[Laws and Customs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Freedom.]307

[Laws and Customs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Freedom.]

20. No Carts using daily Carriage within this City, nor Car, shall have Wheels shod with any Iron, but bare, under pain of six Shillings.

21. No Man shall burn any Straw, Rushes, or other thing, Linnen or Woollen in the Streets, by Night or by Day, under pain of three Shillings four Pence.

22. No Man shall blow any Horn in the Night within this City, or whistle after the Hour of nine of the Clock in the Night, under pain of Imprisonment.

23. No Man shall use to go with Vizards, or disguised by Night, under like pain of Imprisonment.

24. That Night-walkers, and Eves-droppers endure like Punishment.

25. No Hammer-man, as a Smith, a Pewterer, a Founder, and all Artificers making great Sound, shall not work after the Hour of nine in the Night, nor afore the Hour of four in the Morning, under pain of three shillings four Pence.

26. No Man shall cast into the Ditches of this City, or the Sewers of this City without the Walls, or into the Walls, Grates, or Gullets of this City, any manner of Carrion, stinking Flesh, rotten Fish, or any Rubbish, Dung, Sand, Gravel, Weeds, Stones, or any other thing, to stop the course of the same, under pain of cleansing them at his own Cost and Charge, under pain of Imprisonment.

27. No Man shall make any Widrawtes in any of the Town-Ditches, or the Town-Gullets, under pain of twenty Shillings.

28. No Man shall build nigh the Walls of this City, without License of the Lord Maior, Aldermen and Chamberlain, under pain of throwing down the same: And no Licence may be granted, except that the Chamberlain freely at all times have convenient and needful Ingress and Entry, out going, and clear Recourse.

29. No Man shall go in the Streets by Night or by Day with Bow bent, or Arrows under his Girdle, nor with Sword unscabber'd, under pain of Imprisonment; or with Hand-Gun, having therewith Powder and Match, except it be an usual May-game and Sight.

30. No Man shall, after the Hour of nine at Night, keep any Rule whereby any such sudden Outcry be made in the still of the Night, as making any Affray, or beating his Wife, or Servant, or Singing or Revelling in his House, to the Disturbance of his Neighbors, under pain of three Shillings four Pence.

31. No Man shall make any Affray upon any Officer which with good demeanor doth his Message by Commandment of my Lord Maior, or any Alderman, or Mr. Sheriff, or Mr. Chamberlain; or misbehave himself in any railing upon any Judge of this City, or their Officers, which by Commandment are sent to bring any Breaker of this Law and Custom to Ward, or to Distress, or such like, upon pain of Imprisonment of forty Days, and Forfeiture of double the Penalty: For the Offences asseising, railing upon any Alderman, or Maior in his Office, is Judgment of the Pillory; railing upon Mr.Chamberlain in his Office, forty Days Imprisonment; beating, threatning, and railing of an Officer, is Imprisonment, after as the Trespass is.

32. Memorandum, That every Offence found in this City, it is accustomed that the Officer, or a Freeman, finding it, which is called primus Inventor, hath half the Penalty by the grace of the Court.

33. Also, every Freeman may find any Offence, but hath no power to bring the Party before any Judge of this City without an Officer, except the Party will come to his Answer by Free will.

34. No Man hath power to arrest, attach, or make Distress of any Goods forfeitable, or Offences, except the Constable or Serjeant of the Mace.

35. No Butcher, or his Servant, shall not use to drive any Ox or Oxen atrot in the Streets, but peaceably: And if an Ox happen to be let go when he is prepared to Slaughter, the Butcher shall forfeit two shillings; besides Recompence, if any Person be hurt thereby.

36. No Butcher shall scald Hogs, but in the common scalding-house, upon pain of six shillings eight pence.

37. No Butcher shall sell any measle Hog, it unwholesom Flesh, under pain of ten Pounds.

38. No Butcher shall sell any old stale Victual; that is to day, above the Slaughter of three Days in the Winter, and two in the Summer, under pain of ten Pounds.

39. None unseasonable Victual for all manner of Victuals.

40. No Victualler of this City shall give any rude or unfitting Language, or make any Clamour upon any Man or Woman in the open Market, for cheapning of Victual, under pain of three Shillings four Pence.

41. No Butcher shall cast the Inwards of Beasts into the Street, Cleaves of Beasts Feet, Bones, Horns of Sheep, or other such like, under pain of two Shillings.

42. The Pudding-Cart of the Shambles shall not go afore the Hour of nine in the Night, or after the Hour of five in the Morning, under pain of six Shillings eight Pence.

43. No Man shall cast any Urine-Boles, or Ordure-Boles into the Streets by Day or Night, afore the Hour of nine in the Night: And also he shall not cast it out, but bring it down, and lay it in the Canel, under pain of three Shillings four Pence. And if he do cast it upon any Persons Head, the Person to have a lawful Recompence, if he have hurt thereby.

44. No Man shall hurt, cut, or destroy any Pipes, Sesperals, or Wind-Vents pertaining to the Conduits, under pain of Imprisonment, and making satisfaction, tho' he doth it out of the City, if he may be taken within the City.

45. No Man within this City may make any Quill, and break any Pipe of the Conduit, coming thorow his House, or nigh his Ground, under pain of the Pillory, or take any Water privily unto his House.

46. Casting any corrupt thing, appoysoning the Water, is Lourgulary and Felony.

47. Whosoever destroy or perish any Cocks of the Conduit, must have Imprisonment, and make satisfaction.

Old Laws and Customs of this City, concerning Freedom.


1. NO Man shall set up Shop, or occupy as a Freeman, afore he be sworn in the Chamber of London, and admitted by the Chamberlain, under pain of

2. No Man shall set over his Apprentice to any other Person, but by License of Mr. Chamberlain, and there to be set over, under pain of

3. No Man which is a Forraine, shall not buy nor sell within the Liberties of this City with another Forraine, under pain of Forfeiture of the Goods so forraine bought and sold.

4. No Freeman shall be disobedient for to come at Mr. Chamberlain's Commandment, to any