[Farriers, &c.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Brown Bakers, &c.]226

[Farriers, &c.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Brown Bakers, &c.]


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THE Company of the FARRIERS. My Relation concerning them, must needs be answerable to their own Allegation. Henry de Ferrariis, or Ferrers, a Norman born, came over with William the Conqueror, who gave unto the said Henry de Ferrariis (as being his Farrier, or Master of his Horse) the Honour of Tutbury, in the County of Stafford. Which was the first Honour given to the Farriers in England.


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THE Company of the PAVIOURS, no doubt have been a Company of Antiquity, and maintained a Community or Brotherhood among themselves; but for Incorporation, no Record doth testifie it to me, and therefore I have the less to say of them.


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THE Company of the LORINORS, or LORIMERS, which they please to accept. I have received a Note from themselves, that the second Day of October, and 4th Year of King Henry VII. the Wardens of the Art of Lorimers came into the Court of our Lord the King, in the Chamber of Guild-Hall, in the City of London, before Sir William Horne, Knight, then Lord Maior, and Aldermen of the said City; Preferring then and there a Bill or Supplication to the Maior and Aldermen. And this is all that I can find remembred of them. [They are now incorporated, and have a Master and Wardens.]

J. S.


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THE Company of the BROWN BAKERS, a Society of long standing and continuance, prevailed to have their Incorporating granted the ninth Day of June, in the 19th Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King James I.

[Fraternitas Sancti Clementis Pistorum London, Anno 1380.]

Regist. Lond.


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THE Company of the WOODMONGERS being a very ancient Fellowship, and of good and amiable * Agreement together for long time, came to be incorporated the 29th day of August, in the third Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King James I.


The Supporters of these Arms are St. Katharine holding a Wheel, and St. John Baptist, with a Coat of Camels Hair: The Crest, a Lion, Or, issuing out of a Thicket, proper. The Motto, Now is the Ax laid to the Root of the Tree.

Whether some of these Woodmongers were called Billeters from dealing in Billets, I leave to conjecture. In the Register of Wills, London, mention is made of one William Burford's Will, Citizen and Belleytere of London.


E. A.

The Woodmongers in former times had intrusted to them by the City the Government of the Cars and Carts to be employed in the City and Liberties; because, as may be supposed, they made use of so many in a continual Carriage of Fire-Wood and Coals, of Timber, Boards, &c. to the Inhabitants for their necessary Supplies. Sir Richard Brown, Knight, who was the Loyal Lord Maior, when King Charles II. came in, was of this Company: And in their behalf procured an Act of Common Council, Anno 1661, for them to order and dispose of the Carts; that Trust having been before in the President and Governours of Christ's Hospital. But in the Year 1665, Laurence, Maior, this Power was by another Act taken from the Company, and committed again to the said Hospital, where it still abideth. A further Account of these Carmen will follow by and by. In that Act were several Rules and Orders made for this Company; viz.

Cars and Carts governed sometime by this Company.

J. S.

For the Prevention of the Deceit of Woodmongers in the Sale and Measure of their Coals, it was ordered, "That all Sea-coals shall be filled and brought home to the Buyers in the Sea-Coal Meeters Sacks, or such other Sacks as contain the full Measure of the Sea-coal Meeters Sacks; and shall be marked by the Keeper of Guild-Hall for the time being, according to an Order of the Court of Aldermen made the 25th of "

Orders for Woodmongers.

Their Sacks.