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Mr. Thomas Hunte by his last Will gaue certen Lands and Tenements lying in Fanchurche-streete, Roode-lane and the Alleye, to the said Companye, to performe diuers godlie uses, the Rents per ann. isxliiijl. iijs. iiijd.
Mr. Maughan by his last Will, &c. gave one Tenement to the said Companye, to performe diuers godlie uses, the Rente per ann. isiiijl.
Somme totall of the Rents of these Lands yearlyecclxvijl iijs. viijd.

Lying in Broadstreete.

Which is the wholle Revenewe of the Companye of Skynners per Ann.

VVherof imployed euery yeare as followeth.


ITEM in Coals to be distributed in diuers Wards in London yearlyevjl.
Item to the Poore in St. Mary Buttholphes at Bishopsgate yearlyevijl. iijs.
Item to Widdowe Garrott in Almes yearlyixl.
Item to the Prisoners of Newgate, and bothe the Counters yearlyeiijl. vjs. viijd.
Item to Widdowe Levars in Almes yearlyeiil. xs.
Item to six poore Almesfolks at St. Ellens at viijd. the weeke apece yearlyexl. viijd.
Item to v poor decayed persons, to euerye one of them iijs. jd. the the weeke yearlyexll. xxd.
Item to Ann Brickett and Randall Bedwolf, to either of them xiiijd. the weeke yearlyevjl. xiiijd.
Item to Goodwife Batten and Goodwife Smitheson, to either of them vijd. the weeke yearlyeiijl. viijd.
Item to Widdowe Clifton, being blynd, xijd. per weeke yearlyeijl. xijs.
Item geven to fowre poore Almesmen at vijd. the weeke everye one of them yearlyevjl. xiiijs.
Item geven to diuers poore men and women for theire Relief at our Courte of Assistants; at everye Courte more or lesse, whiche doth amounte unto everye yeare abovexiijl. xs.
Reparations of the Howses belonging to the Poore, for whiche we receive no Rente, yearlyevl. iijs. ijd.
Somme bestowed uppon the Poore yearlye iscxvl. iijs.
Item to the Master and Usher of the Schole of Tunbridge, the Reparations of the same, and the charges at the examination of the Schollers of the said Schole yearlyell. ijs. iijd.
Item six Schollers maintained at Oxford and Cambridge cost us yearlyexxxl.
Item paide in Quitte-rente yearlyevjl. iijs. xd.
Item the Reparations of our Hall, the Clarke and the two Bedles Houses yearlyexvl. vijs. viijd.
Item to the Clarke and the twoe Bedles for theire wages, wheron theye livexll.
Item for three Sermons at the Election of the Wardensxxxs.
Somme of the whole Imploymente in Annuities and Payments amounteth tocclvijl. vjs. ixd.
And so the cleere remayner dewe to the Company out of all these Lands is yearlyeviijl. xvjs. xjd.

This Account of the faithful Expence of the Company's Revenues, was in all Probability drawn up for the Satisfaction of the Queen, in order to stop the Purpose of such, as had gotten Commissions from her for concealed Lands, that had been given to superstitious Uses.

I cannot pass over a Passage of one of this Company, by reason of the Novelty of it. In the Year 1584, a new Parliament sat in November, when one Robinson, a lewd Fellow born in Stamford, and a Skinner, had the Confidence to sit in the House all the Day, though no Member, and heard all the Speeches: Wherein many weighty matters were uttered relating to the Concernments of the Queen and the Kingdom; which contained such notable Passages of State, that Fleetwood, Recorder of London, and then a Member, called them Magnalia Regni, in a Letter to the Lord Treasurer. One of these Speeches was made by Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Walter Mildmay. Which tended to a Generality upon the Safety of the Queen; whose Life was then in danger by a discontented Party. Another Speech was made by Mr. Vice-Chancellor, Sir Christopher Hatton, which lasted two Hours. His Speech tended to particular and special Actions, and concluded with the Queen's Safety. When this Fellow was discovered, he was searched, and nothing found about him. Mr. Fleetwood the Recorder, Mr. Beal, and other Parliament Men and Papistfinders, were sent to search his Lodgings, but found nothing. He remained for some time in the Serjeant's Custody, and so, as it seems, was dismist.

An odd Passage of one of this Company.

The Hall of this Company is situate in Dowgate, fairly built since the Fire of London: Wherein, for the Conveniency of it, the Maiors of London sometimes keep their Maioralty: and{query} lately here also the new East India Company met and kept their Courts. It hath a large Quadrangle paved with Free-stone.

The Hall.

The Lord Maiors of the Company of Skinners, were these, as far as may be fetched back with Credit of Truth:

Maiors of the Company.

Thomas Leggy, Maior Anno 1348 and 1355.

Adam of Bury, Maior 1365 and 1374. Buried in St. Paul's.

Sir Henry Barton, Maior 1417 and 1429. Buried at the Charnel-house on the North side of St. Paul's Church-yard: Now pulled down, and Dwelling-houses builded in the place.

Sir William Gregory; Maior 1452. Buried at St. Ann's by Aldersgate.

Sir Thomas Ouldgrave, Maior 1468.

Sir William Martin, Maior 1493. Buried at St. Christopher's by the Stocks.

Sir Thomas Mirfin, Maior 1519. Buried at the Charnel-house in St. Paul's Churchyard, by Sir Henry Barton.

Sir John Champneis, Maior 1535.

Sir Andrew Judd, Maior 1551. Buried at St. Helen's 1558. His only Daughter, Alice, was married to Thomas Smith, Customer; Mother to Sir John, Sir Thomas, and Sir Richard, all living Anno 1605.

Sir Richard Dobbs, Maior 1552. Buried at St. Margaret Moses in Friday-street.

Sir Wolstan Dixy, Maior 1586. Buried at Bassinghal Church 1593. Sir Leonard Halliday afterward lived in the same House where he did.

Sir Stephen Slany, Maior 1596. He dwelt in St. Swithen's Lane.

Sir Richard Saltonstal, Maior 1598. Buried at Okingdon in Essex, Anno 1601.

Sir William Cockain,} Maior{ 1620.
Sir Richard Dean,{ 1629.
Sir Robert Tichbourne,{ 1657.

Sir Richard Chiverton, Maior 1658. He lived long after, and was called the Father of the City.

Sir George Waterman,} Maior{ 1672..
Sir Thomas Pilkington,1689,-90,-91.
Sir Humfrey Edwyn,{ 1698.

The present Master and Wardens of this Company are, Mr. Nathaniel Turner, Master. William Pilkington, Esq; Mr. Henry King, Mr. Richard Deane, and Mr. William Tew, Wardens.


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