[Hallage Duty.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.]279


Rates wéekly, as shall be agréed betwéen the said Owner and such Person or Persons as shall be appointed by the Governours of Christ's Hospital, who are hereby authorized to put in Execution this Act, as to all the Parts thereof. Provided, the said Person or Persons so to be appointed by the said Governours to receive such Monies, for lodging and safe kéeping all Cloth, Cloths, and other Woollen Manufactures, do not take more by the Wéek for lodging and safe kéeping, of any Owner or Owners, their Factor or Servant, than half so much as by this Act appointed for the first pitching, for Hallage of such Commodities, as shall be desired to be left in the said Warehouses.

And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That the said ensuing Rates, and no other, shall be paid, demanded and received of the respective Owner or Owners, or his Servant, for the Commodities here under mentioned, brought and to be brought to the several Halls, or any of them, for the said Hallage-duty thereof, and for the entring, harbouring and safe kéeping thereof the space of ten Days, from the Time of their first pitching, and no longer.

All Broad Cloths, of what kind or name soever, exceeding twenty Yards long or upwards, shall pay a Piece for Hallage1d.
All broad Rashes twenty Yards or above2d.
All Kersey Cottons1d.
All Devonshire, Wiltshire, and Dorsetshire Bays shall pay for each Piece1d.
Dutch Bays the Piece1d. 1/2
All Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Mynakin Bays, by what name soever called, shall pay for each Piece2d.
All Yorkshire Broad Cloths, Kersies, Cottons, and all other Commodities made of Wool, shall pay for the Horse-pack coming from those Parts8d.
All Lancashire Woollen Wares, as Broad Cloths, Kersies, Cottons, Bays, Penistones, Friezes, and other Commodities made of Wool coming from those Parts, the Horse-pack8d.
All Commodities coming from Wales, Salop, and any of those Parts, commonly known by the name of Welsh Cottons, Rolls, Plains, Bays, Flanions or Friezes shall pay for every Horse-pack8d.
All Flanions, Venetians, Wadmolls, Demities, Fustians and Bustians made in England and Wales, shall pay for each Horse-pack8d.
All Stuffs of what name or kind soever, made of Wool, Worsted, Jersey or Cruell, or mixed with them, or any of them, the Piece to pay1d.
Bed-Ruggs, or Caddows for Beds, being five Breadths, or of the same Largeness, shall pay for every Rugg1d.
For every Rugg of four breadths, or of the same Largenessob.
For every Rugg of three breadths, or of the same Largenessq.
Cradle Ruggs, every two Ruggsq.
Blankets the dozen Pair 1d. 1/2
Birds-eye Carpeting, Bristol Carpeting, and all other sorts of Carpeting and Darnix, the Piece, being twenty Yards or more2d.
But if the Piece be less than twenty Yards1d.
Carpets of Needle-work or Tent-work, for every Carpet to pay1d.
Coverlets the Horse-pack to pay8d.
If less than an Horse-pack, every oneob.
Worsted Stockings, the twenty Pair shall pay2d.
Yearn, being Woollen, Cruell, Linnen, Worsted or Jersey, every dozen Pound shall pay1d.
Bolters and Bewpers the dozen Pieces1d.
The single Pieceq.
Darnix, narrow, for Garments, the Piece1d.
Hair-cloth the Pieceob.
Linsey-woolsey, broad, the Piece1d.
Narrow, the Pieceob.
Loom-work for Wastcoats and Childrens Coatsob.
Says plain'd or mill'd, the Piece1d.
Every Half-piece of above 30 shillings price or more1d.
But the half under 30 shillings priceq.
Serges of all sorts, the Piece1d.
Moccado ends, the dozen Pound1d.
Cushions of all sorts unstuffed and unbottomed, the dozen1d.
Irish Ruggs, the hundred Yards4d.
Irish Mantles, and all of that sort, being made within this Kingdom, of 20 Yards and upwards, to pay1d.
Motly for Mariners, the Pieceob.
Peddegny, the Horse-pack8d.
Swadling-bands, the Groce1d.
Woollen Stockings, for every three dozen shall pay1d.

Hallage Duty.

And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That if any Owner of the Commodities aforesaid, or his Servant, shall refuse to pay the Hallage before-mentioned, at the first pitching of the same at any of the Halls aforesaid, he shall forfeit and pay for such his Refusal Six shillings and Eight pence for every Cloth, or any other single Piece of woollen Manufacture unpacked, and Twenty shillings for every Pack of Cloth, Cloths, or other woollen Manufacture.

And further, To prevent the Shifts which are practised to evade the ancient Priviledges of this City by Porters and others, who are employed in carrying Cloth out of, or from the said Blackwel-halls, Leaden-hall or the Welsh-hall aforesaid, Be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That no common Porter, or any other Person or Persons whatsoever; except the Clothier or his Factor in his or their own Person, shall be admitted to carry any of the Commodities aforesaid out of or from the said Blackwel-halls, Leaden-hall or the Welsh-hall, or any of the Rooms adjoining, but the same shall be carried out by the chief Porters of the said Blackwel-halls, Leaden-hall or the Welsh-hall aforesaid, (for the time being) or such as shall be appointed by the chief Porters of Blackwel-halls or Leaden-hall for that purpose, and for whom they shall be respectively responsible.

And to the end and intent that there shall be no Exaction of Rates or Prices for the Carriage of the aforesaid Commodities out of the said Blackwel-halls, Leaden-hall or the Welsh-hall, of any Merchant or other Buyer of the said Commodities, otherwise than the Rates hereafter mentioned, as are appointed for their several Carriages, Be it Enacted and Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That the several Rates hereafter mentioned shall be fairly written in a Table, and hung up in some publick Place in each of the said Halls, and these Rates, and no greater, shall or may be taken by the said Porters, or by any other employed by them; and if any chief Porter, or any employed by them, shall exact and receive more than shall be expressed in such Tables, he or they so offending shall forfeit ten times as much as shall be so received.

Imprimis, every Kentish whole Cloth or two half Cloth, shall pay2d.
Every long Worcester whole Cloth or two half Cloths, shall pay1d. ob.
Every long Glocester whole Cloth or two half Cloths, shall pay1d. ob.

Rates for the Porters.