[Orphans.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Assessments for them.]325

[Orphans.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Assessments for them.]

their Common Council assembled, or otherwise, shall from time to time annually direct and appoint:

Be it therefore enacted by the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the Right Worshipful the Aldermen his Brethren, and the Commons of the said City in Common Council assembled, That the said Sum of Two Thousand Pounds be rated and assessed by one entire Assessment for one whole Year, to commence from the 24th Day of June, in the Year of our Lord 1715, in such manner as is herein after directed, upon the personal Estates of the several Inhabitants within the said City and Liberties thereof, and according to the several and respective Proportions set and appointed on the several and respective Wards of the said City hereafter following, that is to say,

Aldersgate Ward within,2210
Aldersgate Ward without,4410
Algate Ward,9610
Bassishaw Ward,3410
Billingsgate Ward,5610
Bishopsgate Ward within,6610
Bishopsgate Ward without,6710
Breadstreet Ward,5410
Bridge Ward,5410
Broadstreet Ward,11010
Candlewick Ward,4310
Castlebaynard Ward,6410
Cheap Ward,6610
Colemanstreet Ward,6410
Cordweyner Ward,4610
Cornhil Ward,5610
Cripplegate Ward within,8010
Cripplegate Ward without,6010
Dowgate Ward,4410
Farringdon Ward within,12810
Farringdon Ward without,29210
Langborn Ward,11610
Limestreet Ward,3210
Portsoaken Ward,5310
Queenhith Ward,3010
Tower Ward,13510
Vintry Ward,3010
Walbrook Ward,4410

And be it also enacted, directed and appointed, That the Alderman, or Deputy and Common Councilmen of each respective Ward within this City and Liberties thereof, or the major part of them present, (being all duly summoned by the Beadle or Beadles, by the Order of the Alderman, or his Deputy or Deputies of each respective Ward, who are hereby required to cause them to be summoned accordingly) shall on or before the 23d Day of June instant, méet together in some convenient Place or Places in each Ward, sho are hereby authorized and required forthwith to put this Act in execution, and set and appoint such an equal and proportionable Rate of Money upon the Personal Estates of every Inhabitant within such Ward, as that the said Assessment may produce that Sum of Money which every Ward respectively is rated at, or apppointed to pay as aforesaid, on or before the 30th day of June aforesaid. And that the same when rated or assessed, they shall subscribe with their Names, and shall nominate and appoint two or more able Persons (Housholders within such respective Ward or Place) to collect, levy, and pay to the Chamberlain of the said City for the time being, and to deliver to such Persons (who shall be so nominated and appointed) a Duplicate of such Assessment so subscribed; which said Persons so to be nominated and appointed, shall collect and levy the same accordingly.

And the said Assessors shall on or before the 3d day of July next, deliver to the Chamberlain of the said City for the time being, the Names of the several Collectors so by them appointed, together with the several Sums of Money they repsectively stand charged with. And for the true Collection and Payment of the Monies which shall be so collected, to the Chamberlain of London for the time being, for the use aforesaid, such Ward or Place wherein they are so employed shall be answerable. Which said Chamberlain shall give Acquittances gratis to the said Collectors for all Moneys of them received, whose Receipt shall be a sufficient Discharge for so much unto every such respective Collector. And the said Collectors are hereby required and enjoined to levy and collect the same Rates and Assessments according to the Duplicates thereof by them received, and to make demand of the said Rates and Assessments of the Parties themselves, or at the Place of their Habitation or Abode; and to pay the same to the Chamberlain of the said City, on or before the 3d Day of August next.

And be it further enacted and declared, That if any Person or Persons shall refuse or neglect, for the space of five Days after such demand, to pay any Sum or Sums of Money whereat he, she, or they shall be rated or assessed, that then it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Collectors, or any of them, and he and they is and are hereby authorized and required, for Nonpayment thereof, by Warrant under the Hand and Seal of the Lord Mayor of this City for the time being, or any other of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this City and Liberties thereof (which said Warrants shall be given gratis) to levy the Sum or Sums so rated and assessed, by Distress and Sale of the Goods and Chattels of such Person or Persons so refusing or neglecting to pay; and the Distress so taken to sell and dispose, and thereby to raise the Sum assessed on such Person or Persons, and also to deduct thereout the reasonable Charges of taking and keeping such Distress, returing the overplus (if any) upon demand, by the Person whose Goods shall be so distrained. And in case of Resistance or Refusal, all Constables of this City and Liberties thereof are hereby required to be aiding and assisting to the said Collectors in the execution of the Premisses.

And it is hereby further enacted and declared, That the Deputy and Common Councilmen of each respective Ward, or the greater part of them present (being all duly summoned in manner aforesaid) shall and are hereby authorized and required on or before the 23d day of August aforesaid, to call before them the Collectors within such respective Ward, and to examine them, and assure themselves of the full and whole Payment of the particular Sum and Sums of Money charged within and upon such Ward, and of the due Payment thereof into the hands of the Chamberlain of London: To the end there may be no failure of the Payment of any part thereof: And in case of any failure of the Premises, the Deputy and Common Councilmen of such Ward are hereby authorized and required to cause the same to be forthwith re-assessed, levied and paid, according to the true intent and meaning of this Act.

And it is also further enacted and declared, That if any Person or Persons so rated or charged, do find him, her, or themselves agrieved with such Assessing and Rating, and do within five Days next after demand made of the Sum or Sums of Money assessed on him, her, or them, complain to the Deputy of such Ward wherein they are assessed: In every such Case, the Deputy with the Common Councilmen of such Ward, or the major part of them present (being all duly summoned as aforesaid) shall and have hereby Power within five Days next after such Complaint, to hear and determine all such Complaints, and either affirm or relieve against such Assessment, as they shall see cause.

And of any Collector or Collectors as aforesaid, appointed or to be appointed, shall neglect or refuse to serve, or to perform his or their Duty in the spéedy and due execution of this present Act, every such Collector or Collectors shall for every such neglect or refusal forfeit and lose the Sum of five Pounds