The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Woodmongers.]228


And farther, are willing to paying 400l. per Ann. into the Chamber of London, for the City's Use, over and above the 400l. a Year paid to Christ's Hospital; and are likewise willing to pay 20l. a Year towards making and maintaining a Cart way up and down Tower Dock, if the Honourable Common Council shall please to reduce the Carts to the ancient number of 420; used by the Free Carmen: And are content with the Rates or Prices the City has already set and appointed for the Cartage of all sorts of Goods.

An Act of Common Council was made, for the licensing of Carts for these Woodmongers, in the Maioralty of Sir William Ashurst. Which may not be amiss here also to insert.

Com' Concil' tent' in Camera Guildhald' Civitat' London, die Veneris Vicesimo sexto die Octobr' Anno Regni Domini & Dominæ nostrorum, WILLIELMI & MARIÆ, nunc Regis & Reginæ Angliæ, &c. Sexto. Coram Willielmo Ashurst Mil' Majori, Thoma Lane Mil', Major' Elect', Roberto Clayton Mil', Patienc' Ward Mil', Thoma Stamp Mil', Salathiel Lovell Mil', Servien' ad Legem ac Recordat' dictæ Civitat', Humphrido Edwin Mil', Richardo Levet Mil', Jacobo Houblon Mil', Thomas Abney Mil', & Willielmo Hodges Mil' & Alderman'; necnon major' parte Communiar' dictæ Civitat' in eodem Com' Concil' tunc & ibidem assemblat'.

An ACT for Licensing CARTS, to be used by the Freemen Woodmongers, or Traders in Fuel, that inhabit within the City and Liberties thereof.


WHereas there was formerly assigned, allowed and appropriated, by the Maior and Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, unto the Woodmongers or Traders in Fuel, inhabiting within the said City and the Liberties thereof, a certain number of Carts, for carrying of Sea-Coals and other Fuel, which have been part of the number of four hundred and twenty Cars or Carts allowed, marked and appointed for the general Service of this City: But of late years the number of Inhabitants being greatly increased, and by reason thereof the necessary use of Stréet-Cars or Carts is much increased also; and therefore all the said four hundred and twenty Cars have béen used only for Stréet-Cars and Carts, whereby the Woodmongers and Traders in Fuel, within this City and the Liberties thereof, are in a great measure disabled to manage and carry on their said Trade and Imployments: The which they have humbly represented unto this Court of Common Council, and prayed Relief therein.

And this Court having taken the same into serious Consideration, do find it necessary to encrease the said number of four hundred and twenty Cars and Carts, so allowed and appointed as aforesaid, so far forth as may be necessary for the said Woodmongers or Dealers in Fuel, only for the management and carrying on their said Trades and Imployments; and also for enabling them to furnish the Citizens and other Inhabitants of this City and Liberties, with Coals and other Fuel, at as cheap and easy Rates and Prices, as they or any others may or can.

Be it Enacted therefore by the Right Honourable the Lord Maior, Aldermen, and Commons in Common Council assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That there shall be allowed, marked, and appointed to and for the sole Use and Imployment of the Woodmongers, or Traders in Fuel, (being Fréemen, and inhabiting within the City of London and the Liberties thereof, and no other) a fitting and convenient number of Cars and Carts, not excéeding one hundred and twenty, other than and besides the aforesaid number of four hundred and twenty Cars and Carts, now used as Stréet-Cars and Carts, as aforesaid:

The which Cars and Carts so to be allowed, marked and appointed, shall be appropriated unto them the said Woodmongers, or Traders in Fuel, for the sole use, management and carrying on the Trade or Imployment of Woodmongers, or Dealers in Fuel only; and shall be divided and distributed to and amongst them from time to time, as may be most convenient for them, and least to the Annoyance and Obstruction of the Publick Stréets and Passages of this City, and the Liberties thereof; any Act of Common Council, or other Law, Usage, or Custom of this City, now in being and in force, to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

And be it farther Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the said Cars and Carts so to be allowed, marked and appointed by virtue of this Act, shall not be, nor taken or esteemed to be appurtenant to the several and respective Wharf or Wharfs, to which the same or any of them are or shall be so allowed or appointed, nor shall be sold or disposed of by such or any other the Woodmongers or Traders in Fuel, in any manner howsoever.

And that the Cars and Carts so to be allowed and appointed to the said Woodmongers or Traders in Fuel, shall be burnt with a Faggot-mark on both the outsides thereof, and shall have also thereupon a piece of Brass with the true number of such Cars or Carts; and the Raves thereof shall be higher than the Raves of the Stréet-Cars or Carts, to keep the Fuel the safer from falling off and hurting the People in the Stréets, and also the better to distinguish them from the said other Cars or Carts.

And that the said Wharf-Carts nor Cars, nor any of them, shall work in the Stréets in any other Work than only in carrying of Coals and other Fuel, to and from the respective Wharfs, belonging to such Persons to whom the said Cars or Carts shall be allowed: Upon pain, That for every time such Wharf-Car or Cart shall work, or be otherwise employed for Wages, Hire, or Reward, the said Car or Cart shall forfeit and pay for every such Offence the Sum of Five Pounds.

And all and every the Licenses that shall be given to any such Woodmonger or Trader in Fuel, whose Carts or Cars shall be so hired and imployed, contrary to the true intent and meaning of this present Act, shall from thence be suspended, till such respective Penalty or Penalties shall be paid and satisfied: And every Person so offending, shall (till the said respective Sums be paid) be disabled to work any of his said Cars or Carts; notwithstanding any License or Licenses to such Person or Persons, granted by virtue of this Act.

And for the better putting this Act in due Execution, and for the more equal and impartial Distribution of the said Wharf-Cars or Carts, to and amongst the said Woodmongers or Traders in Fuel, with due respect to their several and respective Wants and Occasions in the said respective Trades: Be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Lane, Knight, Lord Maior elect, Sir Thomas Stamp, Knight, Sir James Houblon and Sir Francis Child, Knights and Aldermen of this City; and Mr. Caddon, Mr. Depu- Eyre, &c.