or within the same City or Liberties of the same, to be put in the Election of the Alderman of the said Ward, so being void of an Alderman; and of the same four Citizens, so by them nominated and appointed, shall, in the ancient and accustomed manner, forthwith elect and choose one, by Scrutiny, to be Alderman of the said Ward.

Be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the said last recited Clause, and every Article and Thing therein contained, be, and the same is hereby repealed and made void; and that upon every Vacancy of an Alderman of the said Ward, the Senior Alderman for the time being, who hath born the Charge and Office of Maioralty of the said City, and is discharged from it, shall and may, at his free Will and Pleasure, remove to, accept and take the said Ward; and in case of his Refusal to remove to that Ward, then the next Senior Alderman, and so successively every other Alderman, according to his Seniority, who hath in like manner born the said Office of Maioralty, shall and may (if he thinks fit) remove to, accept, and take the said Ward. And in every such Case, there shall be a Wardmote holden, and the like Nomination and Presentment made to the said Court, by the Inhabitants of that Ward whereof such Alderman so removing, and taking upon him to be an Alderman of the said Ward of Bridge-Without, was an Alderman, within four days after every such Change and Removal, as is before provided for the other Wards of the said City: But if none of the Aldermen who have born the said Office of Maioralty, will remove to and accept the said Ward, Then, in every such Case, the Lord Maior of the said City for the time being, shall within fourteen days then next ensuing, cause a Common Council to be summoned and holden: At which Common Council the Lord Maior, Aldermen and Commons then assembled, shall, by plurality of Voices, forthwith elect and choose one fit and able Person, being a Freeman of the said City, to be Alderman of the said Ward. Which Alderman, so to be chosen from time to time, shall have and enjoy like Prerogative, Liberty and Benefit to change and remove from the said Ward, and to accept and take at his Free Will and Pleasure, and such other Ward within the said City, as it shall fortune he shall be hereafter duly elected and chosen unto by the Inhabitants of the same other Ward, in like manner and form, as the other Aldermen of the same City, lawfully may, and commonly use to do; any thing in the said former Act, or any other Custom or Usage of the said City, to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.

Another ACT there was, directing in whom the Right of these Elections were; namely, the Freemen, and they how qualified; Viz. Commune Concilium tentum in Camera Guihaldæ Civitatis London, die Mercurii Vicesimo Sexto die Octobris, 1692. Annoq; Regni Dominorum nostrorum Willi' & Mariæ, Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ, Regis & Reginæ, Quarto, Coram Thoma Stampe, Milite Majore Civitatis London, Willielmo Turner Mill', Roberto Clayton Mil', Patient' Ward Mil', Aldermannis, Salathiel' Lovell Mil', Serviente ad Legem ac Recordator' Civitat' pred', Samuel Dashwood Mil', Johanne Houblon Mil', Humfrido Edwin Mil', Edwardo Clarke Mil', Francisco Child Mil', Johanne Wildman Armig', Richardo Lovett Mil', Jacobo Houblon Armigero, Aldermannis, & Thoma Lane Mil', & Thoma Cooke Mil', Aldermannis, ac Vicecomitibus Civitatis predictæ, necnon majore parte Communiariorum dictæ Civitatis in eodem Communi Concilio tunc & ibidem assemblatis.

An ACT for the Nomination of ALDERMEN, and Election of COMMON-COUNCIL-MEN, in the respective Wards of the City of London.


WHereas the City of London is, and time out of mind hath been, a Body Politick and Corporate, whereunto divers Franchises, Liberties and Priviledges, during all the time aforesaid, have belonged and appertained, and also by several Acts of Parliament, Grants and Charters of divers Kings and Queens of this Realm, have been ratified and confirmed.

And whereas the Nomination of Aldermen, and Election of Common-Council-Men, for the several and respective Wards of the said City, of Right belonged and appertained, and doth belong and appertain to the Freemen, being Housholders of the said City, paying Scot, and bearing Lot, and to no others.

Now, for the maintaining the said Right, It is thought right and necessary by the Lord Maior, Aldermen, and Commons in Common-Council assembled, that it should be declared, and it is hereby declared, by the Authority of the same, That it is, and anciently hath been, the Right and Priviledge of the Freemen of the said City, only, being Housholders, paying Scot, and bearing Lot, and of none other whatsoever, in their several and respective Wards, from time to time, as often as there was, or should be occasion, to nominate Aldermen, and elect Common-Council-Men, for the same respective Wards.

And to the Intent and Purpose, that due care may be taken for the future, and all Persons for time to come may take notice thereof, and proceed in such Elections accordingly: Be it Enacted and Ordained, and it is hereby Enacted and Ordained, by the Authority aforesaid, That at all and every Wardmote hereafter to be held, all and every the Beadle and Beadles of the respective Wards of this City, shall and do prepare, return and deliver to the Aldermen, at their several and respective Courts of Wardmote, or to such Person as shall be deputed or authorized to hold the same, one List, to the best of his or their Knowledge, of all and every the Freemen, Housholders as aforesaid, dwelling and residing within the respective Wards to which they are Beadles, and of no others, apart and by themselves.