Kingdom. In as much as it is a much Nobler Charity to prevent any from being poor, than to relieve him when he becomes actually so.

OF this Company of Mercers were these Maiors of London, beginning our Account of them for neer four hundred Years past.

A Catalogue of the Maiors of this Company.

Robert Serle, Mercer, was Maior in the Year 1214. eight Weeks, and afterwards Maior successively 1217, 1218, 1219, 1220, 1221, 1222.

Simon Frauncis, Maior Anno 1343, and 1356. He dwelt in the Old Jury, where his Armes, being Gules, a Saltier Or, between 4 Crosses Botonne of the same, remained in the Church Windows two hundred and fifty Years after, to wit, An. 1605. that is, in St. Olaves in the Jury; as they did also in St. Stephens Colmanstreet, at St. Katharines by the Tower, and in divers other Places. Which shews him to have been a Benefactor to those Churches and Places.

Sir Adam Frauncis, Maior Ann. 1353, and 1354. His Coat of Armes was parted per Bend sinister, Sable and Gules, a Lion rampant Counterchanged. Buried at Helens Church in Bishopsgate-street. His onely Daughter was married to John Lord Montactue, Earl of Salisbury, Mother to Thomas Montacute, the last Earl of Salisbury of that Name.

John Barnes, Maior, Ann. 1371, and 1372. Buried at St. Pancras, near Sopers-lane.

John Piel, Maior An. 1373.

Adam Staple, Maior Ann. 1377. In which Year he was put from his Maioralty by K. Richard II. upon some Disturbances in the City. And Sir Nicolas Brember, Grocer, elected in his Place.

Sir John Froish, Maior Ann. 1395. He was buried at St. Benet Sherhog neer Bucklersbury, commonly called St. Sythes.

Sir Richard Whittingham, Maior 1398, 1407, and 1420. He founded Whittington College: Where he was buried.

Sir John Chadworth, Maior An. 1402. Buried at St. Mildred in Bred street.

Sir John Woodcock Maior An. 1406. Buried at St. Albons in Wood-street.

Sir William Waldron, Maior Ann. 1413, and 1423.

Sir Thomas Falconer, Maior An. 1415.

Sir John Coventrie, Maior 1425. His Tomb stood long after his Death in the Church of St. Mary Bow in Chepe.

Sir William Estfeild, Maior 1430, and 1438. In which Year he was made Knight of the Bath. He dwelt in Aldermanbury, and where long after Sir John Swennerton dwelt. And was buried in the Church there, where his Monument remained in the beginning of King James the first his Reign, and so very likely to burning down of that Church.

Sir Henry Frowick, Maior 1436, and 1445. Buried at St. Sithes by Bucklersbury.

Sir Robert Large, Maior 1446. He dwelt in Lothbury. His House stood in two Parishes, St. Margarets and St. Olaves. Buried at St. Olaves in the Jury.

Sir John Oulney, Maior 1447. Buried at St. Magdalens Milk-street.

Sir Tho. Chalton, Maior 1450. Buried at St. Albons Church in Wood-street. Where his Tomb stood long after.

Sir Geffry Felding, Maior 1453. He dwelt in Milk-street. Buried at St. Lawrence in the Jury. This Family remained long after in Warwickshire.

Sir Godfrey Bullen, Maior 1458. He was Father to Sir William Bullen, Father to Thomas Bullen, Earl of Wilts, Father to Anne Bullen, Mother to Queen Elizabeth of famous Memory. Which Sir Godfrey died 1463. and was buried at St. Laurence in the Jury.

Sir Hugh Wich, Maior 1462. Buried at St. Margaret's in Lothbury, Anno 1466.

Sir Rafe Varney, Maior 1466. This Family continued long after at Penley in Hartfordshire; and was of great Worship.

Sir John Stocton, Maior 1571. Buried at St. Pancras near Sopers-lane.

Sir John Tate, Maior 1474, and 1497. He died 1514. In which Year Sir John Tate the younger was Maior. Buried at the Church of St. Anthony's, now the French Church in Threadneedle street.

Sir Richard Gardiner, Maior 1479. Buried at St. Pancras near Sopers-lane. But no Monument remaineth of him.

Sir John Browne, Maior 1481. Buried at St. Magdalen's in Milk-street, Ann. 1497.

Sir Henry Collet, Maior 1487, and 1496. Buried at Stepney near London; where he had a Country House.

Sir Robert Tate, Maior 1489. Buried at our Lady's Chappel at Barking near Tower-Hill. Which Chappel is long since quite pulled down, and Houses builded in the Place thereof.

Sir John Matthew, Maior 1491. Buried at St. Martin Orgars. His Issue remained long after at Bradden in Northamptonshire; being Gentlemen of good account.

Sir Hugh Clopton, all his Lifetime a Batchelour, Maior 1492. Buried at St. Margaret's in Lothbury, 1496. He dwelt in Lothbury, where long after was the Sign of the Wind-mill; and where Sir Robert Large, sometime Lord Maior, had lived before. This Man was born at Clopton in Warwickshire, a Mile from Stretford upon Avon: Where he builded a fair Stone Bridge of eighteen Arches, and glazed the Chancel Windows of the same Parish Church; where his Arms did stand. Which, as William Smith sometime Rouge Dragon, hath observed, differed much from the Coat set up for him, painted in a Target, in the Mercers Hall; which indeed was the Arms of the Claptons of Suffolk.

The Twelve Worshipful Companies. By Smith, Rouge Dragon.

Sir William Purchase, Maior 1498. He dwelt in St. Laurence-lane, and was buried in the Church of St. Laurence hard by, on the South End of the High Altar.

Sir Nicolas Alwin, Maior 1500. Buried at St Mary Bow in Cheapside, Ann. 1505.

Sir Richard Haddon, Maior 1507; and 1513, in the place of Sir William Coppinger. Buried at St. Olave's in Hartstreet.

Sir William Browne, Maior 1508. Buried in Aldermanbury, where his Tomb was long after well preserved. Dying in his Maioralty, Sir Laurence Aylmer, Draper, served the rest of the Year.

Thomas Bradbury, Maior 1509. In which Year he died. Buried at St. Stephen's Colemanstreet. Sir William Capel served the rest of the Year, which was 1510.

Sir Willaim Browne, Maior 1514. Of a different Family from Sir William Browne, Maior some Years before. This Browne also, as the former, dying in his Maioralty, was buried at the Mercers Chappel. Sir John Tate served the rest of the Year.

Sir James Yarford Maior 1520. Buried at St. Michael's Bassishaw, Ann. 1527. Where a fine Monument remained of him and his Lady long after.

Sir Thomas Baldry, Maior 1524. Buried at the Mercers Chappel. He was Father to George Baldry, whose Daughter was married to the Lord Rich.

Sir John Allen, Maior 1526, and 1536, by the King's appointment, being one of his Council. His Tombstone, all of Black Touchstone, remained long in Mercers Chappel.

Sir Thomas Seimour, Maior 1527. Buried at St. Leonard's in Shoreditch, 1535.

Sir Ralfe Dodmer, Maior 1530. He was first a Brewer, and is buried at St. Steven's in Walbrook.

Sir Rafe Warren, Maior 1537; and 1544, in the place of Sir William Bowyer. He was buried