[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.155

[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

Brother to Sir Charles Thorold, late Sheriff of London, deceased, unmarried. Whose Father was Charles Thorold, Esq; a worthy Turkey Merchant of London, second Son of Thomas Thorold likewise of London, Merchant, second Son of William Thorold of Harmeston in the County of Lincoln, Esq; Son of William Thorold of Marston, Esq; Temp' Regin' Eliz.' And he, derived from John Thorold of Marston, Temp' Reg' Hen. VII. and so back to the Time of King Edward II. and before, a Family of Note in Yorkshire. The said Sir George took to Wife Elizabeth Daughter of Sir James Rushout, Bart. of Northick in Worcestershire.

Whose PEDIGREE follows.
  John Thorold de Marston =
in Lincolnshire, Esq; Anno 7 Hen. VII.
Alice, Daughter of Thomas
Stanton of Stanton in Nottinghamshire.
  William Thorold, Esq; =
of Marston, Temp. Elizab. Regin.
Dorothy, Daughter
of Thomas Leake of Halom in Lincolnshire.
Sir Anthony Thorold =
of Marston, Knt. Temp' Jac' Reg.

Margaret, Daughter
of Henry Sutton of Wellingrave.
William Thorold =
of Harmeston in Lincolnshire, Esq; Second Son.

and Heir of Baldock of London.
William Thorold =
of Marston, Esq; dy'd before his Father.
Frances, Daughter
of Sir Robert Terwit of Kettleby in Lincolnshire.
 Thomas Thorold =
of London, Merchant, and of Harmeston.
Rebecca, Daughter
of Thomas Green of London, Gent.
Sir William Thorold
of Marston, Knt. created Bart. 24th of Aug. 18 Car' I.
Charles Thorold, =
Second surviving Son, of London, Esq;

Anne, Daughter
of George Clarke, Esq; of London.
William Thorold,
Son and Heir; which Branch is extinct.
Sir Charles Thorold,
Son and Heir, Sheriff of London, Anno 1705. Died a Batchelor.
Knt. and Bart. Second Son, Lord Maior of the City of London, Anno 1720.

Elizabeth, Daughter
of Sir James Rushout, Bart. of Northick in Worcestershire.
Samuel Thorold,
Third Son, Cælebs, Anno 1720.

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