[Contents of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Charters.]356

[Contents of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Charters.]

Felons of themselves in Southwark Page 99
Felons taken in Southwark to be carried to Newgate 67, 102,
Fee Farm in Southwark, 10l. 68, 111
Felons Goods in Dukes Place 127
Felons Goods in London 185
Fees for weighing of Coles 146
Fees for garbling of things not formerly garbled 176
Fees for gauging of things not formerly gauged 178
Fees for weighing of things not formerly paid 181
Fair in West Smithfield 171
Fair in Southwark three Days in the Year 67, 101
Fines and Amerciaments in the Court of Request 169
Fines by Commissioners of Sewers 169
Fines imposed by the Maior in his Court of Conservacy of the River of Thames 169
Foreign Tenures 24, 32
Foreign bought and sold, forfeited 78
Forestalling Goods 35, 149
Forfeiture. The Customs of London not to be forfeited for Non user or Abuser 61
Forfeiture of Recognizances for diverse things; as for not appearing at Sessions for the Peace, Bastard Children, Inmates, &c. 166, 167
Forfeiture of Recognizance for not appearing at the Goal Delivery 167
Forfeiture of Recognizances taken before the Maior, as Conservator of the River of Thames 169
Forfeiture of Recognizances for good Behaviour 168, 269
Forfeiture of Recognizances before Justices of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Nisi prius 167, 168, 169
Forfeitures of Fines, and Issues of Jurors, and other Fines and Amerciaments 167
Free from Scot and Lot, and Danegilt 2
Free from Murder 2
Free from Toll 2, 7, 10
Freemens Widows 183
Freemen. They that are capable are to be Freemen 186, 187
Fruit. Measurage of Fruit 115, 129
Fugitives Goods in Southwark 99
Forfeitures of Wares forestalled 35



Gates, and the Custody of them 55
Gathering of Tolls in London 55
Garbling Office 75, 175, 176
Gaugers Office 75, 80, 177, 178
Gilt, Danegilt 2
Goods disclaimed in Southwark 65, 100
Goods waved in Dukes Place 140
Goal Delivery, and Recognizances for Appearance there 167



Handy Works in Southwark 65, 99
Hopps 129
Huntings 4, 5, 7, 11, 25
Hustings 3, 5, 7, 10, 25



Infangtheft 40
Inquisitions to be taken in St. Martins 47
Jeresgive, to be free thereof 5, 7, 11, 25, 35
Jews 36
Issue upon the Custom of London, how to be tried by Certificate, and not by Jury 60, 184
Inquisitions formerly taken in St. Martins, to be taken in London 82
Justices. Two Persons to be recommended to the Chancellor, one to be Justice for Middlesex, and the other for Surrey 185
Justices. The Maior, Recorder, and such Aldermen who have been Maior, to be Justices in London, of Peace, Oyer and Terminer Page 57, 58
Justices. The Maior, Recorder, and all the Aldermen who have been Maiors, and the three Senior Aldermen who have not been Maiors, to be Justices of Peace 160 to 165
Justices. The Maior, Recorder, and such Aldermen, who have been Maiors, to be Justices of the Peace in Southwark 109
Issues pardoned 173, 174
Intrusions pardoned 173, 174
Justice. No Justice to be set over the Citizens of London 2
Inmates. Recognizances concerning Inmates 167



Kedals, or Waers, to be amoved 8, 15, 23, 42
Kedals, or Wears, are hurtful to the Thames 23
Keeper. A Keeper is not to be set over Citizens for any personal Offence 46



Laws. The Citizens to enjoy all their Laws 1
Lands, and the Plea of Lands 3
Lands foreign to be liable to Taxes and Charges of the City 46
Lestage. To be free of Lestage 2, 7, 24, 33
Leadenhall 69, 70
Letters Patents, and the Inrolments to be good without Confirmation 206
Letters Patents to be sealed, without paying of any thing into the Hampier 209
Liberties of London restored 32, 127
Liberties. Citizens to enjoy their Liberties 22, 44, 57, 58, 59
During good Behaviour 36
Liberties, they are not against Law 36
Liberties, Citizens are to enjoy the same 38, 127, 128
Liberties, the same granted to them by Parliament 39, 40
Liberties, usurped upon them, revoked by Parliament 40
Liberties of London indetermined in the Circuit 44
Liberties of London to be recorded before the Justices 44
Liberties not to be seised for any Personal Trespass 46
Liberties not to be impeached by the Statute of York 49, 50
Liberties not to be forfeited for Non user or Abuser 61, 127
License to purchase Money in Mortmaine 71, 72, 73, 204, 206
Lighters of Coles 149, 150
Lodging, not to be taken by Force in London 2, 5, 6, 11, 24, 33
Lot. To be free of Lot and Scot 1
Ludgate 55
Liberties formerly granted, are confirmed. An Exception 154



Middlesex granted in Fee Farm of 300l. per An 2, 12
Middlesex, the Citizens of London to chuse Sheriff of Middlesex 2, 12, 13
Miskening 3, 5, 7, 10, 25, 34
Maior, Citizens to chuse the Maior 16, 21
Maior to be presented to the King 16, 17, 21
Maior to be presented to the Barons of the Exchequer 30, 37
Maior to be presented at the Tower 37
Maior to be Justice at Newgate 40