[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.105

[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

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MAIOR, Richard Harbell, Draper.

A.D. 1254.}{ Raphe Ashwy.
39 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { Robert of Limon.
MAIOR, Richard Hardell, Draper.

A.D. 1255.}{ Stephen Doo.
39 Hen' III. } Sheriffs,{ Henry Walmond.
MAIOR, Richard Hardell, Draper.

The Maior, divers Aldermen, and the Sheriffs of London were deprived, and others placed in their rooms.

A.D. 1256.}{ Michael Bockerell.
41 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { John the Minor.
MAIOR, Richard Hardell, Draper.

A.D. 1257.}{ Richard Otwel. *
42 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { William Ashwy.
MAIOR, Richard Hardell, Draper.

*Owell, First Ed. and Sum.

The King caused the Walls of this City to be repaired, and made with Bulwarks.

A.D. 1258.}{ Robert Cornhill.
43 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { John Adrian.
MAIOR, Richard Hardell, Draper.

A.D. 1259.}{ John Adrian.
44 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { Robert Cornhill.
MAIOR, John Gisors, Pepperer.

A.D. 1260.}{ Adam Browning.
45 Hen' III. } Sheriffs,{ Henry Coventrie.
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MAIOR, William Fitz-Richard.

A.D. 1261.}{ John Northampton.
46 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { Richard Picard.
MAIOR, William Fitz-Richard.

A.D. 1262.}{ John Tailor.
47 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { Richard Walbrooke.
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MAIOR, Thomas Fitz-Richard. *

*Fitz-Thomas. And so for the three ensuing Years. Sum. of Chron.

A.D. 1263.}{ Robert de Mountpiter. *
48 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { Osbert de Suffolk.
MAIOR, Thomas Fitz-Thomas Fitz-Richard.

*Mountpiler, FIrst Edit. and Summ.

The Citizens of London fortified the City with Iron Chains, drawn thwart their Streets.

A.D. 1264.}{ Gregory Rokesley.
49 Hen' III. } Sheriffs,{ Thomas de Detford. *
MAIOR, Thomas Fitz-Thomas Fitz-Richard.

*Doford, First Edit. Lafford, Summ

A.D. 1265.}{ Edward Blund.
50 Hen' III. } Sheriffs,{ Peter Angar. *
MAIOR, Thomas Fitz-Thomas Fitz-Richard.

*Aunger, Summ.

The Chains and Posts in London were plucked up, the Maior and principal Citizens committed to Ward, and Otho †, Constable of the Tower, was made Custos of the City, &c.

†Othen, First Edit.

A.D. 1266.} { John Hind. *
51 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { John Walraven.
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MAIOR, William Fitz-Richards.

*Lynde, Sum.

The Earl of Gloucester entred the City with an Army, and therein builded Bulwarks, cast Trenches, &c.

A.D. 1267.}{ John Adrian.
52 Hen' III. } Sheriffs,{ Lucas de Batencourt.
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 CUSTOS, Alen de le Souche. *

*In old Books he is called Alan, or Aleyne Souche, or Suche. And therefore it may justly be doubted whether he be this Alan de la Zouche, Chief Justice of Ireland,and wounded in London, where the Nobles were now assembled, not at Westminster. The Book of Old Customs make him Custos two Years. Tho' Stow names two others for the succeeding Year.

This Alen de le Souche, being a Baron of this Realm, and also Chief Justice, was in the Year 1270 slain in Westminster Hall, by John Warren, Earl of Surrey.

Thomas Fitz-Theobald and Agnes his Wife, this Year founded the Hospital of St. Thomas of Acon in Westcheap.

A.D. 1268.}{ Walter Harvy.
63 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { William Duresme.
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 T. Wimborn; CUSTOS, Sir Stephen Edward, †

J. S.

†Edesworth, First Edit.