[Assize of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Bread.]340

[Assize of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Bread.]

The Assize of the Penny Wheaten Loaf, from 20s. the Quarter of Wheat unto 3l. 10s. the Quarter, as followeth, that is to say,
The Price of the Quarter of Wheat.The Weight of the Penny Wheaten Loaf.The Price of the Quarter of Wheat.The Weight of the Penny Wheaten Loaf.
20s.25 ounces 1 quarter 2d.43s.11 ounces 3 quarters 1d.
20s. 6d.24 ounces 3 quarters43s. 6d.11 ounces 1 half 3d.
21s.24 ounces 3d.44s.11 ounces and an half
21s. 6d.23 ounces 1 half and 2d.44s. 6d.11 ounces 1 quarter 3d.
22s.23 ounces one penny weight45s.11 ounces 1 quarter
22s. 6d.22 ounces 1 half 1d.45s. 6d.11 ounces 3d.
23s.22 ounces 1d.46s.11 ounces
23s. 6d.21 ounces 1 half 2d.46s. 6d.10 ounces 3 quarters 3d.
24s.21 ounces 3d.47s.10 ounces 3 quarters 1d.
24s. 6d.20 ounces 1 half and 4d.47s. 6d.10 ounces 1 half 3d.
25s.20 ounces 1 quarter and 1d.48s.10 ounces 1 half 1d.
25s. 6d.19 ounces 3 quarters 3d.48s. 6d.10 ounces 1 quarter 4d.
26s.19 ounces and an half49s.10 ounces 1 quarter 2d.
26s. 6d.19 ounces 3d.49s. 6d.10 ounces 1 quarter
27s.18 ounces 3 quarters 1d.50s.10 ounces 3d.
27s. 6d.18 ounces 1 quarter 4d.50s. 6d.10 ounces 1d.
28s.18 ounces 2d.51s.9 ounces 3 quarters 4d.
28s. 6d.17 ounces 3 quarters 1d.51s. 6d.9 ounces 3 quarters 2d.
29s.17 ounces and an half52s.9 ounces 3 quarters
29s. 6d.17 ounces 4d.52s. 6d.9 ounces 1 half 3d.
30s.16 ounces 3 quarters 3d.53s.9 ounces 1 half 1d.
30s. 6d.16 ounces 1 half 2d.53. 6d.9 ounces 1 quarter 4d.
31s.16 ounces 1 quarter 2d.54s.9 ounces 1 quarter 3d.
31s. 6d.16 ounces 2d.54s. 6d.9 ounces 1 quarter 1d.
32s.15 ounces 3 quarters 2d.55s.9 ounces 4d.
32s. 6d.15 ounces an half 2d.55s. 6d.9 ounces 2d.
33s.15 ounces 1 quarter 2d.56s.9 ounces 1d.
33s. 6d.15 ounces 3d.56s. 6d.8 ounces 3 quarters 4d.
34s.14 ounces 3 quarters 3d.57s.8 ounces 3 quarters 3d.
34s. 6d.14 ounces 1 half 4d.57s. 6d.8 ounces 3 quarters 1d.
35s.14 ounces and an half58s.8 ounces 3 quarters
35s. 6d.14 ounces 1 quarter 1d.58s. 6d.8 ounces 1 half 3d.
36s.14 ounces 2 drams59s.8 ounces 1 half 2d.
36s. 6d.13 ounces 3 quarters 3d.59s. 6d.8 ounces and an half
37s.13 ounces 1 half 4d.3l.8 ounces 1 quarter 4d.
37s. 6d.13 ounces and an half3l. 1s.8 ounces 1 quarter 1d.
38s.13 ounces 1 quarter 2d.3l. 2s.8 ounces 3d.
38s. 6d.13 ounces 1 d.3l. 3s.8 ounces 4d.
39s.13 ounces3l. 4s.7 ounces 3 quarters 3d.
39s. 6d.12 ounces 3 quarters 2d.3l. 5s.7 ounces 3 quarters 1d.
40s.12 ounces 1 half 3d.3l. 6s.7 ounces 1 half 3d.
40s. 6d.12 ounces and an half3l. 7s.7 ounces 1 half 1d.
41s.12 ounces 1 quarter 2d.3l. 8s.7 ounces 1 quarter 4 d.
41s. 6d.12 ounces 4d.3l. 9s.7 ounces 1 quarter 2d.
42s.12 ounces 1d.3l. 10s.7 ounces 1 quarter
42s. 6d.11 ounces 3 quarters 3d.  
Memorandum, The Bakers are allowed 12s. Advantage upon every Quarter of Wheat, for baking and other Charges; as if Wheat be at 20s. the Quarter, then the Assize is to be at 32s. the Quarter.]

Table of the modern Assize of Bread.