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[Merchants] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [of Russia.]260

[Merchants] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [of Russia.]

King Edward III. finding them so settled; and observing the great Trade in Flanders, by the Clothings there made, did, (when he joyned League with the Flemings against the King of France) encourage the English Merchants in these parts, to deal with Clothiers of that Nation, to come over into England to erect their Looms, and Manufactures. Which accordingly was performed; and took such effect, that the said King, by the advice of his Parliament, first prohibited the Exportation of English Wool: next by Priviledges, and Acts of Parliament, invited Clothmakers and Workers over into England; and at last so prevailed, that he prohibited all Foreign Cloth, to be imported into the Realm.

Flemings invited over into England.

Afterwards King Henry IV. Anno 1406. taking notice of the Service of this Company, in the rise and increase of the Manufactures of Clothing, and the benefit of the Government of the said Company, did establish the same by grant under the Great Seal. Which said Grant hath been confirmed, and enlarged by his Successors (except Edw. V.) And Queen Elizabeth in the sixth Year of her Reign, being fallen in breach with Philip the second of Spain, Lord of the Netherlands; did, for the issuing and vent of the Clothing of this Land, (which daily increased) add, under the Great Seal, all the Parts of Germany, unto those of the Netherlands; and authorized the said Fellowship to treat with the Princes, Potentates, States and Cities of Germany, for a Staple, or Residence, and Priviledges, as enjoyned in the Netherlands. Which so happily succeeded, as that the Clothing found ample vent; first in England, then in Hamborough; afterwards in Stade; and then again in Hamborough; where it continues, being commonly called, the Hamborough Company.

A further Improvement.

Hamborough Company.

And now the said Fellowship have two Marts, the one in Dordrecht, or Dort, for the Netherlands; the other in Hamborough for all Germany; and is the Chief Court of all the Fellowship, residing both in England, and beyond the Seas; and through their Integrity, fair Dealings, and excellent Laws and Customs observed amongst them, they are of no small splendor in the Eyes of Men. Which said Company is now much enlarged; all new Draperies being therein comprised.


The present State of this Company.

This Company is governed according to their Charter, by the major part of the said Fellowship residing beyond the Seas; where annually in the Month of June, they elect out of the Fellowship, a Governor, and Deputy Governors, for all their other Residencies and Courts, both in those Foreign Parts, and within England; as at London, York, Hull, New-Castle, &c. Together with Assistants, Treasurers, Chaplains, and other convenient Officers, for the management of their affairs and preserving the Government thereof, who keep Courts as often as their occasions serve.

Their Government.

This Company have by their Charter, several Priviledges and Immunities granted unto them; as power of making Acts and Ordinances, for the good Government of the Trade, so as not repugnant to the Law of the Land. They have power to implead, fine and punish Offenders, power to hear and decide Causes, to use a Common Seal, and to bear a Coat of Arms.

Their Priviledges.

The Blazon of the Armes of this Fellowship is, Nebule of six Pieces, Argent and Azure. On a Chief quarterly, Or and Gules. In the first and fourth, two Roses, Gules, and in the second and third, a Lion of England. For their Crest, on a Helmet and Wreath, a Pegasus, Argent, charged on either Wing with two Roses, proper. And for Supporters, two Pegasus's, as the Crest. Their Motto, Dieu nous donne bonne Adventure.

Coat of Armes of this Company.

The Commodities that this Company exports, are Clothes, dressed and dyed, of Gloucestershire, Somersetshire, Kent, &c. in great Quantities: also Lead, Tin, Oyles, Worsted and Woolen Stockings, Silks, Fruits, Spanish Wines, &c. And for these and the like, they import Linnens: As Cambricks, Hollands, Lawnes, Diaper, &c. in great abundance. Also Tapestries, Rhenish Wines, Mather, Hopps, Latten, Sword and Knive Blades, Sope, Wyer, Copper Plates, Brass, Steel, Iron, Quick-Silver, Armes, Gunpowder, Hemp, Allom, Wax, Minerals, Salt, &c.]

Commodities exported.


MERCHANTS of RUSSIA, called MUSCOVY Merchants.

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THE Company of MERCHANTS of RUSSIA, were first incorporated by the Letters Patents under the Great Seal of England, in the first and second Year of the Reign of King Philip and Queen Mary, granted to the Right Honourable William Marquiss of Winton, then Lord High Treasurer of England; Henry Earl of Arundel, John Earl of Bedford, William Earl of Pembroke, and divers others of the Nobility, and to divers Merchants. And amongst other Priviledges, the said King and Queen granted to the said Company and their Successors: That the said Company, should have and enjoy the sole and Trade to all the Lands, Ports and Rivers of the Emperor of Russia; and to all other Lands, Ports, Creeks and Arms of the Sea, before the Adventure in the said Letters Patents mentioned, not known, or by English Merchants and Subjects, by the Seas, not commonly frequented, lying Northward, North-Eastward, and North Westward: With Prohibition to all others, not free of the said Fellowship, unless by their Agreement, to Trade to the Places aforesaid, on pain of forfeiting Ship and Goods, so Trading, or Traded with.

The Incorporation of this Company.

The Case of the Russia Company, stated to the Parliament, when the Bill was brought in for enlarging of it.

Anno 1699.

J. S.

And after twelve Years Tryal, and upwards, of the good Services they did the Nation, the said Company, and all the Franchises and Priviledges, granted them by the said Letters Patents, were confirmed by Act of Parliament, in the eighth Year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.

And upon further Tryal of the Diligence of the said Company, their Priviledges were enlarged by King James I. by his Letters Patents, bearing date the thirtieth Day of March, in the eleventh Year of his Reign.

The Company since the Grant of the first Charter and Act of Parliament, have been at vast Charges in fitting out great Numbers of Ships, for the discovery of New Countries and Isles: And in fact have discovered several Countries, the Trade whereof, is of very great advantage to this Nation: viz. Cherrey Islands, Greenland, Nova Zembla, Davyes's Streights, Grooneland, Hudsons Bay, New-found-land, the North of America: as will at large appear by the Journals kept by


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