[Factors.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Brokers.]280

[Factors.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Brokers.]

Every long Western whole Cloth or two half Cloths, shall pay2d.
Every Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex Cloth1d. ob.
Every Spanish Cloth1d.
Northern Dozens, for every Pieceob.
Northern Kersies, for every Pieceob.
Northern Cottons, for every Pieceob.
Devonshire Bays, for each Pieceob. q.
Mynakin Bays, for every Piece3d.
All Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk Bays1d. ob.
All Welsh Wares, the Horse-pack6d.
All Manchester Wares, the Horse-pack6d.
Blankets, twelve Pair in a Bundle3d.
Ruggs, for every Score10d.
Stockings and Yarn, for every Horse-pack or two hundred weight6d.
All Fustians, Bustians or Demities, the Horse-pack6d.
And all other Manufactures mentioned in this Act, and not provided for in this Table, shall pay for every Horse-pack of two hundred weight6d.
And so for a lesser or bigger weight proportionably. 

And whereas the regulating of all Markets in London and the Liberties thereof, by the ancient Custom of this City hath, and now doth of Right belong to the Lord Maior, Aldermen, and Commons in Common-council assembled, and by the like ancient Custom of this City, all common Factors, Brokers and Makers of Bargains within London and the Liberties thereof, before their Exercise of such their Employments, have used to be allowed and admitted to exercise that Employment, by such Persons, and in such Manner as the said Lord Maior, Aldermen and Commons in Common-council assembled, have used to direct and appoint, and ought not in any other manner to exercise the same, which was so done, for that Factory or Brokery are not Trades, and so are not subject to any Rules or Regulations as Trades are: And whereas it is found by Experience, that the said Markets of the said Blackwel-halls, Leaden-hall and the Welsh-hall are not to be kept indifferent betwéen Clothier and Citizen, but may be either huckstred or forestalled, and that it will be in the power of the common Factor or Broker to undo the Clothier, by taking which of the Cloths he shall think fit to his own use, or by kéeping them unsold at his pleasure, or by putting the worst Paymasters upon the Clothier, and taking the best to himself, or by making the Clothier pay Factorage for those he buys himself, or in the name of some other Person for his own use, unless the said common Factors and Brokers may be stinted, and they regulated in their Actings; to the end therefore that all those Mischiefs may be prevented, and the said Markets of the said Blackwel-halls, Leaden-hall and the Welsh-hall regulated, Be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That no Person or Persons whatsoever, that now useth, or hereafter shall use the Employment of a common Factor or Broker or Maker of Bargains in any of the said Markets, shall from and after the twenty ninth of September now next coming, deal or intermeddle in the said Markets, or in any of them, as a common Broker or a common Factor for or concerning the Sale of any of the Commodities aforesaid, unless he or they shall be first adjudged by the Lord Maior and Aldermen of London in their Court called or known by the name of the Court of Aldermen, held within the Guild-hall of this City of London, fit to exercise that Employment, and be by them also thereunto admitted: And that every Person which shall do contrary thereunto, shall for the first Offence forfeit forty shillings, and for the second, and all other Offences, five pounds for each Offence.

Rules for Factors.

And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That no common Factor or Broker shall at any time hereafter buy in any of the said Markets in his own Name, or in the Name of any other to his own use, any of the Commodities aforesaid, nor shall sell any of the said Commodities out of the said Markets within the said City, and the Liberties thereof, to any Person or Persons whatsoever; And that if any common Factor or Broker shall do the contrary hereunto, the Party so offending, for every such Offence, shall forfeit and pay for every such his first Offence fifty shillings, and for his or their second Offence the sum of four pounds. Provided, That all Clothiers, or other Proprietors of Woollen Manufactures may have liberty to employ their own Houshold Servants, or any person who is not Factor to more than one Clothier; and that such Houshold Servant or Person shall not incur the Penalties in this Act mentioned, for not being admitted as aforesaid, by the Lord Maior and Court of Aldermen.

And whereas it is found that by the Increase of Factors in the said Markets, the Clothier who comes up to London to make Sale of his Cloth, Cloths or other Woollen Manufactures, many times wants room to pitch and sell the same Commodities in, which is a great Grievance to the said Clothier, and no ways allowed by this City; for remedy whereof, Be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Governors of Christ's Hospital, or any Thrée of them, from Time to Time to regulate the aforesaid Markets of the said Blackwel-halls, Leaden hall and the Welsh-hall, as to the standing of the Clothier and Factor in the said Markets, having always regard to the Clothier who sells in his own Person or by his Houshold Servant, that he or they have always convenient room reserved in the said Markets for the Sale of the aforesaid Commodities.

And it is further Enacted and Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That all and singular the Pains, Penalties, Sum and Sums of Money, Forfeitures, and other Things whatsoever, which shall be forfeited or incurred by virtue of this Act, or by reason of any Clause, Branch or Article of the same, shall be obtained, levied and recovered as the Case shall require, either by Action of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information, in the Name of the Chamberlain of the said City for the time being, in the King's Majesties Court holden in the Chamber of the Guild-hall before the Lord Maior of the City of London, and Aldermen of the same City for the time being. In which no Essoin or Wager of Law shall be admitted or allowed for the Defendant, and the Chamberlain of the said City for the time being, in all matters or things to be prosecuted by virtue of this present Act, against the Offender or Offenders, shall recover the ordinary Costs of Suit to be expended in and about the Prosecution of them, or any of them.

And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That all Pains, Penalties and Forfeitures to be had and recovered by virtue of this or any former Act or Acts for the regulating of Blackwel-halls, Leaden-hall and the Welsh-hall as aforesaid (the Charges of Suit for the Recovery thereof being first deduced) the Remainder shall be divided into two parts, the one Moiety thereof, together with all the Duties of Hallage, to be paid unto the Treasurer of Christ's Hospital (for the time being) to be employed towards the Maintenance of the poor Children harboured and kept in the said Hospital, and the other Moiety to him or them that will sue for the same, any other Act or Ordinance to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.