The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]110

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]

This Year was founded Elsing's Spittle, by William Elsing, Mercer: and became first Prior of that Hospital.

A.D. 1333.}{ John Hamond.
7 Edw' III. } Sheriffs, { William Hansard.
MAIOR, Sir John Pultney, Draper.

A.D. 1334.}{ John Hingston, or Kingston.
8 Edw' III. } Sheriffs, { Walter Turke.
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MAIOR, Reginald at Conduit, * Vintener.

*Kington, Sum.

*He served two Years, and impair'd his Estate thereby. King Ed. III. gave him a yearly Rent of Houses in London

J. S.

A.D. 1335.} { Walter Mordon.
9 Edw' III. } Sheriffs, { Richard Upton.
MAIOR, Nicolas Wotton. *

*Reignold at Conduit, Sum.

A.D. 1336.} { John Clarke.
10 Edw' III. } Sheriffs, { William Curtes. †
MAIOR, Sir John Pultney, Draper.

†William Brickelsworth, John Northal, Sum.

This Sir John Pultney founded a College in the Parish Church of St. Laurence Pountney by Candlewicke street.

A.D. 1337.}{ Walter Nele.
11 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ Nicolas Crane.
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MAIOR, Henry Darcy.

*May one read these Letters thus; Jesus Opt. Max. Jesus Salvator?

J. S.

Walter Nele, Bladesmith, gave Lands to the repairing of the Highways about London.

A.D. 1338.}{ William de Pomfret.
12 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ Hugh Marbeler. *
MAIOR Henry Darcy.

*Marberol, Sum.

The King granted, that the Serjeants of the Maior and Sheriffs of London, should bear Maces of Silver and Gilt, with the King's Arms engraven on them.

A.D. 1339.}{ William Thorney.
13 Edw' III. } Sheriffs, { Roger Frosham.
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MAIOR, Andrew Aubery, Grocer.

This Maior was publicly assaulted, in an Insurrection. For which Hansard, who did so, and Brewer, that wounded one of the City's Servants, were immediately tried and beheaded in Cheap.]

J. S.

A.D. 1340.}{ Adam Lucas.
13 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ Bartilmew Moris. *
MAIOR, Andrew Aubery, Grocer.

*Maris, First Ed. and Sum.

A.D. 1341.}{ Richard de Barking.
15 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ John de Rokesley.
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MAIOR, John of Oxenford, Vintner.

A.D. 1342.}{ John Loufkin. *
16 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ Richard Killingbery. †
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MAIOR, Simon Francis, Mercer.


†Riflingbury, First Ed. Kislingbury, Sum.

The Price of Gascoigne Wines at London, not to be sold above 4d. and Rhenish Wine 6d. the Galon.

This Simon Francis was a very wealthy Citizen. For by an Inquisition 32 Edw. III. he was found to have these Manours and Estates in London and Middlesex, (whatever he had elsewhere) viz. Northall Manour, Northal, Blanchapelton Manour, Hertford Court, Doune Manour, Acton, Fulham Manour, Harwe [Harrow] Harwe Manour, Fynchislye, Stanmere Manour, Risseley.]

A rich Alderman.

J. S.

A.D. 1343.}{ John Steward.
17 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ John Aylesham.
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MAIOR, John Hammond.

A.D. 1344.}{ Geffrey Wichingham.
18 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ Thomas Leg.
MAIOR, John Hamond.

A.D. 1345.}{ Edmund Hemenhall.
19 Edw' III. } Sheriffs, { John of Glocester.