[Wardmote.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Orders.]317

[Wardmote.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Orders.]



ALSO, if there be any Man within this Ward, that will not help, aid, nor succour the Constables, Beadles, and other Ministers of this City in keeping of the Peace, and arrest the Evil-doers with rearing of Hue and Cry.

Receivers of Apprentices, Artificers, &c.


ALSO, If there be any Huckster of Ale and Beer, that commonly useth to receive any Apprentices, Servants, Artificers, or Labourers, that commonly use to play at the Dice, Cards, or Tables, contrary to the form of the Statute in that case ordained and provided.



ALSO, if there be any Inholder, Taverner, Brewer, Huckster, or other Victualler, that hold open their Houses after the Hour limited by the Maior.



ALSO, if any Parish Clerk do ring the Bell, called the Curfue Bell, after Curfue rungen at the Churches of Bow, Barking Church, and St. Giles without Cripplegate.



ALSO, ye shall enquire if any Putour, that is to say, Man-Bawd, or Woman-Bawd, common Hazerdours, Contectour, Maintainer of Quarrels, Champartours, or Embracers of Inquests, or other common Misdoers be dwelling within this Ward, and present their Names.



ALSO, if any Bawd, common Strumpet, common Adulterer, Witch or common Scold be dwelling within this Ward.

AND here I must insert the great Care the Governours of the City have in former times used against such loose Persons, Bawds, Harlots, and Inticers of Young Folks to their Wickednesses. Which Evils they have endeavoured to restrain, after Presentments thereof, and Proof, by Imprisonment, open Shame, and Disgrace, and sometimes Banishment for ever out of the City: and that accompanied with all the Marks of Infamy possible. This will appear by two Examples, the one in the Beginning of King Henry the Eighth's Reign, the other in that of King Edward the Sixth. Which are taken out of the City Records, and kindly communicated to me by one of the Clerks there.

Bawds, Harlots, &c. punished.

J. S.

J. Smart.

CAPELL, Maior.


Die Veneris xxviiijo die Junij, Anno Regni Regis Henrici VIII. Secundo.

Ann. 15 0.

FOrasmoch as Elyn Davy, Elizabeth Eden, Johan Michel, Agnes White, Marion Bekworth, and Johan Westhede, that here standen, been endited in the Ward of Portsoken of this City, some of theym for common Bawds, and some other of theym for common Harlots of their Bodies, and thereof béen lawfully convicted and atteynted: Therefore it ys adiuged by the Mair and Aldermen of this Citie, after the laudable Laws and auncient Customes of the same, that the seyd Elyn Davy, Elizabeth Eden, Johan Michel, Agnes White, Marion Bekworth, and Johan Westhede, shall be brought to Newgate, and the same Day in the Market Season to be ladde from thens with Basons and Pannes afore theym, Ray-Hods on their Hedes, and White Rodds in their Hands, to the Pillory in Cornhil, and there the Cause to be proclaymed; and so from thens to Algate, and from Algate to be conveied to and through Candelwikstrete, Watlingstrete, and Fletestrete, to the Temple-Barre, and there to be voided out of this Citie for ever. And yf the seyd Elyn, Elizabeth, Johan, Agnes, Marion, and Johan, or any of them hereafter may be found within this Citie, they or she so found to be set on the Pillory aforesaid, three Market Days next following, every Day by the Space of an Hour, and furthermore to have Imprisonment by the Space of an Year and a Day.



Quarto die August' anno Edvard' vjti quinto.

Ann. 1550.

AD Cur' in exterior' Camera Guihald' civit' London, die & anno supradict' coram Andrea Judde, Mil' Major' civitat' London, Johan' Gresham, Mil' Georgio Barnes, & Richardo Turke, Aldermannis, ac Augustino Hynde & Johanne Lyon, Vic' Person' subscript' viz' Rich' Dichar, al' Rich' Massie, ad Barr' duct' ac de & super Præsentationem sive Indictament' versus ipsum in Cur' Wardemot' pro Dom' Rege nup' fact' sive præsentat' arrestatus placitavit Non Culp' & inde po' se verif' Ideo ven' fac' Jur' &c. sup' quo dict' Augustinus Hynd & Johannes Lyon, tunc Vic' dictæ civitat' virtute cujusdam Præcept' per prædict Major' & Record' eis inde direct' retornaver' quoddam Panell' Jur' æquibus xij exacti comp' viz' Thomas Orwell, Gregorius Conyars, Willielmus Roe, Thomas Nicolls, Richardus Bourne, Thomas Ebdon, Robertus Johnson, Richardus Carpenter, Robertus Smith, Willielmus Younge, Thomas Crumpe, & Richardus Gilman, ac jur' & onerat' dicunt super Sacramentum suum, quod prædict Richardus Dichar est Culp' modo & forma prout &c. Ideo commissus est per Cur' prædict' Richardus ad Carcer' unde ven' reducat' & abhinc juxta rit' & morem inde vetust' in biga collat' præd' Rich' liripip' versicolori ornatus, cum Pelvium pulsationibus & Tintinabulis æreis, & al' humoi' ridicul' ac strident' instrument' per publica civitat' loca, & præsertim per Fora Mercator' usque ad Algate, deducat' & ibidem extra Civitatem expellerit & exulet imperpetuum.

Which relates the Punishment of one Richard Dichar, a Bawd, indicted in the Court of Wardmote; and in fine, adjudged by the Court of Aldermen, after Tryal before them, to be carried back to Prison; and thence, according to ancient Custom, to be put into a Cart, cloathed in a party-coloured Coat, and so drawn through the publick Streets of the City, and especially through the Markets, with the sound of Basons and Bells, and other Noises, (to expose him the more to Mockery and Shame) and so to Aldgate, and from thence to be forthwith expelled out of the City, and banished for ever.]



ALSO, if there be any House wherein is kept and holden any Hot-house or Sweating-house, for Ease and Health of Men, to the which be resorting or conversant any Strumpets, or Women of evil Name or Fame. Or if there be any Hot-house or Sweating ordained for Women, to the which is any common recourse of young Men, or of other Persons of evil Fame and suspect Conditions.

ALSO, if there be any such Persons that keep or hold any such Hot-houses, either for Men or