[Laws for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]314

[Laws for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Wardmote.]



YE shall swear, that ye shall be true to our Sovereign Lord the King that now is, and to his Heirs and Successors, Kings of England, and readily ye shall come when ye be summoned to the Common Council of this City, but if ye be resaonably excused: and good and true Counsel ye shall give in all things, touching the Commonwealth of this City, after your Wit and Cunning: And that for Favour of any Person ye shall maintain no singular Profit against the common Profit of this City. And after that you be come to the Common Council, you shall not from thence depart, until the Common Council be ended, without reasonable Cause, or else by the Lord Maior's License. And also any secret things that be spoken or said in the Common Council, which ought to be kept secret, in no wise you shall disclose, as God you help.

And after this Oath, the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance of later Times were wont to be adminstred, by vertue of an Act of Parliament in King Charles the IId's Time, for the regulating of Corporations.]

J. S.



AND that also in the said Wardmote you cause to be chosen certain other honest Persons to be Constables, and Scavengers, and a common Beadle, and a Raker to make clean the Streets and Lanes of all your said Ward, according to the Custom yearly used in that behalf. Which Constables have, and shall have full Power and Authority to distrain for the Salary and Quarterage of the said Beadle and Raker, as oftentimes as it shall be behind unpaid.



ALSO, that you keep a Roll of the Names, Surnames, Dwelling-places, Professions and Trades of all Persons dwelling within your Ward, and within what Constables Precinct they dwell. Wherein the Place is to be specially noted by the Street, Lane, Alley, or Sign.



ALSO that you cause every Constable from time to time to certify unto you the Name, Surname, Dwelling-place, Profession and Trade of every Person, who shall newly come to dwell within his Precinct, whereby you may make and keep your Roll perfect: and that you cause every Constable for his Precicnt to that purpose to make and keep a perfect Roll in like manner.



ALSO that you give special Charge that every Innholder, and other Person within your Ward, who shall receive any Person to lodge or sojourn in his House above two Days, shall, before the third Day after his coming thither, give Knowledge to the Constable of the Precinct where he shall be so received, of the Name, Surname, Dwelling-place, Profession, and Trade of Life, or Place of Service of such Person, and for what Cause he shall come to reside there; and that the said Constable give present Notice thereof to you: and that the said Innholder lodge no suspected Person, or Men or Women of evil Name.

It was upon great Reason that this was made one of the Articles of Inquest, because of so many Misdemeanors and Exorbitances committed usually in the public Houses in London, in formerTimes as well as later, by such as used them. As far back as the Reign of King Edward II. which was near four Hundred Years ago, many Robberies and Murders were committed by loose People that took harbour in such Houses, and were concealed or maintained there. Which occasioned that King to write to the Maior and Sheriffs of London, "For the redressing and remedying of many Robberies, Murders, and other Transgressions, done, maintained, and wickedly sustained by Receivers of Guests and public Bauds, in divers Inns and other Places in the City and Suburbs. And the King very much wondred that they, who were obliged more strictly to the as well honest as secure Custody of the said City and Suburbs, should permit such Evils and Wickednesses to be done, mantained and sustained, to the King's Disgrace, and the City's Scandal, and not without their own Negligence and Defect hitherto."

Robbers and Murderers commonly harboured in public Houses.

J. S.

Per Receptatores & Receptatrices, & publicas Lupanatrices in diversis Hospiciis. Claus. 4. Ed. 2.



ALSO that you cause every Constable within his Precinct, once every Month at the farthest, and oftner, if need require, to make diligent Search and Inquiry, what Persons be newly come into his Precinct to dwell, sojourn, or lodge: and that you give special Charge, that no Innholder or other Person shall resist or deny any Constable, in making such Search or Inquiry, but shall do his best Endeavour to aid and assist him therein.



AND for that of late there is more resort to the City of Persons evil affected in Religion and otherwise than in former Times have been: You shall diligently inquire, if any Man be received to dwell or abide within your Ward, that is not put under Frank Pledge, as he ought to be by the Custom of the City: and whether any Person hath continued in the said Ward by the space of one Year, being above the Age of twelve Years, and not sworn to be faithful and loyal to the King's Majesty, in such sort as by the Law and Custom of the City he ought to be.



TO all these Purposes the Beadle of every Ward shall employ his Diligence, and give his best Furtherance.



ALSO, you are to take Order, that there be provided and set up a Pair of Stocks, and a Whipping-Post, in some convenient Place in every Parish within your Ward, for the Punishment of Vagrants, and other Offenders.

This added of later times.



ALSO, that you have special regard, that from time to time, there be convenient Provision for Hooks, Ladders, and Buckets, in meet Places within the several Parishes of your Ward, for avoiding the peril of Fire.



ALSO, that the Streets and Lanes of this City be from time to time kept clean before every Church, House, Shop, Warehouse, Door, dead Wall, and in all other common Passages and Streets of the said Ward.