[Orders.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Trinity House.]288

[Orders.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Trinity House.]

Service, or to be contributary thereunto; also from serving on Juries and Inquests, and the like. This Favour is indulged all the Brethren both Elder and Younger, their Officers and Servants.

Names of the Officers of TRINITY HOUSE in the Year 1705, were


The Honourable Admiral George Churchil, Esq; Master.
Captain John Bromwel, Deputy Master.
Capt. Henry Collins, }
Capt. Benjamin Hoskins, } Wardens.
Capt. John Jacob, }
Capt. Balthazar St. Michael, }
Edward Earl of Torrington, ]
Sir Richard Haddock, ]
Sir Matthew Andrews, ]
Capt. John Hill, ] Assistants.
Capt. Robert Fisher, ]
Capt. Samuel Atkinson, ]
Capt. Henry Greenhill, ]
The Earl of Pembroke,
The Earl of Orford,
Henry Priestman, Esq;
Sir Henry Johnson,
Sir George Rook,
Sir Cloudesley Shovell,
Sir George Byng,
Capt. John Bowers,
Capt. James Conway,
Capt. William Cruft,
Capt. John Hazelwood,
Capt. John Clements,
Capt. William Sanderson,
Capt. John Nicolson,
Capt. John Steel,
Capt. Thomas Wharton,
Capt. Robert Lurking.

There is in this Trinity-House a Table hung up, of the Orders, Constitutions, and By-Laws, made by the Master, Wardens, and Assistants of the Guild, Fraternity or Brotherhood of the most glorious and undividable Trinity, and of St. Clement, in the Parish of Deptford-Strond, in the County of Kent; touching the Conversation, good Estate, wholsome Government, Maintenance and Encrease of the Navigation of this Kingdom, and of the Mariners and Seafaring Men within the same, by Vertue of several Charters, and Letters Patents, made unto the said Corporation by several Kings and Queens of this Realm; and particularly, of a Charter of Constitution and Confirmation of the same made by King James II. dated the 8th of July, in the first of his Reign. It consisted of Twelve Articles:

Orders and By-Laws of Trinity-House.

The First is, concerning any Master or Pilot, or other Seamen, refusing to appear, when they shall be summoned before the Corporation. The Forfeit whereof is 13s. and 4d. if a Master or Pilot; and if other Mariner, 2s. for the first default, 3s. and 4d. for the second, to the Use of the Poor of the Corporation; and for the third, to be punished at the Discretion of the Company, the Fine not exceeding such a Sum.

In 12 Articles.

The Second, concerning such Seamen as go to Sea without paying such Duties as they ought to the Corporation. At the next Return into the River to pay double so much, over and beside the Duty which from them may grow due for the said Voyage at their Return.

The Third, concerning the Masters of Ships or their Mates, to be aboard their Vessels, to see the Merchants Goods safe taken in, if the Vessel be at Blackwall or above; from the time any Ship or Vessel within the River of Thames or any Creek or Harbour of the same, shall receive into her any Merchants Goods to be Trasnported. And at the Return of every Ship, the Master or his Mate to be aboard, to see the Merchants Goods orderly and safely delivered, if at Blackwall or above. And if below Blackwall, then the Master or his Mate to be aboard three times in a Week, or every other Day for the Purposes aforesaid, and for every time neglecting, to forfeit 6s. and 8d. The Master, Boatswain, Gunner and Carpenter, or two of them, to lie on Board, while the Ship shall have any Goods remaining in her, upon forfeiture of 5s.

The Fourth, concerning Powder taken aboard Ships before their Departure out of the Thames, and kept aboard at their Return; and also concerning heating of Pitch, Tar, Rozin, Grease, Tallow, Oyl, &c. whence hath happened great Losses by Fire. No Ship outward bound to receive on board any Powder before she shall be at or below Blackwall, and not till within 24 Hours after her coming to an Anchor there, or at the place of her unlading, upon penalty of 5l. to the Poor of the Corporation. The Master to take care not to suffer Pitch, Tar, Rozin, &c. to be heated on board by Fire, Loggerhead Shot, or any other thing, but to be done upon the Shoar, or in a Boat being a Shoar, upon the penalty of 3l.

Masters to take care in drying their Bread-rooms, and not to dry them in the Night, or keep any Fire therein in the Night-time, upon penalty of 5l.

The Fifth, every Master homeward bound, to unshot all his Guns before, or assoon as he arrive at Graves-End, upon penalty of 20 Nobles. And no Master above Blackwall to presume to fire any Gun before Sun-rising, or after Sun setting, upon penalty of 10s. for each Gun.

The Sixth, concerning divers Boats, otherwise called Bum-boats, their carrying Fruit, Wine, Strong-waters, to sell to Shopkeepers; much wrong being done to the Owners, by purloining of Carriage or other Materials: All Masters to take care that they do not permit any such Boats to come on board their Ships, and that their Men do put the Dirt of their Ships in their own Boats at seasonable Hours of the Day, and do carry and lay it on Shoar above high Water Mark, and not to suffer any Dirt or Filth to be thrown overboard into the River. In case of Neglect, the Master to forfeit 20s.

The Seventh, no Master to suffer to be taken in, or heaved out of the Ship, any Ballast, without having a Sail nailed to the Sell of the Port; or if a small Vessel, to the Gunnel, to overhang the Side of the Lighter, upon pain of 20s.

The Eighth, concerning Masters, by themselves, or their Officers, or Seamen, refusing to hinder any Person appointed by the Corporation, (and upon demand shewing his Authority under the Common Seal) from coming on board his Ship in the day time, to search for Powder, Guns unshotted, heating of Pitch, Tar, &c. the careless and unseasonable drying of Bread-rooms, and suffering Bum-boats to come aboard, and to traffic with them, upon forfeiture of 5l.

The Ninth, concerning certain Members of this Corporation, that partly of themselves, and partly at the Request of others, preferred Bills, Petitions, &c. to the Parliament, and to other inferior Jurisdictions, in the Name of Seamen in general, without making the Master, Wardens, and Assistants acquainted, to the great Detriment and Scandal of the Corporation. For the preventing this for the future, if any Members of this Corporation do, or attempt the like Matters, or shall set their Hands to any Bill, Petition, &c.