[Water-bailiage] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Rates.]275

[Water-bailiage] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Rates.]

Cloth, the great pack8 
Cloth, the lesser pack4 
Cloth, loose, the cloth  1
Cloth, linnin, the pack2 
Cloth, madrix, the piece 1/2
Cloth, the packet2 
Cordage, the tun8 
Corn, or Grain, inward 1/2
Corn, or Grain, outward1 
Copperis, the hogshead2 
Copperis, the barrel1 
Currans, the butt8 
Currans, the carsteel4 
Currans, the great bag2 
Currans, the barrel1 
Currans, the half bag or sack1 
Calves, the calf 1
Calves-skins, the dozen 1
Canvas, the bolt 1/2
Canvas, the pack2 
Candles, the barrel2 
Candles, the basket1 
Candles with the pack4 
Chest or Trunk with goods  
Chest with Sugar4 
Sugar-chest with ware2 
Chairs, the load4 
Crabs, the quarter1 
Cheese, Suffolk and Essex, the weigh2 
Cockel-boats, the boat8 
Cork, the bundle1 
Cart-sides, the pair 1
Cherries, the sieve 1
Coach or Calash12 
Copper-pans, the pan8 
Clay for tobacco-pipes, the tun12 
Cherry-stock, the bundle  1
Cheese, thin, the C.1 
Cloth, the Horse-pack2 
Cheese, Holland, the C.2 
Clapboard, the load4 
Deals great & large, the C.12 
Deals short & narrow, the C.8 
Deals very large, the C.24 
Dry wares, the barrel1 
Dry wares, the hogshead2 
Dry wares, the puncheon4 
Dry wares, the butt8 
Dry wares, the fat4 
Dry wares, the basket2 
Dry wares, the sack1 
Earthen ware, the load2 
Earthen ware, the pannier2 
Eels, the barrel2 
Elm-board, the load2 
Elder-berries, the hogshead1 
Faggots, the load or hundred1 
Fellys, great, the thousand8 
Fellys, middle and small, the thousand4 
Figs, the barrel1 
Figs, the tapnel 1
Flax, wrought, the C.2 
Flax, the last12 
Flax, the bundle 1
Fish, the hundred2 
Fish, the barrel1 
Fish, the basket with 4 ears4 
Fish, the basket with 2 ears2 
Fruit, the maund1 
Fruit, the burden 4 bushels 1
Flox, the bagor hundred2 
Fir-timber, the load2 

Fir-poles or balks, the load2 
Fells or sheep-skins, the doz. 1
Greaves per tun4 
Grounding of every ship with two tops24 
Grounding of every Hoy6 
Grounding of every Wellpink6 
Grounding of every Vessel with mast and sail6 
Glass, the case2 
Glasses, the barrel1 
Glass cut, the firkin 1
Glass, the chest2 
Grindstones, the stone1 
Grindstones, the chaldron6 
Gravestones, the stone4 
Grain of all sorts, the quarter, inwards 1/2
Grain of all sorts, the quarter, outwards 1/2
Gillses, the barrel2 
Green-wood, the tun4 
Honey, the tearce barrel2 
Honey, the half barrel1 
Honey, the firkin 1
Hamper, bundle with ware2 
Hamper, great, with ware4 
Hamper, small, with ware1 
Hemp, the tun8 
Hemp, the great bundle4 
Hemp, the bundle of 2002 
Herrings, the barrel1 
Herrings, the cade 1
Hair, the wain-load4 
Hair, the cart-load2 
Hair, the great sack 1
Hides tann'd, the dicker2 
Hides in the hair, the dicker2 
Hides Irish, the score3 
Hops, the bag2 
Hops, the pocket or great end2 
Hops, the small pocket or end1 
Housholdstuff, the wain-load8 
Housholdstuff, the cart-load4 
Hoops, broad, flat & white, the load2 
Hoops, round and smart2 
Hay, the load4 
Iron in bars, the tun2 
Iron Ordnance, the tun4 
Iron Pots, the load4 
Iron Shot or Bullet, the tun4 
Iron Plates, the load4 
Iron Backs, the load4 
Iron Wares of all sorts, the tun4 
Kettles, the tun2 
Kelps, the tun4 
Kasks, empty, the tun 1
Lathes, the load2 
Liquors, the seron2 
Lead, the fother4 
Lead, the roll2 
Lead, the small pig 1/2
Lead, the great pig1 
Lime, the hundred1 
Lattin, wrought, the C.wt.2 
Madder, the bail4 
Madder, the half bail2 
Madder, the bag, small 1
Mats, the load of sixty4 
Maunds, great, with 4 ears, of Fish or other wares4 

Maunds with 2 ears, of Fish or other wares2 
Meal, the quarter 1
Millstones, the tun4 
Muscle-boats, the boat8 
Mustard-seed, the quarter2 
Mault, the quarter, inward 1
Nuts, the barrel1 
Nuts, the quarter1 
Nuts, the sack 1
Nail Rods, the dozen2 
Nails, the great bag 1
Nails, the tun4 
Oil, the tun4 
Oil, the pipe2 
Oil, the hogshead1 
Oil, the barrel1 
Oil, the great rundlet 1
Oaker, the tun4 
Oaker, the barrel1 
Oysters, the barrel1 
Oysters, the sack 1
Oysters, the boat4 
Pitch, the barrel1 
Pole-davies, the piece 1
Porters burden with Roots, Oysters, or such like small things, or any sort of Fish  
Perry or Sider, the tun4 
Pikes or Staves, the load4 
Prunes, the butt or hogshead8 
Pelts, the dozen 1
Paper or Paper-stuff, the cart3 
Peascods, the load4 
Peascods, the sack 1
Pease, white, the quarter1 
Pot-ashes per tun4 
Pots, the load2 
Quern-stones, the stone 1
Quern-stones, the stone middle size1 
Quern-stones, the great2 
Quarters and Jyce, the 1002 
Raisins, the fraile 1
Raisins of the sun, the barrel1 
Raisins pack'd, the barrel2 
Rugs, the fardel or pack2 
Rozin, the cake 1
Salmon, the barrel2 
Salmon, the kilderkin1 
Salt in sacks, the weight5 
Salt, the barrel1 
Salt, the hogshead2 
Salt, loose, the weigh2 
Salt-beef, the hogshead2 
Salt, the sack 1
Sugar chest, the great4 
Sugar chest, the small2 
Shovels and scoops, the dozen 1
Sope, the barrel1 
Sprats, four cades 1
Sprats, the last3 
Stones, the load2 
Stones, for building, or paving-stones4 
Stock-fish, the hundred1 
Steel, the faggot 1
Steel, the firkin 1
Sheep-skins, the hundred1 
Skins, Lamb, the hundred 1
Sut, the load2 
Starch, the barrel1