[Laws of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Wardmote.]313

[Laws of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Wardmote.]

One Shilling RATES for Hackney-Chairs.

From Westminster-Hall to Covent Garden.
Westminster-Hall to Exeter Change.
St. James's Gate thro' the Park to Westminster-Hall.
Hay-Market Playhouse to Bolton-street.
Hay Market Playhouse to the Entrance of Lincolns-Inn-Field.
St. James's Gate to Somerset House.
Somerset House to the upper End of Hatton Garden.
Hay-Market Playhouse to Essex-street.
Hay-Market Playhouse to Soho-Square.
The nearest Corner of Golden-Square to Drury-lane Playhouse on Bridges-street.

One Shilling and six Pence RATES for Hackney-Chairs.

From Westminster-Hall to Marlborough-street.
Westminster-Hall to Soho-Square.
Westminster-Hall to Bolton-street.
Westminster-Hall to Temple-Bar.
St. James's Gate to Queen-Anne-Square, Westminster.
Golden-Square to Red-Lyon-Square.
Red-Lyon-Square to the Hay-Market Playhouse.
Queens-Square to the said House.
Hay-Market Playhouse to Bloomsbury-Square.
Hay-Market Playhouse to Grays-Inn.

Office for Hackney-Coaches in Surry street in the Strand, the 20th day of September, 1711.
E. Jollyvet.
A. Magny.
Dan. Blake.

We do appoint Edward Castle to have the sole Printing of this Order. Sept. 20 1711.
Dan. Blake. A. Magny. E. Jollyvet.

Entered in the Register of the Company of Stationers, according to Act of Parliament.



Laws and Customs of the Wardmote Inquest. The Maior's Precept to the Aldermen. Articles of Inquiry. Exemplary Punishments inflicted upon Bawds, Harlots, &c. An Act of Common Council about the Wardmote.

IN the next place we shall shew the Customs of the Wardmote, an ancient Court, kept in every Ward of the City: the chief Officer whereof is the Alderman of the respective Ward. Who hath a Precept issued to him from the Maior, with Instruction when the Court must be kept, and what is by him then to be done, and the Articles he is to give in Charge to his Wardmote Inquest, to inquire into. And all Matters found by the said Inquest must be presented to the Alderman. And here we shall first shew the Maior's Mandate or Warrant to the Alderman of the Ward to summon the Inquest, and other Particulars by him at this Wardmote to be observed: Next, the Articles that he is to give in Charge to them. To which shall be added an Act of Common Council for Reformation of divers Abuses formerly used by those of this Inquest.]

Wardmote Inquest.

J. S.

The Maior's Precept is to this Tenor:

By the MAIOR.


To the Alderman of the Ward.




WE charge and command you, that upon Saint Thomas Day the Apostle next coming, you do hold your Wardmote, and that you have afore us at our general Court of Aldermen to be holden in the Guild-Hall, the Monday next after the Feast of the Epiphany next coming, all the Defaults that shall be presented afore you by Inquest in the said Wardmote, and the said Inquest shall have full Power and Authority by one whole Year, to enquire and present all such Defaults as shall be found within your said Ward, as oftentimes as shall be thought to you expedient and needful, which we will, shall be once every Month at the least.

INQUEST dying.


AND if it happen any of your said Inquest to die, or depart out of your said Ward within the said Year, that then in place of him or them so dying, or departing out of your said Ward, you cause to be chosen one able Person to inquire and present with the other in Manner and Form aforesaid.



AND that at the said general Court, you give afore us the Names and Surnames of all them of your said Ward, that come not to your said Wardmote, if they be duly warned. So that due Redress and Punishment of them may be had, as the Case shall require, according to the Law.



AND that ye do provide, that at all times convenient, covenable Watch be kept: and that Lanthorns with Light by Nightertail in old manner accustomed, be hanged forth. And that no Man go by Nightertail without Light, nor with Vizard, on the peril that belongeth thereto.



AND also that you do cause to be chosen Men, of the most sufficient, honest, and discreet Men of your said Ward, to be for your said Ward of the Common Council of this City for the Year ensuing, according to the Custom in that behalf yearly used. And also that you do cause the said Men so to be chosen to be of the Common Council, to be sworn before you and in your Presence, according to the Oath for them used, and of old Time accustomed, the Tenor of which Oath hereafter ensueth.