[Presentments.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]320

[Presentments.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]

Melting TALLOW.


ALSO, you shall inquire and truly present all such Persons as use melting of Tallow, contrary to an Act of Common Council in that case made and provided.



ALSO, you shall truly present all Persons which have or use any Fire-Presses within the said City, or Liberties of the same, for pressing or dressing of Nether-stocks, woollen Cloths, or other things.

ALSO, you shall enquire of all Armourers and other Artificers, using to work in Metal, which have or use any Rear-dorses, or any other Places dangerous or perillous for Fire.



ALSO, if any have appraised any Goods of any Freeman deceased, leaving behind him any Orphan or Orphans, and the Appraisers not sworn before the Lord Maior or the Alderman of the Ward.



ALSO, if any Freeman buy any Wares or Merchandizes unweighed, which ought to be weighed at the King's Beam, of any Stranger or Forreign free of the Liberties of this City, contrary to the Act of Common Council in that case made and provided.



ALSO, if any buy or sell any Cloth or Cloths in the House, Shop, Warehouse, or other Place of any Clothworker, or other Person, against any Ordinance or Custom of this City: Or if any Clothworker, or other, do receive or harbour any Cloths, before the same be brought to Blackwel-Hall, contrary to the Ordinance made in that behalf.



ALSO, if any Carman take any Money for Carriage of any Goods, Wares, and Merchandizes, above the Rates ordained.

BUILDINGS, divided Houses, Inmates.


ALSO, if any make or cause to be made any new Building or Buildings, or divide or cause to be divided any House or Houses, or receive any Inmate or Inmates, contrary to the King's Majesty's Proclamation, or contrary to Law, or any Statute of this Realm.



ALSO, if any be dwelling within this Ward, which do offer or put to Sale any Wares or Merchandizes in the open Streets or Lanes of this City, or go from House to House to sell the same, commonly called Hawkers, contrary to an Ac made in that behalf.



ALSO, if any have covenously, fraudulently, or unduly obtained the Freedom of this City.



ALSO, if any Collector of Fifteens, or other Duties for the publick Service of the King or ofthis City, do retain in his Hands any part of the Money collected to his own Use.

WOMEN Receivers of SERVANTS.


YE shall also enquire, if there be dwelling within your Ward any Woman-Broker, such as resort unto Mens Houses, demanding of their Maid-Servants, if they do like of their Services; if not, then they will tell them, they will help them to a better Service, and so allure them to come from their Masters to their Houses, where they abide as Boarders until they be provided for. In which time it falleth out, that by lewd young Men that resort to those Houses, they be oftentimes made Harlots to their undoing, and the great Hurt of the Commonwealth. Wherefore if any such be, you shall present them, that Order may be taken for Reformation.



ALSO, if any have or use any common Privy, having Issue into any common Sewer of the City.



ALSO, if any Constable, Beadle, or other Officer, be negligent or remiss in discharging his Duty touching the Execution of the Statute made for Punishment of Rogues, Vagabonds, and sturdy Beggars, or otherwise, and wherein the default is.



ALSO, if any, to whom the Execution of the Statute made for Relief of the Poor doth appertain, be remiss in discharging his Duty touching the Execution of the same Statute, and wherein the deafult is.



ALSO, if any Executor or other Person retain in his Hands any Legacy, Sum of Money, or other thing given to any charitable Use.

Drunkard, Whoremonger, Sabbath-breaker, Jesuit, Seminary Priest, Secular Priest, Popish Recusant, Coozeners, &c.

YE shall enquire, whether there be within your Ward any common Drunkard, Whoremonger, Blaphemer of God's holy Name, Prophaner of the Sabbath, Jesuit, Seminary or Secular Priest, or any Receiver, Reliever, or Maintainer of any of them, or any Popish Recusant, Coozener, or swaggering idle Companion, such as cannot give account how they live; if there be any such, you shall present them, and the Names of those that lodge them, or aid them.



YE shall enquire, whether any Person or Persons do or shall say or sing Mass within your Ward, or be present at any Mass.

ROMAN Catholick Religion.


ALSO, if any Person or Persons, within your Ward, being evil affected, do or shall extol the Roman Catholick Religion above the Religion professed and established by the King's Majesty's Authority in England, or do or shall deprave the Religion now professed in this Realm by Authority as above, which may breed Discord in the City, and Dissention in the Commonwealth, ye shall carefully present the same Persons and their Offences.