[Trinity House.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Benefactors.]290

[Trinity House.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Benefactors.]

Anno 1626, Rowland Coytmore. John Davis.

Anno 1633, Sir Samuel Argol, Knt. Edward Maplesden.

Anno 1660, The Earl of Craven, and sometime Master. Sir William Rider. Sir William Batten. Captain Brian Harrison. Captain Nicolas Hurleston. Captain Nicolas Read. Captain Joseph Dobbins. Captain John Proud. Captain Arnold Brown. Captain Curtis. Sir George Oxendine. These gave Money or Plate.

Received by the Hands of Doctor Mills, Minister of St. Olaves Hart-street, 100l. given by some Person unknown.

Colonel Hugh Middleton, sometime Master, gave 150l.

Charles Merick Merchant, in consideration of the Sum of 1694l. to be paid him, bestowed on this Corporation for ever, certain Lands and Tenements in the Parish of Newington-Butts, to the yearly Value of 234l.

Anno 1671, Sir Thomas Allen, Knt. and Bar. Master of this Corporation, gave 100l. to be laid out in Books for the Use of the Corporation, according to a Catalogue by him to be brought in. Captain William Wilder.

Anno 1672, Sir Richard Brown of Sayes Court, in Deptford, Knt. and Bar. an Elder Brother, and Master, gave the Inheritance of his Lands in Deptford, on which the new Almes-houses are built, after the Expiration of 28 Years formerly leased.

Anno 1675, An unknown Person by the Hand of Captain Robert Crisp, an Elder Brother.

Anno 1678, Transum Master. Captain John Tinker.

Anno 1680, Captain Richard Maples, who died Commander of a Ship in the East-Indies, left to the Poor of this Corporation the Sum of 1300l. which having been remitted thence by the Executors Elihu Yale and Thomas Wilkes, to Sir Richard Haddock, Knt. Overseer of the said Will, and by him paid accordingly; therewith was built part of the new Almes-houses at Deptford. Where a Statue to the Memory of the said Captain Maples is erected.

Anno 1679, Streynsham Masters, Esq; Governour of Fort St. George in the East-Indies, sent 500 striped Neckcloths. And,

Anno 1681, sent 1500 more to be sold, the Proceed thereof, which amounted to 35l. to be distributed to poor Seamen and their Widows, that were not Pensioners. John Heath, Citizen and Merchant, by his last Will gave 80l.

Anno 1683, Sir Henry Johnson, Knt. a Younger Brother. Captain Arthur Baily. Mr. Thomas Death Merchant, yet living. Capt. Henry Low.

Anno 1685, Sir Joseph Jordan, 80l. An unknown Person, by the Hand of Captain Chamblet, 100l. Captain James Bonnel of Walthamstow, dying in the East-Indies.

Anno 1686, Captain Francis Wilshaw. Captain Hugh Tille.

Anno 1687, Mr. Josias Smith. Captain Simon Nicolls. Captain Henry Sheer. Captain Nicolas Kerington.

Anno 1688, Sir John Narborough, Knt. who died in the West-Indies. Captain Isaac Woodgreen.

Anno 1689, Captain William Bsse. Sir John Berry, Knt.

Anno 1690, Captain James Chamblet. Elizabeth Dobbins, Wife of Captain Joseph Dobbins.

Anno 1691, Captain Samuel Atkinson of Rotherhith.

Anno 1692, Captain Henry Mudd of Ratcliff, gave by his Will, Ground on which the Almeshouses on Mile-end are built.

Anno 1693, Captain Richard Goodlad. Captain Richard Cowley of Walthamstow. Captain John Nicolls of Rotherhith. Captain James Rutter, 20l. by Will, besides 20l. in his Life-time towards building the Almes-houses at Mile-end. Captain John Hill, Master sometime of the Corporation, 60l. towards building of the said Almes-houses. Captain George Phenney of Poplar. Captain Edward Peachy. Captain William Sharp.

Anno 1696, Captain John Mortimer of Stepney, for to put out to Sea two Apprentices yearly with the Interest Money, 200l.

Anno 1699, Captain Humphrey Ayles. Captain Ralph Sanderson. Captain Walter Concor.

Anno 1700, An unknown Person by the Hands of Captain John Hill, 100l. Sir Henry Johnson, late of Blackwall, Knt. 100l. James Southern of London, Esq;

Anno 1702, Captain Thomas Wilshaw, 100l. This Captain hath his Coat of Arms painted in one of the Windows of the Hall, and underwritten, One of the Principal Officers and Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy, and Master of Trinity House, An. 1700.

N.B. For the Names of the rest of the Benefactors since, access may be made to the Trinity House.