[Apprentices] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Fees.]334

[Apprentices] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Fees.]

ning of the same Year 1596, a Libel was taken up in April that Year, within the Warder's Room before the Tower Gate by the Under-Porter there. And of this the same Maior informed the Lord Treasurer. It was especially directed against one Man, (as his Lordship might perceive) yet forasmuch as there was mention made of the late Justice done against those disorderly Persons, Apprentices and others, with an Invective against the Council of the Land; whereby he meant, as the Lord Maior supposed, the learned Council and Judges of the Realm, he thought meet to make his Lorsdship acquainted withal. He added, that the Libel (as might be conjectured by the Stile and Manner of Writing, and the Place where it was found) seemed to have been devised by some Apprentice of St. Katharines, or thereabouts, or by some other leud and discontented Person, that could be contented to see some Stir and Disturbance within this City and Commonwealth. He sent that Lord both the Original, and an Extract, because the Writing was somewhat hard to be picked out. And so craving his Lordship's Direction, whether he should proceed by Examination to find out the Author, with the Advice and Help of Mr. Lieutenant, or rather suppress it till they heard more; considering the Times, and the End and Purpose of such as scatter infamous Libels and seditious Writings: Who desired nothing more, than to have them blazed and scattered abroad.

A Libel by some Apprentice of St Katharines.

There was of late in the Year 1705, a Complaint made in behalf of the Apprentices of London, for the enhancing of the Fees of their enrolling, turning over, Copies of their Freedom, and other Exactions. The Particuars of which will more evidently appear by this Paper, drawn up by Mr.Bromley, a good Citizen, printed in their behalf.

Fees of Apprentices.

The CASE of the Apprentices of London, and others, in Reference to the Complaints lately made to the Court of Aldermen of the Exactions in the Chamberlain's Office. Humbly offered to the Consideration of the Lord Maior, Court of Aldermen, and Common Council.


WHereas a Committee of the Court of Aldermen was lately appointed to consider of the Complaints made against some of the Officers in the Chamber of London, for exacting Money from Persons enrolled, turned over, and made free, over and above the legal Fees and Duties, to the Oppression of great numbers of her Majesty's Subjects, especially the poor Handicrafts, many of whom have not taken up their Freedom, because they could not raise Money to answer the exorbitant Demands of the Officers;

Now, for the better Information of the said Committee, and all others whom it may concern, the publishing the said legal Fees and Duties hath been thought a useful piece of Service, which take as follows, viz.

Paid by the Master to the Chamberlain or Yeoman of the Chamber for every Apprentice made free, if enrolled,000400
If not enrolled, then by the Master001302
Paid by the Apprentice, whether enrolled or not, One Shilling, and no more000100
Except Five Shillings towards the Orphans Fund, lately settled by Act of Parliament000500

FEES and DUTIES payable to the Clerk of the Chamber, viz.


For enrolling of an Apprentice000004
For turning over an Apprentice000004
For the Copy of a Freedom of those made free by Service, filing the Indenture, sealing, engrossing fair upon Record, and entring the Name in the Kalendar000206
For the Copy of a Freedom of those made free by Patrimony, if born in the City, for filing the Witnesses Names, sealing, engrossing fair upon Record, and entring the Name in the Kalendar000400
If born out of the City, then for the same000500
For the Copy of a Freedom of those made free by Redemption, filing the Order, sealing, engrossing fair upon Record, and entring the Name in the Kalendar000400
For every Person upon his Admission into the Freedom, paid for Stamps by vertue of a late Act of Parliament000200

NOTE, These are the Legal Fees and Duties, and whatever is exacted over and above, is conceived to be Extortion, for which an Indictment or Information will lie.

'Tis said, that the Fees demanded and taken of late by the Clerk of the Chamber, or his Deputy, for which Complaint hath been made, are as follows, viz.

For enrolling of an Apprentice, instead of Four Pence0003 00
For turning over of an Apprentice, instead of Four Pence000300

For the Copy of a Freedom, instead of 2s. 6d. &c. from Six Shillings and Six Pence, unto Sixteen Shillings and Six Pence, (including Two Shillings for the Stamps) besides what is exacted by the Yeoman of the Chamber over and above the legal Fees he is appointed to receive.

What is given to the Under Clerks, Cushion-bearer, and Poors Box, is an Act of Grace, and not of Debt, and ought always to be so distinguished.

See the Statute made the 22d of Henry VIII. Chap. 4.

THe Abuses of Masters and Wardens of Fellowships and Fraternities, being set forth, in exacting exorbitant Fées of Prentices, &c. For Remedy whereof it is Enacted, That no Master, Wardens, or Fellowship of Crafts or Mysteries, or any of them, nor any Rulers of Fraternities, take from henceforth of any Apprentice or any other Person or Persons, for the Entry of any Prentice into their said Fellowship, above the Sum of 2s. 6d. nor for his Entry when his Years and Term is expired and ended, above 3s. 4d. upon pain of Forfeiture of Forty Pounds for every time that they do to the contrary, the one half to the King, the other half to the Party that shall sue by Action of Debt, Information or otherwise, and that in the Action aforesaid no Protection or Essoign shall be allowed. See the Statute of 28 Hen. VIII. cap 5. where Provision is made to prevent the Evasion of this Statute.

By this and many other Statutes it appears, how careful our Ancestors have been to encou-