155
Names, several Names of the Corporations of the City of London 126, 154



Oath, no Oath to be taken by the Sheriff in the Exchequer, but to Account 44
Office of Packing 74
Office of Portage 75
Office of Garbling 75
Office of Gauging 75, 80
Office of Wine-drawer 75
Officers of London to do Execution in Southwark 104, 105, 106
Office of measuring of Coles, Corn, Salt, Apples, Plums, Fruits, Roots and Onions 116, to 122
Office of the Conservation of the River of Thames 115
Office of Outroper, or Common Cryer, for Sale of Houshold-stuff 181, 182
Office of Clerk of Requests in London, Fees, &c. 189, 190
Office of Register of Brokers erected 190
Onions, and the measuring of the same 115, 129
Oil, the Survey of the same pertains to the Maior and Commonalty, to be exercised by the Maior 129
Outfangtheft 40



Passage, to be free of Passage for their Goods 2
Pannage, to be free of Pannage thro' England 38
Packing Office 74
Pickage in Southwark Page 107
Pardon of Rents, Issues, Profits and Intrusions 173, 174
Pleas of the Corwn 2, 4, 6, 24, 33
Pleas, Citizens not to be impleaded out of London 2, 4, 6, 10, 24, 32, 43
Pleas in Fairs, to be holden by Citizens 43
Pleas in Southwak to be tried in London, and how 103
Plaints, to be determined by Citizens 32
Paul's, 7l. per Ann. to allowed to the Sheriffs upon their Account for the Liberty of Paul's 30
Promises 3, 5, 7, 25, 34, 35
Prizage of Wines, not to be paid 34, 46
Portage Office 75
Port of London 117
Poor's House in Smithfield 193
Plums, the Measurage of them 116
Purveyor, not to make Price of Things in London 46
Purveyor is not to be a Merchant 46
Pye-powder Court in Southwark 67, 101
Peace, Recognizances concerning the Preservation of Peace 166



Queenhithe 28, 29
Queenhith, the Fee Farm thereof 50l. per Ann. 29



Recorder, is Justice of Peace, and Oyer and Terminer 57, 58
Return of Writs in Southwark 66, 101
Regrating of Coals 149
Register of the Office of Brokers, and his Fees, and how to be chosen 190, 191
Resumption of the Charter, dated 26th of October, 23 Hen. VI. by Parliament 158
Roots, measuring of Roots pertain to the Maior 115
Restitution of all Liberties granted by any King, with an Exception 154
Retailing, Merchant Stranger not to sell by Retail 53
Recorder, Justice of Peace in Southwark 109
Recognizances of Citizens to be enrolled in the Exchequer 35, 36
Recognizances for Appearance at the Sessions, for Preservation of the Peace 166
Recognizances concerning Bastard Children, Inmates, dividing of Houses, and observing the Orders of the Justices 167
Recognizances for Appearance at the Goal-delivery 167
Recording the Liberties and Customs 136



Scot, Citizens to be free of Scot, Lot, and Danegilt 2
Scotale, Citizens to be free of Scotale 5, 7
Serjeant of London may use Silver and Gold 51
Southwark granted to the City of London 48
Southwark and the ancient Fee Farm thereof 68, 111
Southwark, and the several Messuages there, granted to the City 91, to 98
Southwark, and Waifs, Strays, &c. granted to the City of London 65
with Escheats, Forfeitures, Assize of Ale and Beer, Fines, Amerciaments, Return of Writs 66
A Fair appertains to it, View of Frank Pledge 67
Southwark, and the Inhabitants, to be under the Government of the Maior, &c. of London. The like Jurisdiction there, as in London 108
Southwark, the Maior, Recorder, and such Alder-