[Presentments.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]319

[Presentments.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]

A Regrator is as much to say, as he that buyeth up all the Victual or Merchandizes, or the most part thereof, when it is come to the City or the Suburbs of the same at a low Price, and then afterwards selleth it at his own Pleasure, at a high and excessive Price: A Forestaller is he that goeth out of the City, and meeteth with the Victual or Merchandize by the Way, coming unto the City to be sold, and there buyeth it; both these be called in the Law, Inimici publici patriæ, which is to say, open Enemies to a Country.



ALSO, if any Butcher, Fishmonger, Poulter, Vintner, Ostler, Cook, or Seller of Victual, do sell Victual at unreasonable Prices.



ALSO, if any Hostler sell Hay, Oats, or Provender at excessive Prices, taking greater Gain thereby than is reasonable and lawful.

VICTUAL unwholsome. PRICE.


ALSO, if any Victualler sell any Victuals not covenable, or unwholsome for Man's Body, or else dearer than is proclaimed by the Maior.

MEASURES unsealed.


YE shall diligently make Search and Inquiry, whether there be any Vintner, Inholder, Alehouse-keeper, or any Person or Persons whatsoever within your Ward, that do use or keep in his or their House or Houses, any Cans, Stone Pots, or other Measures which be unsealed, and by Law not allowed, to sell Beer and Ale thereby, and whether they do sell any of their best Beer or Ale above a Penny the Quart, or any small Ale or Beer above a Halfpenny the Quart, and whether any of them do sell by any Measure not sealed. If there be any such, you shall seize them, and send them to the Guild Hall to the Chamberlain's Office, and present their Names and Faults by Indenture, so oft as there shall be any occasion so to do.



YE shall also make search in the Shops and Houses of all the Chandlers, and of all others which sell by Weight or Measure, dwelling within your Ward, and see that their Scales be not one heavier than another, and that their Measures, as well Bushels as lesser Measures, as well those that sell Seacoales by, (which ought to be heaped) that they be in Breadth according to the new Standard, sealed as all others. And that all Yards and Ells be their just Lengths and sealed; that the Poor and other his Majesty's Subjects be not deceived. And further, if any do buy by one Weight or Measure, and sell by others: And if in your search you find any false Weights, Measures, or Scales, ye shall seize them, and send then unto the Guild Hall to the Chamberlain. And you shall also do the like, if you shall find any that do sell any thing by Venice Weights, contrary to the Law, and his Majesty's Proclamations. Present their Names and Faults.



ALSO, if any Inholder bake any Bread to sell within his House: And if any Baker of sowre Bread, bake white Bread to sell, or mark not his Bread, or else take more for the baking than 3d. for a Bushel.



ALSO, ye shall enquire if any House be covered otherwise than with Tile, Stone, Lead, for Peril of Fire.



ALSO, if any Leper, Faitour, or mighy Begger be dwelling within this Ward.



ALSO, if any Baker or Brewer bake or brew with Straw, or any other thing which is perilous for Fire.

Painted VIZAGE.


ALSO, if any Man go with painted Vizage.



ALSO, if there be any Man that hangeth not out a Lantern with a Candle therein burning after the Usage, according to the Commandment thereupon given.



ALSO, if any Person bring or cause to be brought to this City or the Liberties thereof, to be sold, or sell, offer, or put to sale, any Tall Wood, Billets, Faggots, or other Fire-Wood, not being of the full Assize which the same ought to hold.



ALSO, if any Freeman of this City use to resort into the Countries near to this City, and there to ingross and buy up much Billet, Tall Wood, Faggot, Tosard, or other Fire-Wood; and convey the same by Water unto this City, and there lay it upon their Wharfs and other Places, and so keep it till they may sell it at high and excessive Prices at their own Wills.

ALSO, if any Woodmonger or any other, sell any Billets or other Firewood above the Price set by the Lord Maior.



ALSO, if any Citizen of this City, by himself, or any other Person for him, or to his use, use to resort into the Country, and there buy and ingross great quantity of Chesse and Butter, as well barrelled as otherwise, and after convey it by Water or otherwise to this City to be sold at dear and excessive Prices.

FREEMEN to shew their COPIES.


ALSO, forasmuch as it is thought that divers and many Persons dwelling within the Liberties of this City, daily occupy as Freemen, whereas indeed they be none, nor ever were admitted into the Liberties of this City; ye shall therefore require every such Person dwelling within this Ward, whom ye shall suspect of the same, to shew you the Copy of his Freedom, under the Seal of the Office of the Chamberlain of the said City; and such as ye shall find without their Copies, or deny to shew their Copies, ye shall write and present their Names in your Indentures.