[Laws for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]315

[Laws for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]

HUCKSTERS of Ale and Beer.


AND where by divers Acts of Common Council, afore time made and established for the Common-weal of this City, amongst other things it is ordained and enacted, as hereafter ensueth:

Also it is ordained and enacted, That from henceforth no Huckster of Ale or Beer, be within any Ward of the City of London, but honest Persons, and of good Name and Fame, and so taken and admitted by the Alderman of the Ward for the time being, and that the same Hucksters do find sufficient Surety afore the Maior and Aldermen for the Time being, to be of good guiding and rule: and that the same Hucksters shall keep no Bawdry, nor suffer no Letchery, Dice-playing, Carding, or any other unlawful Games, to be done, exercised, or used within their Houses: and to shut in their Doors at nine of the Clock in the Night from Michaelmas to Easter, and from Easter to Michaelmas at ten of the Clock in the Night, and after that Hour sell none Ale or Beer. And if any Huckster of Beer or Ale, after this Act published and proclaimed, sell any Ale or Beer within any Ward of the City of London, and be not admitted by the Aldermen of the same Ward so to do, or find not sufficient Surety, as is above rehearsed, the same Huckster to have Imprisonment, and make Fine and Ransom for his Contempt, after the discretion of the Maior and Aldermen: and also that the said Hucksters suffer no manner of eating and drinking within their Cellars or Vaults contrary to the Ordinance thereof ordained and provided, as in the said Act more plainly appeareth at large: we charge you that you do put the same in due Execution accordingly.

As Notice was taken in former Times of the Inconveniency of suffering public Houses to entertain Persons at unseasonable Hours, so later Times have not been unsensible of it; and have therefore appointed, when such Houses should be shut up, as in this Order of Quarter Sessions, Edwyn Maior.

J. S.

London. ff. Ad General' Quarterial' Session' Pacis Dom' Regis tent' pro Civit' Lond' per Adjorn' apud Guihald ejusdem Civit' die Veneris, scil' decimo tertio die Maij, Anno Regni Dom' nost' Willielmi Tertii, nunc Regis Angliæ, &c. decimo, coram Humpfrido Edwyn, Mil' Major' Civit' London', Tho' Stamp, Mil' Tho' Lane, Mil' Edro' Clark, Mil' Aldermannis Civit' præd' & Salathiel Lovel, Mil' un' Serv' dicti Dom' Regis ad Legem, ac Recordat' ejusdem Civit' & aliis Sociis suis Justic' dicti Dom' Regis ad Pacem in Civ' præd' conservand' necnon ad divers' felon' trangr' & al' malefacta infra eandem Civit' perpetrat' audiend' & terminand' assign'.

WHereas many Murders, Manslaughters, and other great Disorders are frequently committed and done in divers Taverns, and other Public Houses within this City and the Liberties thereof, by disorderly Persons resorting thereto, and abiding therein at late and unseasonable Hours in the Night, to the Ruin of many Families: And in such Public Houses are harboured House-breakers, Robbers, Leud and Debauched Men and Women; by Reason whereof, many Thefts, Robberies, and other Misdemeanors are frequently done and committed, to the great Disturbance of the Peace, contrary to the Laws of this Kingdom, and to the great Dishonour of the Government of this City: For preventing of which great Eviland Mischiefs for the future, it is Ordered by this Court, That all Vintners, Coffee-Sellers, Alehouse-keepers, Victuallers, and all others keeping Public Houses within this City and the Liberties thereof, do not henceforth permit or suffer any Person or Persons to be, or continue in their respective House or Houses, Tippling or Drinking, after the Hour of ten of the Clock in the Night-time, between Michaelmas and our Lady-Day; nor after the Hour of eleven of the Clock in the Night-time, between Lady-Day and Michaelmas. And it is further Ordered, That all Constables, Watchmen, and others, employed or entrusted to keep and preserve the Peace and good Order of this City in the Night-time, do make diligent Inquiry after, and due Observation and Search of all Taverns, Ale-houses, Victualling Houses, and other Public Houses in this City and Liberties thereof, and give Information upon Oath from time to time, to the Right Honourable the Lord Maior, or some other Justice of the Peace of this City, of all Persons offending contrary hereunto: To the end they may be effectually prosecuted, and proceeded against according to Law for so doing, at the public Session of the Peace to be held for this City, as Keepers of Disorderely Houses, as they will answer the contrary at their Perils. And it is further Ordered, That this Order be printed and published, for the better Observance thereof.

Alehouses, &c. to admit none after ten a Clock at Night in Winter.



AND also that ye see all Tiplers, and other Sellers of Ale or Beer, as well of privy Osteries, as Brewers and Innholders within your Ward, not selling by lawful Measures, sealed and marked with the Letter C crowned, † according as in that behalf it is ordained and purveyed, be presented, and their Names in your said Indentures be expressed, with their defaults, so that the Chamberlain may be lawfully answered of their Amercements.

†Since the Mark was the City Arms, or Dagger.



AND also that you suffer no Stranger born out of the Realm, to be of the Common Council, nor to exercise or use any other Office within this City, nor receive or accept any Person into your Watch, privy or open, but Englishmen born: and if any Stranger born out of this Realm, made Denizen by the King's Letters Patents, or any other after his Course and Lot be appointed to any Watch, that then ye command and compel him or them to find in his stead and place one Englishman to supply the same.



AND also that you cause an Abstract of the Assize appointed by Act of Parliament for Billets and other Fire-Wood, to be fair written in Parchment, and to be fixed or hanged up in a Table in some fit and convenient Place in every Parish within your Ward, where the common People may best see the same.

STREETS. Pain forty Shillings.


AND furthermore we charge and command you, that you cause such Provision to be had in your said Ward, that all the Streets and Lanes within the same Ward be from time to time cleansed and clearly voided of Ordure, Dung, Mire, Rubbish, and other filthy things, whatsoever they be, to the Annoyance of the King's Majesties Subjects.