[Vinteners.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.195


chandises to profit till oure kingdomm of Englond bot alloonly wyns. And the merchantz and othir in the Contre vnderstanding well yt merchantz Engleis comme noght in thes parties, bot to by wyns, and for the grete multitude of folke of diuerses crafts yt commen thedir ther been by wyns holding and put to ovir by and ovir dere pris; and also by cause yt folke of diuerses Crafts send to Gascoigne grete and diuerses Sommes of money and of penyworths, and will noght abyde to ware reasonably their penyworths, ther they put pris upon the wyns by truk or by eschaunges, that amountis till greate excessive somme by Tonne ovir yt that the Tonne awght reasonably to be solde. Thurowe whiche pris therfolyly put the Gascoignes ther holde hem on the yere folowing. And also the folke yt usen othir merchandises and entremet hem of bying and sellinge of wynes noght néedful to sell their wyns bot at their awne wil, and maye not be rewlyd of the same merchandises, and of thois yt lyven alloon of merchandises of wyns. And for as michil yt the wyns commyn to diuerses hondys, in so michil, they bene more dere. And also when that vintners of Englond in old tyme passid into Gascoigne to seke wyn, than was the Naueie well maintenyd. And than wer wyns boght at good advisement and at reasonable pris. And ther wher the Engleis myght noght suffre to bringe into Englond the Gascoignes led hem. So yt the lond than was well seruid of wyns and of peniworths vppon the bying of the same wynes ther by the multitude of diuerses folke yt have passid by longe tyme to seke wyns in Gascoigne, the folke of the Crafte of the vintry be and have béen destourbed, yt they may naght by wynes at reasonable pris, and therfor the Gascoignes maie sel ther wynes at so greate pris in ther Countre yt they have no charge to com nor to travaille of this half the Sée wth ther wynes vn to grete harme to vs and to al oure Roialme. We vnderstandyng yt saide thinges by assent of the grete and othir of oure Counceille to mayntene and save the saied ordinance, have ordeynyd and graunt yt no merchant nor no nothir of oure saied Roialme vse not in Gascoigne nor els wher by yonde yt Sée to by wynes, nor to lede vntil Englond, nor vse noghte, nor haunte merchandises of wynes nor entermete noght of the same, That is to far in Londonn, bot aloonly thei yt béen enfranchesid in the Crafte of vynetrie ther and in other Citees Burghs and Townes yt been witting and conyng of the same Craft. To whom be it leesful to seke wyns by yonde the Sée, and lede vn to Englond, and to sel their owen wynes in grete or at Reateille to Lordis and till other as hem best lyst for ther profit for reasonable pris and wynnyng. And also we will, yt merchantz of Gascoigne and othir estraunges and foreyns of ther owne wyne wch they bring to Englond sel in grete by, Tonnes and by pipes and noght of reateille nor by litill parcelles, to Lordis and till othir folke of Commons for their Store and dispenses in ther owene houseoldes, and to the saide merchantz vintners yt wil by hem. And yt noone privie nor estraunge aftir yt he have brought wyns in til oure saide Roialme of Englond, lede non owe of the saied Roialme by any color, wth owting speciale leue of vs. And at the saied merchantz of the crafte of merchandise of wyns chose iche yere four persons of the most Sufficient most trewe and most coning of yt same craft, yt holde no taverne and hem present to the mair of the Citée of London or othir Citées Burghs and Townes wher siche crafte of vinetrie is vsed, or to Baillif or President ther wher is no mair, and by theis four persons sworne in the presence of mair Baillif or president, to ovir se yt al maner of wyns what so ever they be, be solde at retaille in tauerne at resonable pris, for shiche wyn and of siche condition als they béen knawyng and namyd; and yt the tauerners by reulyd by the said four persons, and yt the same foure persons maye correct and amend the defauters yt shalbe founden in the exercice of the same craft, and duly punishement therof to make, by their good advis and consideration,

