[The Apparel.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.167


veth them Thanks: And so they arise, and depart home.

But in case any Debates arise about the Election; so that a Poll be demanded (as of late Years it hath often happen'd) then the Court is adjourned from time to time, until it be ended, and the Books cast up: And those that have the most Voices carry it.]

R. B.

On BARTHOLOMEW EVE, for the Fair in Smithfield.


THE Aldermen meet the Lord Maior and the Sheriffs at the Guild-Hall Chappel, at Two of the Clock after Dinner, in their Violet Gowns furred, and their Horses, without Cloaks; and there hear Evening Prayer. Which being done, they take their Horses, and ride to Newgate, and so forth to the Gate entring into Cloth-Fair; there they make a Proclamation; which Proclamation being made, they ride thorow the Cloth Fair, and so return back again thorow the Church-yard of Great St. Bartholomew to Aldersgate: And so ride home to the Lord Maior's House.

Meeting at the Guild-Hall Chappel.

A Proclamation in the Cloth-Fair.

On BARTHOLOMEW DAY, for the Wrestling.


So many Aldermen as dine with the Lord Maior, and the Sheriffs, are apparelled in their Scarlet Gowns lined; and after Dinner, their Horses are brought to them where they dine. And those Aldermen which dine with the Sheriffs, ride with them to the Lord Maior's House to accompany him to the Wrestling. When as the Wrestling is done, they take their Horses, and ride back again thorow the Fair, and so in at Aldersgate, and so home again to the Lord Maior's House.

The meeting at the Lord Maior's House on Bartholomew Day.

The Sunday after BARTHOLOMEW DAY.


THE Aldermen meet my Lord Maior, and the Sheriffs at Paul's Cross, at Eight of the Clock in the Morning, apparalled in their Scarlet Gowns lined, without Cloaks or Horses; and there hear the Sermon. And if there be a Wrestling, or a Shooting after Dinner, then they come to my Lord's Place with their said Scarlet Gowns lined, and their Horses as before on Bartholomew Day.

J. S.

[But afterwards the Custom altered; and then the Order was thus:

The next Day after Bartholomew Day (if it be not Sunday) is appointed for the Shooting, and the Service performed as upon Bartholomew Day: but if it be Sunday, the Sabbath-Day, it is referred to the Monday then following.]

The Shooting Day.

For the Day of our LADY Fair in Southwark.


THE Lord Maior and the Sheriffs ride to St. Magnus Church in their Scarlet Gowns lined, without their Cloaks, after Dinner at Two of the Clock; and there the Aldermen meet the Lord Maior: And after the Evening Prayer, they ride thorow the Fair, till they come unto St. George's Church, and further to Newington Bridge, [or to St. Thomas of Waterings, to the Stones that point out the Liberties of the City] (if it be so their pleasures) and they return back again over the Bridge, [or unto the Bridge-house, where they refresh themselves with a Banquet.] And there the Aldermen take their leave of the Lord Maior, and depart the next way every one unto his own House. [After all this is done, and the Lord Maior brought home, his Officers have a Supper provided for them by the Bridge-masters.]

The Lord Maior weareth his Collar of SS's, without Hood, and the Sword-bearer weareth the embroidered Cap, and carrieth the Pearl Sword.

For Swearing the Sheriffs upon MICHAELMAS EVE.


WHAT Day soever it falleth, so many of the Aldermen as are bidden to Dinner at either of the Sheriff's Houses, shall come thither to Breakfast, or else to Drink, at Eight of the Clock in the morning, in their Violet Gowns furred, with their Violet Cloaks brought with them, without their Horses. But if the Sheriff be an Alderman, then they must put on their Cloaks, and the Sheriff likewise his Cloak; and so go on to the Guild-Hall, between two of the Gray Cloaks. But if the Sheriff be no Alderman, then to come between two of the Aldermen without Cloaks, and the Sheriff wearing his Livery Gown and his Hood. And after when he is sworn, then he is to put on his Violet Gown and Cloak and his Chain thereon. And the Aldermen must bring him home to his Place, with their Cloaks, and so after Dinner, take their pleasure.

Their meeting at the Sheriffs Houses.

If the Sheriff be an Alderman, or not.

Upon MICHAELMAS DAY, for the Election of the Lord Maior.


ALL the Aldermen meet the Lord Maior and the Sheriffs, at Eight of the Clock in the morning at the Guild-Hall, wearing their Scarlet Gowns and Cloaks furred, riding on their Horses. And after they have been a certain time together in the Council Chamber, they come forth into the Orphans Court; where putting on their Cloaks, they go in order to the Chappel, there to hear Service [and a Sermon] and so the Lord Maior (with certain Aldermen) receive the Communion.

Their meeting at Guild-Hall in the Morning by Eight of the Clock.

And then after the Communion is ended, [and they have delivered their Offerings,] they return back into the Council Chamber, and pausing there a while, they come to the Hustings Court. And being there set in order, Master Recorder ariseth up, and making his Obeisance first to the Lord Maior, and after to the Commons; he declareth unto them, that they, as of old Custom, know that the Cause of their assembly and meeting together [of the several Companies in London,] is, for the Election of the Lord Maior for the Year ensuing: Declaring unto them divers Grants from King John's Time, for this their Election from time to time. That done, the Lord Maior and the Aldermen go up into the Maior's Court, and there remain (the Doors being shut unto them) until the Election be brought unto them.

The manner of proceding to the Election of the Lord Maior.

From the time of King Richard I. to this instant Year.

Then standeth up Master Common Serjeant, (the Sheriffs standing on either side of him;) and by the Sheriffs, Master Chamberlain, Master Town-Clerk, the two Secondaries, and the Counsellors of the City, in the said Hustings Court before the Commons. And he the said Common Serjeant maketh a brief Rehearsal of that which Master Recorder had before spoken to them, saying; "There remained no more for him to say, but only to put them in remembrance in what order and sort they should use themselves in their Election." As namely, how they must nominate and chuse two: Of the which two, the Lord Maior and the Aldermen must confirm one. Which two being nominated, elected and chosen; Master Common Serjeant, the Sheriffs, with the rest before-named, and certain of the Head Wardens of the chief Companies, go up to the Lord Maior and Aldermen, and there present the Names of those two Men, which the Commons have nominated in their Election.

Advice given them what they are to do in their Election.

Then the Lord Maior and the Aldermen proceed by Scrutiny, to elect one of those two Persons, which the said Commons had before nominated. Then cometh down the Lord Maior again to the Hustings Court, and he whom they have chosen, on his left Hand; and so the Lord Maior and Aldermen sit down again in order. But he who is chosen, sitteth next unto the Lord

One of the two nominated Persons is elected by Scrutiny.