[Laws for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]316

[Laws for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]



AND also that at all times as you shall think necessary, you do cause Search to be made within your said Ward, for all vagrant Beggars, suspicious and idle People, and such as cannot shew how they live; and such as shall be found within your said Ward, that you cause to be punished and dealt with according to the Law and the Statute in such case ordained and provided.



AND also we will and charge you the said Alderman, that yourself certify and present before us, at the same general Court to be holden the foresaid Monday next after the Feast of Epiphany, all the Names and Surnames truly written of such Persons within your said Ward, as be able to pass in a Grand Jury by themselves: and also all the Names and Surnames truly written of such Persons, being and dwelling within your said Ward, as be able to pass in a Petty Jury, and not able to pass in a Grand Jury by themselves; that is to say, every Grand Jury Man to be worth in Goods an hundred Marks, and every Petty Jury Man forty Marks, according to an Act in that case made and provided. And the same you shall endorse on the backside of your Indenture.



ITEM, for divers reasonable and urgent Considerations, us especially moving, we strictly charge and command you, on the King our Sovereign Lord's behalf, that you diligently provide and foresee, that no manner of Person or Persons within your said Ward, of what Condition or Degree soever he or they be of, keeping any Tavern or Ale-house, Ale-cellar, or Victualling-house, or Place of common Resort to eat and drink in, within the same Ward, permit or suffer at any time hereafter, any common Women of their Bodies, or Harlots, to resort and come into their said House, or other the Places aforesaid, to eat and drink, or otherwise to be conversant or abide, or thither to haunt or frequent; upon pain of Imprisonment, as well of the Occupier and Keeper of every such House or Houses, and all other the Places afore remembred, as of the said common Women, or Harlots.

[For which loose Women, and the privy Conveyance away of their Bastard Children, this City was anciently noted to be well replenished, as well as with Persons of other Misfortunes; according to an old Enterlude called Lusty London, wherein a Buffoon is brought in, using these Rhimes:

Baudy Basket.

J. S.

Many a fair Lass in London Town,
Many a baudy Basket borne up and down;
Many a Broker in a thredbare Gown,
Many a Bankroute scarce worth a Crown,
in London, &c.]



ALSO, that you do give in Charge to the Wardmote Inquest of your Ward, all the Articles delivered to you herewith.

This following, added of later Times.

Keeping PEACE in the Wardmote.


AND that you have a special care of keeping the Peace and good Order during your Wardmote. And of any offend herein, you fine or punish him or them according to Law.



AND whereas the Monies received for the Fines of Persons refusing to hold Ward Offfices within your Ward, ought to be employed in the Service and for the publick Benefit of the whole Ward, and not of any particular Precinct or Parish within the Ward: These are therefore to require you to take care, that all such Fines be from time to time disposed of accordingly for the Benefit of the whole Ward, as you with the Deputy and Common Councilmen in your Ward shall think most fitting and convenient. And that no such Fines be received or employed in any particular Precinct or Parish.

Not failing hereof, as ye tender the Common Weal of this City, and Advancement of good Justice, and as ye will answer the contrary at your uttermost Peril. Dated at, &c. under the Seal Office of the Maioralty of the said City.

The Articles of the Charge of the Wardmote Inquest.




YE shall swear, that ye shall truly enquire if the Peace of the King our Sovereign Lord be not kept as it ought to be, and in whose default, and by whom it is broken and disturbed.



ALSO, if any Man be received within this Ward, but if he be under Free Pledge, that is to say, be sworn after the Alderman at his Court, or else afore the said Alderman, between this and the Monday next after the Feast of the Epiphany next coming.



ALSO, if there dwell any Man within the Ward, that is outlawed, or indicted of Treason or Felony, or be any Receiver of Traitors or Felons.



ALSO, ye shall enquire, and truly present all the Offences and Defaults done by any Person or Persons within the River of Thames, according to the intent and purport of an Act made by our late Lord King Edward VI. in his High Court of Parliament, and also of divers other things ordained by Act of Common Council of this City, for the Redress and Amendment of the said River, which as now is in great Decay and Ruin, and will be in short time past all Remedy, if high and substantial Provision and great Help be not had with all Speed and Diligence possible: As more plainly appeareth in the said Act of Common Council of this City.



ALSO, if any maner of Person make Congregation, or be Receiver or Gatherer of evil Companies.



ALSO, if any Man be a common Rioter or a Barrater, walking by Nightertail without Light, against the Rule and Custom of this City.