and it mist be wth the help of the mair or president, and to yt éend yt lesse of money pas out of oure Roialme; and yt the money be more kepid and holdyn in the same, We wil and geve leue to this said merchantz vintners of Englond yt yei may by clothe. And to the merchantz of Gascoigne ledyng wyns in to Englond, yt they mowe by dry Fishe of the Shires of Cornewalle and Devenshire, baring & cloth by all oure kingdom, wher it lykys hem, and to lede out of oure Roialme vn to the parties of Gascoigne and els wher vn to the the same parties to sel therto their proffits and thos penyes yt commys therof, to by wyns ther, and to lede vn til oure sayd Roialme to sel ther of to hir profit wthoutyn destorbance; so yt thei sel ne make to be sold by them ne by no nothir cloth fishe ne haryng in oure Roialme of Englond nor ells wher, bot in thos parties of Gascoigne and in othir parties by yonde ye Sée, nor that Gascoignes nor non othir foreins nor estraungers sel no wyns in Englond at reteille ne by parcels, bon en grete by Tonnes and by pipes, als it is is byfore said. And we will also yt al manere of wyns commyng to London be discharged and put to londe above London Bridge ageins the west and ageins the vinetre, so yt oure Botiller oure Gaugers and Sercheors mowe have sight and knawleage of thos places wher they shall béen harbard and take Custumes and prises, and do yt the which appendez to ther offices, and that no merchant ne no nothir densein nor forein of what condition yt he be, nothir sel nor by wyns cloths ffishe nor haryng, in non othir manere than byfore is said vpon paine of imprisonment and to lese hir wyns cloths ffish & haryng ther boght & solde. And we will yt this said ordenances of wyns, cloths, ffishe and haryng in all Citées Burghs & Tounes Franchisesez wthin our said Roialme be savely holdyn and kepid in all poyntz to thos saied vintners and to ther Successors for euermore in the forme beforsaid. In witnessing of wch thing, we have made to be made yis oure lettres patentz, yevyn at Westm' the xv daye of Juil the yere of oure reigne xxxviij.

We also the said lettres of the said liberties & ffredoms being yet vnrevoked, by assent and advis of the Lords spirituall and temporall & the Commons of oure Roialme of Englond in oure parlement being holdin at Westm' the first yere so oure reigne, do approve, ratifie, & confirme, according as is reasonably witnessed in the said lettres, and as the saied merchantz of vinetrie of oure citie of London the liberties ffredoms ought to have vsed, or yt yei & yer predecessors yer lieke liberties & ffredoms from the tyme of the making of the said letters alweyes hitherto have vsed & enioyed. In witnessing whereof we have made to be made this oure lettres patents. Witnesse ourself at Westm' the viij daie of novembre the vjte yere of our reigne.

By the King & Counceill in the Parliament.


In the seventh of Edward VI. there was an Act made concerning the Price of Wines; and for stinting the number of Taverns in each great Town in the Kingdom. By which Fourty Taverns or Wine-Cellars only were allowed in London, and three in Westminster. Gascoin, Guien, and French Wines to be sold not above 8d. the Gallon within any of the King's Dominions; Rochel Wines at 4d. the Gallon: any other Wines, of no higher valuation than 12d. the Gallon.

Prices of Wines in King Edward the sixth's time.

Forty Taverns in London.

In the Year 1569, several Vintners, free of other Companies, and not incorporated of the Vintners, were disturbed in their selling Wine, by Vertue of the foresaid Act, the Trade of the Vintners being thereby abridged and straitned to a certain Form, (as they complained) Abridging the Liberties and Franchises of the great Charter, wherein it is said, Civitas London habeat omnes Libertates suas antiquas, & Consuetudines suas, quas habere consuevit. And King Edward III. a wise and politic Prince, having ever a special Care, amongst other

The Inconvenience thereof to the Vintners.

An. 42. Ca. 1.