[Inquisitions.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]318

[Inquisitions.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]

Women, and have found no Surety to the Chamberlain for their good and honest Behaviour, according to the Laws of this City, and lodge any manner of Person by Night, contrary to the Odinance thereof made, by the which he or they shall forfeit 20l. to the Chamber, if they do the contrary.



ALSO, if any manner of Person cast or lay Dung, Ordure, Rubbish, Seacoal-dust, Rushes, or any other thing noyant, in the River of Thames, Walbrook, Fleet, or other Ditches of this City, or in the open Streets, Ways, or Lanes within this City.



ALSO, if any Person after a great Rain falleth, or at any other time, sweep any Dung, Ordure, Rubbish, Rushes, Seacoal-dust, or any other thing noyant, down into the Channel of any Street or Lane, whereby the common Course is there let, and the same things noyant driven down into the said Water of Thames.



ALSO, if any manner of Person nourish Hogs, Oxen, Kine, Ducks, or any Beasts within this Ward, to the Grievance and Disease of their Neighbours.



ALSO, if any Usurers, or false Chevesancers be dwelling within this Ward.

Persons indicted in one Ward, flying into another.


ALSO, where afore this time it is ordained and enacted as hereafter followeth. Item, for to eschew the Evils of misgoverned Persons that daily, when they be indicted in one Ward, fly into another: It is ordained by the Maior and Aldermen, that as soon as a Man or Woman suspect, first do come to dwell within any House, in any Ward within the City, the Constables, Beadles, or other Officers of the same, shall be charged by their Oaths, at the general Court, to enquire and espy from whence they come. And if they find by their own Confession, or by the Record of any of the Books of any Alderman of the City, that they be indicted or cast of evil and noyous Life, and will not find Surety for their good Abearing and honest Governance to the Alderman for the time being, that then they shall not dwell there from thenceforth, but shall be warned to avoid within three or four Days, or more or less, after, as it shall be seen to the Alderman of the Ward for the time being; and that the Landlord that letteth the House, or his Attorney, shall be also warned to make them to avoid out of his House aforesaid, within the said time limited by the Alderman; and if they be found there after the time, that then not only the said dishonest Persons shall have Imprisonment of their Bodies after the Discretion of the Maior and Aldermen, but also the said Landlords, Letters of the said Houses, shall forfeit to the Guild Hall as much as they should have had for letting of the said House, or should be paid by the Year, if the said Persons or others had dwelled in the said House.



ALSO, if any Freeman against his Oath made, conceal, cover, or colour the Goods of Forrains, by the which the King may in any wise lose, or the Franchises of this City be imblemished.



ALSO, if any Forraine buy and sell with any other Forraine within this City, or the Suburbs thereof, any Goods or Merchandizes, the same Goods or Merchandizes be forthwith forfeit, to the use of the Commonalty of this City.

FREEMEN not resident.


ALSO, if every Freeman which receiveth or taketh the Benefit, and enjoyeth the Franchises of this City, be continually dwelling out of the City, and hath not, nor will not (after his Oath made) be at Scot and Lot, nor Partner to the Charges of this City, for the Worship of the same City, when he is duly required.



ALSO, if any Man conceal the Goods of Orphans of this City, of whom the Ward and Marriage of right belongeth to the Maior and Aldermen of this City.



AND if any Officer, by Colour of his Office, do Extortion unto any Man, or be Maintainer of Quarrels against Right, or take Carriage, or arrest Victual unduly.



ALSO, if any Boatman or Ferriour be dwelling in the Ward, that taketh more for Boatmanage or Ferriage than is ordained.



ALSO, if any Man make Purprestures, that is to say, encroach, or take of the common Ground of this City, by Land or by Water, as in Walls, Pales, Stoops, Grieces, or Doors, or Cellars, or in any other like within the Ward; or if any Porch, Pent-House, or Jetty be too low, in letting of Men that ride beside, or Carts that go thereforth.



ALSO, that Penthouses and Jetties be at least the height of 9 foot, and that the Stalls be not but of 2 foot and a half in Breadth, and to be flexible or moveable, that is to say, to hang by Jemewes or Garnets, so that they may be taken up and let down.



ALSO, if any common Way, or common Course of Water be foresclosed or letted, that it may not have his Course as it was wont, to the noyance of the Ward, and by whom it is done.



ALSO, if any Pavement be defective, or too high in one place, and too low in another, to the disturbance of riders and goers thereby, and Carts that go thereupon.



ALSO, if any Regrator or Forestaller of Victual, or of any other Merchandizes which should come to this City to be sold, be dwelling in this Ward.