The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Clothworkers.]200

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Clothworkers.]

On the great South Window opposite it, is painted the Coat of Samuel Pepys, Esq; Secretary to the Admiralty, being quarterly; in the first Quarter Sable, between a Bend Or, charged with three Flowers de Lys of the first, two Horses Heads erazed Argent. The second, within a Bordure engrailed Or, a Lion rampant. The third as the second, the fourth as the first. Under-written, Samuel Pepys Admiralitati Angliæ à Secretis, Societatis hujusce Magister; idemque Benefactor; Anno Dom. M DC LXX VII.

On the next South Window is the Coat of Arms of Mr. Hewer, one of the Commissioners of the Navy: Sable, two Talbots Heads erazed Or, between as many Flanches, Ermin. Under-wrtten, Guilielmus Hewer, Classis Angliæ è Commissariis, Societatis hujus Magister, idemque Benefactor, Anno Dom. M DC LXXX VII.

Sir Jospeh Williamson and Mr. Pepys gave to this Company two very great Basins, and as many noble standing Cups gilt. Which are used and drunk in on their Feast Days.

Of this Company of Clothworkers there have been these Maiors.

Lord Maiors of this Company.

Sir William Hewit, Maior 1560. He was buried at St. Martin Orgars. But dwelt in Philpot-Lane near Fenchurch-street.

Sir Rowland Heyward, Maior 1571. And again in the Year 1591. for Sir John Allet, deceased; by the space of six Weeks. He dwelt in Philip-Lane by Cripplegate, his House adjoining on St. Alphage Church: Where he was buried in December 1593.

Sir James Hawes, Maior 1575. He dwelt near the Conduit in Cornhil: but was buried at St. Mary Abchurch.

Sir Edward Osborne, Maior 1584. He dwelt in Philpot-Lane, in Sir William Hewit's House, whose only Daughter he married. And is buried at St. Denys in Fenchurch-street.

Sir John Spencer, Maior 1595.

Thomas Skinner, Maior 1596. And remained so but two Months, dying in the Christmas Holidays. He was buried at St. Maudlin's in Milk-street. Sir Henry Billingsley served the rest of the Year in the Quality of Maior, which was Anno 1597.

Sir Nicolas Mosley, Maior 1600.

Sir John Watts, Maior 1607.

Sir Ralph Freeman, Maior 1633. Dying in his Maioralty, Sir Thomas Moulson served in the Quality of Maior for the rest of the Year.

Sir Richard Gourney,}{ 1642.
Sir John Robinson,}{ 1663.
Sir William Peak,}{ 1668.
Sir Francis Chaplain,} Maior{ 1678.
Sir Thomas Lane,}{ 1695.
Sir Robert Benefield,}{ 1706.
Sir Robert Beachcroft,}{ 1712.

The present Master and Wardens of this Company are,

Mr. Nicholas Hanbury, Master.
Mr. Francis Jackson,}
Mr. Richard Chauney,} Wardens.
Mr. John Evans,}
Mr. William Jenkins,}