[Act for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Wardmote.]321

[Act for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Wardmote.]



ALSO, if any Person or Persons that keepeth Horses in their Houses, do lay his or their Stable Dung, or such kind of stinking Filth in any Streets or Lanes of this City, to the great Annoyance of the People passing that way, and do not lead his Dung-Cart to the Stable-Door, as he ought to do.

ASSEMBLY monthly.


YOU shall assemble yourselves once every Month, or oftner, if need require, so long as you shall continue of this Inquest, and present the Defaults which you shall find to be committed concering any of the Articles of your Charge, to the end due Remedy may be speedily supplied, and the Offenders punished as Occasion shall require.



[AND in making your Presentments, your Clerk is carefully to write the Christian Name, Surname, and Addition or Calling of every Offender, and the Name of the Parish wherein the Offence was committed, and some certain Time how long the Offence hath been continued. And in presenting any Persons for dividing Houses for Inmates, to write the Names and Addition to the present Landlord receiving the Rents, and the Names of the Tenants in possession, and of the Inmate in any House. And also to write in the Margent on the Side of every Presentment, the Name or Names upon whose Evidence you make such Presentment, and the Places of their Abode.]
[Here end the Articles.]

Added since to these Articles.

J. S.

An ACT for the Reformation of divers Abuses used in the Wardmote Inquest.




ITEM, Where the Wardmote Inquests within the several Wards of this City, for the Maintenance of Honesty, Virtue, and good Living, and for the Abolishment, Exiling, and Suppressing of all kind of Vice, evil Rule, and Iniquity, according to the ancient laudable Laws and Customs of the said City, are yearly severally charged and sworn, upon the Day of St. Thomas the Apostle, before the Aldermen of the said Wards, chiefly and principally to the End and Intent, that they with all Diligence should truly and duly inquire and present all such Enormities, Nusances, Misorder, and Offences as are, or at any time within the space of one whole Year then next ensuing, shall be severally used, committed or done within the said Wards, and have a Day yearly to make their said Presentments, until the Monday next after the Feast of the Epiphany: The said Inquests heretofore little or nothing at all regarding (as it is very manifest, and not unknown, the more is the pity) their said Oaths, or yet the great Commodities, Utility, Quietness, Honour, and Worship, that might or should grow and ensue to the said City, and Inhabitants of the same, thro' their good, industrious, and indifferent Proceedings, for the advancement of Virtue, and repressing of Vice, have drawn it in a manner into a very ordinary Course, and common Custom, to consume and spend a great part of their said Time, that they have yearly given unto them, when they receive their said Charge, partly in setting up among themselves a certain Commons, and making and keeping many costly and sumptuous Dinners, Suppers,and Banquets: inviting and calling to the same at sundry times, in a manner, all the Inhabitants of the said several Wards, to the no little charges of the same Inhabitants; and partly in passing and occupying much part of the said time in playing at Dice, Tables, Cards, and such other unlawful Games, both to the great costs,charges, and expences of the said Inquests, (whereof the greater part most commonly are but very poor Men) and also to the very lewd, pernitious and evil Example of all such as have any access or recourse unto the same Inquests: And where also the said Inquests have of late usurped to dispense with such Persons, as they by their search, and otherwise, have founden to offend and transgress the Laws, in using and occupying of unlawful Weights and Measures; taking of the said Offenders certain Fines; (which as it is said) the said Inquests have commonly used to employ toward the maintainance of their said Feasting and Banqueting: directly against the due order of our Sovereign Lord the King's Laws, and the publick Wealth of all his Highnesses Subjects within the said City, and much to the reproach and dishonour of the same City:

For remedy and refomation thereof, be it ordained, enacted and established by the Lord Maior, Aldermen, and Commons in this present Common Councel assembled, and by authority of the same, That all and every the Wardmote Inquests of the said City, from henceforth to be yearly charged and sworn within the several Wards at the time afore rehearsed, shall at all times and places meet, and for the due execution of their Charge, meet and assemble themselves together; and that they, and every of them, after their said Meetings, Inquisition, and treating of their said necessary Matters, shall go home to their own several Houses, to Breakfast, Dinner, and Supper, during all the said accustomed time of their Charge and Session abovesaid; and that none of the said Inquests shall from henceforward set up any manner of Commons, or keep or maintain any manner of Dinners, Suppers, or Banquets among themsleves, or use at their Assemblies and Sessions, any of the Games above mentioned, or any other whatsoever unlawful Games or Plays at any time, before the giving up of the said Presentments at the time above remembred, or shall take or receive any manner of Fine or Fines, for the concealment and discharging of any of the Offences afore recited; but truly present the same Offences, and every of them, according to their Oaths, upon pain of Imprisonment by the Discretion of the Lord Maior and Aldermen of the said City for the time being.



PROVIDED alway, and be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, that it shall belawful for all and every the said Inquests, to take and receive, towards the Charges of their Fire and Candles, and other Necessaries during the time of their said Session, all and every such matter of Money, as any honest Person or Persons, of their free Will, and benevolent Mind, will give or offer unto them; and when they have made their said Presentments, to go and assemble themselves together for their Recreation and Solace where they shall think it good, and there not only to bestow and spend the twenty Shillings which every Alderman within his Ward, according to a certain Order, lately taken, shall yearly give unto them, at the time of the Delivery of the said Presentments, towards their said Charges in this behalf, but also the Residue of the said Money received and gathered, as it is aforesaid, of the