[Stalls in the] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Markets.]310

[Stalls in the] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Markets.]

City, to be sold; or Bargain, Contract, or Agree for them, before they be brought into one of the said Markets, and their bona fide, in Market Hours, be exposed to publick Sale. Nor no Retailer that shall obtain Victuals, Provisions or other things, in any of the said Markets brought to be sold before Ringing at ten a Clock aforesaid, shall sell them again in his Shop, or any the Markets, or other Place in this City or Liberties upon penalty of Forfeiture of 40s.

All Forfeitures by virtue of this Act, are to be recovered by Action of Debt, Bill, or Plaint, in the Chamberlain's Name, in the Mayors Court; whereof one Moiety (Costs of Suit deducted) to Christ's Hospital, the other to the Prosecutor; and the Chamberlain shall not have power to take less for every Offence than herein is limited to be forfeited.

By the ancient Custom of London, the Master, Wardens and Assitants of the Butchers Company, or other of their Officers whom they shall direct, with the Officers of each Market, may Supervise and Inspect the Beef, Mutton, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Bacon, and other Butchery Wares and Provisions, brought into any the said Markets to be sold; whether it be wholsome Food, and fit for nourishment of the King's Subjects; and to dispose of what shall be found corrupt and unwholsome, and proceed against all such Offenders, according to the Statutes of this Realm, and By-laws of this City; and may assist the said Officers every Market-day, to raise the said Markets at the Hours appointed by the By-Laws of this City. Which Custom is saved by Hooker's Act of Common Council above-mentioned, and the Hours for raising the Markets limited, as is above set forth.

By a late AWARD, between the Market People and the Farmers of the Markets, grounded on a Rule of Court of King's-Bench, the said Farmers are ordered, to hold their Markets only on such Days, and at such Hours in the Day, as by the Laws and Customs of London are appointed.

Nich. Wilmot, Comptroler.

A Copy of an AWARD referring to the publick Markets of the City of LONDON.


TO all Christian People to whom these Presents shall come, Sir Nathan Wright Knt. one of his Majesty's Serjeants at Law, and Sir Bartholomew Shower Knt. send Greeting in our Lord God Everlasting.

Stalls and Standings in the Market.

Whereas Differences and Disputes have heretofore been between divers Butchers, Gardeners, Fruiterers and others, resorting to the publick Markets in the City of London, called Leaden-Hall Market, and the Green-Yards, with other Market-Grounds thereunto belonging, Woolchurch, alias Stocks-Market, Honey-Lane, alias Milk-street Market, and the Market near Newagte, commonly called Newgate Market, and Thomas Burdett and Thomas Kilner of London Gentlemen, and others, Farmers of the said Markets, and the Profits thereby arising, touching divers Fines, Sums of Money, Rents, Rates, and Prizes, demanded and taken by the said Farmers or their Agents, of the said Butchers, Gardeners and others, resorting to the said Markets for Stalls, Standing and Room in the said Markets for Sale of their Wares and Commodities brought to the said Markets to be Sold: And whereas several Indictments have been heretofore prosecuted, and yet are depending against the said Farmers, or some of them, for Extortion in exacting and taking several great sums of several Persons for Standings and Stalls in the said Markets, or some of them: All which said Differences and Matters by the Rule of Courthereunto annexed, are referred to the Arbitrament and Final Determination of us the said Sir Nathan Wright and Sir Bartholomew Shower, as by the said Rule may more fully appear;

Now Know Ye, That we the said Sir Nathan Wright and Sir Bartholomew Shower having taken the said Matters in difference into our Consideration, and being assisted herein by Sir William Hedges Knt. one of the Aldermen of the said City of London, and others the Committee, appointed by the Common Council of the said City for the better Regulating of the said Publick Markets, do adjudge, award, order and determine concerning the said Premises as follows.

I. We do order and appoint, That the said Farmers shall within two Months now next coming, deliver up all Bonds and Notes, given to the said Farmers, or any of them, or any other in trust for them, or any of them, by any Butchers or other Persons Resorting to the said Markets, either by themselves, or by any other Persons with or for them, for Payment of any Sum or Sums of Money for Fines or Incomes, or advanced Rents, or for admittance or leave to use or occupy any Stall, Standing or Room in the said Markets, or any of them; and that no Proceedings shall hereafter be had or Prosecuted upon any of the said Bonds and Notes for the recovery of Sum or Sums of Money thereupon pretended to be due and payable.

II. We do order and appoint, That the said Farmers Thomas Burdett and Thomas Kilner shall within six Months now next ensuing, Pay or cause to be Paid to Peter Parker Citizen and Stationer of London, and Isaac Grevil Citizen and Mercer of London or Order, the Sum of four hundred Pounds of lawful Money of England, to be by them disposed of in such manner, as herein after is appointed, (that is to say) the sum of Sixty and seven Pounds, three Shillings, six Pence, part thereof to be paid to John Scott Gent. Thomas Goodwin, Robert Roundtree and Bennet del Turner, Prosecutors of the said several Indictments, in full for their Costs: And the sum of three Hundred thirty and two Pounds, sixteen Shillings and six Pence, residue of the four Hundred Pounds, to be paid and distributed to and amongst the several Persons mentioned in a Schedule hereunto annexed, in such Shares and Proportions as therein is appointed, the residue thereof; being in full Satisfaction of all sum or sums of Money supposed to be had or received by the said Farmers for Fines, or excessive Rents.

III. We do further order and appoint, That from henceforth the said Farmers, their Deputies, Agents or Servants, or any of them, shall not exact, demand, or take any Fines or Rewards, sum or sums of Money, for admitting any Person to the use or occupation of any Stall, Standing or Room in any of the said Markets, or for Rent of any such Stall, Standings, or Room, except such Rents and sums of Money as are appointed or allowed to be taken for the Stalls, Standings or Room, in the Act of Common-Council made the seventeeth Day of September, in the Year of our Lord 1674, and in the Mayoralty of Sir William Hooker Knt. late Lord Mayor of the said City of London, intituled, An Act for the Settlement and well ordering of the several publick Markets within the said City of London.

IV. We do order and appoint, That no Advacne or Increase of Rent shall be taken or received for any Stall, Standing or Room in any of the said Markets, upon pretence of any extraordinary Conveniency or Accommodation hereafter to be made, above or more than the Expence and real Charge of making such extraordinary Conveniency or Accommodation. Saving that where at the Request of any Occupier any greater