[Water-Bailiage] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Rates.]274

[Water-Bailiage] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Rates.]

dred, and under five the Draught, Sixteen Pence.

All other pieces of Hops weighing under four hundred the Draught, Six Pence.

Bail Flax, and bundle Flax, weighing two hundred at a Draught, to pay Six Pence.

Tun Flax, and Holland Flax, weighing two hundred at a Draught, to pay Six Pence.

Hemp or Cable Yarn, or any other Goods, weighing five hundred and under eight the Draught, Two Shillings.

Hemp or Cables, or any other Goods weighing eight hundred and under a thousand the Draught, Three Shillings and Four Pence.

The Cable or any other Goods weighing one thousand and under twelve hundred the Draught, Four Shillings Eight Pence.

The Draught of Ropes or Hemp, or any other Goods weighing four hundred and under Five the Draught, Twelve Pence.

Rosin, Three hundred and under at a Draught, Six Pence.

The Ballet of Woad, Six Pence.

The Bale of Madder, the Draught Sixteen Pence.

Copperis the Butt, the Draught Sixteen Pence.

All other sorts of Wares and Merchandizes whatsoever, the Draught weighing fourteen Pounds and under four hundred the Draught, Six Pence.

These and all other sorts of Wares and Merchandizes not before expressed, that should come or be weighed by the King's Beam, to pay for the Draught as followeth. The Merchant or the Seller, to pay three Parts, and the Buyer to pay one fourth Part for all sorts of Draughts and Merchandizes so to be weighed, that is to say.

From 14lb. and under 400,06
From 400 and under 500,10
From 500 and under 800,20
From 800 and under 1000,34
From 1000 and under 1200,48
From 1200 and upwards,68

William Johnson, Cler. Civ. London.

The Ancient Rates, approved 1521. 13 H. 8.

From 28l. to 200,02
From 200 to 400,03
From 400 to 600,06
From 600 to 800,010
From 800 to 1000,14
From 1000 to 1200,18
From 1200 to 1800,20
From 1800 to 2200,24
From 2200 to 2500,30

The present reduced Rates, Settled 1698. Child Mayor.

STAMP Maior.


Jovis Secundo Die Junij 1692, Annoq; Regni Regis & Reginæ Willielmi & Maria Angliæ, &c. Quarto.


WHEREAS, I am informed that divers Persons Aliens and Foreigners Trading in the Port of this City, in several Goods and Merchandizes, for which certain Customs, Tolls and Duties of Waterballiage, have Anciently been, and of Right ought to be answered and paid to this City; and the Officers appointed Collectors in that behalf, and that Sundry Fréemen against their Oaths, do frequently Colour the Goods of Foreigners, both inward and outward Bound, thereby to save and avoid Payment of the Duties; Also that some late Officers and Persons employed in and about the Collection of the said Duties, have through Ignorance, or Carelesness, or other Regards, neglected to Demand, or Receive the said Duties upon some Commodities, and not fully as was Due upon others, many Persons would from thence take Advantage to deny the Right of the Duties, and refuse to pay the same; by all which Means the City is much prejudiced in her Ancient and Iust Rights, and the present Officers much damnified by the same, and discouraged in the Execution of their Places: I taking notice of this great Abuse, and to Remedy the Evils and Inconveniences aforesaid, and to maintain all Iust and Lawful Rights and Customs of the City, have thought fit for the Information of all Persons concerned, to notify and declare Sundry of the said Customs, Tolls and Duties of Waterballiage, as in several Antient and later Books and Rolls of the said City, they are on Record. That is to say, that all Masters of Vessels, particularly either Barge-Men, or Liter-Men, or any other Vessel, or Boat-Masters whatsoever, shall, before they enter their Vessels at the Cocquet-Office, give a true Account of all the Goods that are in their Barges or Vessels particularly, and pay all the Duties for all Foreigners Goods, to the Deputy or Deputies appointed by the City to receive the same, and that no Warfinger, Meeter, Porter or Labourer whatsoever, shall presume to be aiding or assisting to any Master of Vessel or Vessels, until such Entry be first made, and the Duty thereof paid to our Deputy or Deputies, and by them certified; that thereby the City may not be deceived of their Duties herein mentioned, as they will answer the contrary at their Peril.

A TABLE containing the RATES of the Customs due to the Maior, Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London; to be taken and received of Foreigners and Aliens, upon the several kinds of Goods, Merchandizes, and Things hereafter mentioned, as Imported, or Exported out of the PORT of London, or otherwise brought into, or passing out of the CITY of London, by Water, viz.


ARber Poles.  
Alabaster, the Tun8 
Allom, the Bag1 
Annuel, the Bag 1
Ale, the Tun4 
Ale, the Barrel1 
Ashes, the Load2 
Alder Poles, the Load2 
Ashen Poles, the Load2 
All sorts of Goods unnamed per Tun.4 
Bavins, the Load1 
Billets, the Load7 
Bells, great, the bell8 
Bells, small, the bell4 
Butter the barrel2 
Butter, the firken 1
Beer the tun4 
Beer, the barrel1 
Burrs, the tun for Milstones4 
Boles of wooden Ware, the load4 
Brazil, the Tun6 
Brazil, the bag-ground 1 
Brazil, the hundred2 
Brass, per tun8 
Bark, the Load4 
Burdlime, the barrel1 
Bacon, the flitch 1
Basket ware, the dozen 1
Barrel boards, the thousand2 
Bottles, the basket, great2 
Bottles, small, the basket1 
Buckets, the dozen1 
Bricks, the thousand4 
Coals, the chaldron2 
Coals, Scotch, the tun2