[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.107

[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

A.D. 1285.}{ Stephen Cornehill.
13 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { Robert Rokesley.
MAIOR, Gregory Rokesley;
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CUSTOS, Raphe Sandwitch, and John Briton.

Gregory de Rokesley, for refusing to appear at the Tower, as Maior, before the King's Justices, asserting his Privilege, had his Office seized, together with the Liberties of the City, by John de Kirkeby, the King's Treasurer: And Sandwitch made Custos, after the City had been sometime without a Maior.]

J. S.

It was ordained, that Millers should have but one Halfpenny for a Quarter of Wheat grinding. And the great Water Conduit in Cheap was now begun to be made.

A.D. 1286.}{ Walter Blunt.
14 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ John Wade.
 CUSTOS, Raphe Sandwitch.

Wheat was now sold at London for Sixteen Pence, and for Twelve Pence the Quarter.

A.D. 1287.}{ Thomas Crosse.
15 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { Walter Hawteyne. *
 †CUSTOS, Raphe Sandwitch.

*Hawtoune, First Ed.

†John Briton, Custos this Year, Lib. Alb.

A.D. 1288.}{ William Hereford. *
16 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Thomas Stanes.
 CUSTOS, Raphe Sandwitch.

*Herford, Sum.

A.D. 1289.}{ William Betaine.
17 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ John of Cantorbury.
  [ Click here to view Image of blank coat of arms, Ralphe Sandwich, Ralph Barnavart, Sir John Briton   ]
CUSTOS, Raphe Sandwitch, Raphe Barnavars, and Sir John Briton.

This Year a Subsidy was granted for the Reparations of London Bridge.

A.D. 1290.}{ Fulke of St. Edmond.
18 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Salomon le Sotel. *
 CUSTOS, Sir John Briton, Knight.

Langford, Summ.

A.D. 1291.}{ Thomas Romain.
19 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { William de Leyre. *
 CUSTOS, Sir John Briton, Knt. Raphe Sandwitch.

*De Lier, First Edit. De Lyre, Sum.

A.D. 1292.}{ Raphe Blunt.
20 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Hamond Boxe.
 CUSTOS, Raphe Sandwitch.

A.D. 1293.}{ Henry Bole. *
21 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Elias † Russel.
 CUSTOS, Raphe Sandwitch.

*Belle, Sum.

†Elis, ibid.

Three Men had their Right Hands cut off at the Standard in Cheap, for rescuing a Prisoner arrested by a Serjeant of London.

A.D. 1294.}{ Robert Rokesley, junior.
22 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Martin Amersberry. *
 CUSTOS, Raphe Sandwitch.

*Aubrey, Sum.

A.D. 1295.}{ Henry Boxe.
23 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { Richard Glocester.
 CUSTOS, Sir Raphe Sandwitch. *

*Sir John Briton, Sum.

A.D. 1296.}{ John Dunstable.
24 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Adam de Halingbery. *
 CUSTOS, Sir John Briton.

*Ad. Harlingbery, Sum.

This Year all the Liberties of the City were restored, the Maioralty excepted.

A.D. 1297.}{ Thomas of Suffolk.
25 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Adam of Fulham.
 CUSTOS, Sir John Briton.

A.D. 1298.}{ Richard Refham.
26 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Thomas Sely.
MAIOR, Henry Walleis.

In his Maioralty he took a Journey to Lincolne, and appointed two to officiate in his stead till he came back.

Certain Citizens of London brake up the Tun upon Cornhill, and took out Prisoners, for the which they were grievously punished.

A.D. 1299.}{ John Armenter. *
27 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Henry Fingene. †
  [ Click here to view Image of coat of arms, Elias Russel   ]
MAIOR, Elias † Russel.

*Armencer, Sum.

†Fingrith, Sum.

*Elis, Sum.

A.D. 1300.}{ Lucas de Havering.
28 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Richard Champnes. *
MAIOR, Elias † Russell.

*Chapes, First Edit. Champeis, Sum.

†Elis, Sum.

A.D. 1301.}{ Gobert Callor. *
29 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Peter de Besenho. †
  [ Click here to view Image of blank coat of arms, Sir John Blunt   ]
 CUSTOS *, Sir John Blunt.

*Caller, Sum.

†Bosenho, First Edit. and Sum.

*He is stiled Maior. Lib. C. fo. 88.

A.D. 1302.}{ Hugh Pourte.
30 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Simon Paris.
 CUSTOS *, Sir John Blunt.

*Maior. First Edit.