The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Salters, Ironmongers.]192

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Salters, Ironmongers.]

WILLIAM JONES, Merchant-Adventurer, And Free of the Company of Haberdashers, gave 18000l. for Charitable Uses: Most of which he committed to the Care of this Company.


A worthy Member of the Company of Haberdashers; Founder of the Hospital of Hoxton, in the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch, for Twenty poor single Freemen, and Twenty poor Freemens Sons of the Company, to be taught here gratis. The Government whereof he appointed to the Company. Ætat. suæ 74.

The Men that have adorned and honoured this Company of Haberdashers by holding the chief Magistracy of this City from times past to the more modern, are these that follow.

Maiors of this Company.

J. S.

The first was Sir Robert Billesdon, who was Maior Ann. 1484. He was buried at St. Augustines by Pauls-gate. His onely Daughter Alice was married to Richard Smith, Sheriff of London, Ann. 1508. Of whom the Smiths of Lincolnshire are descended.

Sir Stephen Peacock, Maior 1533. Buried at St. Martins within Ludgate.

Sir William Forman, Maior 1539. Buried at St. Georges in Botulph-lane.

Sir George Barnes, Maior 1553. Buried at Bartholomews by the Exchange. He dwelt in Bartholomew-lane, where Sir William Capel once dwelt: and afterwards Mr. Derham. His Arms were taken down after his Death by his Son Sir George Barne. Which were between a Chevron wavy Azure, charged with three Trefoyles Argent, as many Ducks. And these set up instead thereof; The Field Azure, three Libberts Heads Argent.

Sir William Garrard, Maior 1556. He dwelt at the Pissing Conduit in St. Christophers Parish. And was buried at St. Magnus, in which Parish he was born.

Sir Nicolas Woodroff, Maior 1580. He dwelt in Leaden-hall in the Parish of St. Andrew Undershaft. But was buried in the Country, in Sussex, as I take it, Ann. 1598.

Sir Thomas Blank, Maior 1583. He dwelt a little above Billinsgate, hard by St. Mary-hill. In which Church he is buried. Sir Robert Hampson dwelt afterwards in the same House.

Sir George Barne, Maior 1587. He dwelt in Lombard-street over against the George, in the House which was Sir William Chesters. And buried at St. Edmund's Church hard by. He was Son to Sir George Barns before mentioned.

Sir George Bond, Maior 1588. He dwelt in Walbrook, where Sir Rowland Hill dwelt. But is buried in the Mercers Chappel.

Sir Henry Billingsley, Maior 1597. He dwelt at Blank Chappelton between Algate and the place where Fan-church formerly stood.

Sir William Rider, Maior 1601. He kept his Maioralty in Walbrook next House beneath St. Stephens Church.

Sir John Garrard, Maior 1602. He dwelt in St. Martins-lane between Candlewick-street and the Old Swan.

Sir Thomas Low, }{ 1605.
Sir Francis Jones,}{ 1621.
Sir Hugh Hamersley,}{ 1628.
Sir George Whitmore,}{ 1632.
Sir Nicolas Raynton,} Maior{ 1633.
Sir Richard Fenn,}{ 1638.
Sir Thomas Fowke,}{ 1653.
Sir John Laurence,}{ 1665.
Sir Richard Levet,}{ 1700.

The present Masters and Wardens of this Company are,

Joseph Brooksbank, Esq, Master.
Mr. William Christopher,}
Mr. Thomas Dodd,} Wardens.
Mr. Francis West,}


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THE Company of the SALTERS had their Arms first granted to them in the two and twentieth Year of King Henry the VIII. Anno Dom. 1530. by Thomas Benolt, Clarencieux. The Crest and Supporters by Robert Cooke, Clarencieux, in the nine and twentieth Year of Queen Elizabeth, Anno Dom. 1587. [Approved at the Visitation An. 1634. Richard Denham then Master.]

1591. Visitation Book in the Heralds Office.

Their Hall stands in Candlewick street near London-stone, down a Lane by St. Swithens Church, being rebuilded since the Fire. In the great Hall hang the Pictures of Mr. Robson and Mr. Bernard Hyde, in full proportion, two of their great Benefactors.

The Hall.

J. S.

The Lord Maiors of the Company of Salters have been these that follow.

Maiors of this Company.

Sir Robert Basset, Maor Ann. 1476. Buried at Alhallows in Bred-street.

Sir William Horne, alias Litlesbury, Maior 1488. Buried at St. Thomas Apostles.

Sir Richard Chawry, Maior 1495. Buried at Alhallows in Bred-street.

Sir Thomas Pargitor, Maior 1531. Buried at Alhallows in Bred-street.

Sir John Cotes, Maior 1543. Buried at St. Stephens in Walbroke.

Sir Ambrose Nicolas, Maior 1576. Buried at St. Mildreds in Bred-street 1578.

Sir William Webb, Maior 1592. Buried at St. Dunstans in the East, 1599.

Sir Owen Buckingham, Maior 1704.

Sir Charles Peers, Maior 1716.

The present Master and Wardens of this Company are, M. Jeremy Immyns, Master. Mr. John English, Mr. Samuel Ball, Wardens.


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THE IRONMONGERS were incorporated in the third Year of King Edward IV. Anno Dom. 1462. And their Arms first granted by