So that, in fine, from these foregoing Tables we may observe, that the Companies Charities consist principally in these three Ranks of good Works: viz. 1. In the Sums of Money lent to poor Tradesmen. 2. In yearly Relief to the Poor. 3. In Exhibitions to Scholars sent to either University.

The Companies Charities ranked under three Heads.

If any be curious to know, whether, and how these Charities do encrease in the City, he may be assisted in his Enquiries by taking notice what they were near an hundred Years ago, as they are set down by Dr. Willet. Viz. Of the first sort, viz. the Loans of Money in those Times from the Companies, might be guessed to be about 30000l. per Annum; unless there be added one Cypher too much by the Fault of the Printer. The second sort of their Charities, viz. Almes Gifts to poor People, might be set at 1200l. by the Year. And thirdly Exhibitions (not so few as Eighty Scholars being then maintained at both Universities) might be rated at 300l. per Annum. I leave the ingenious Reader to make his Calculations hence, in what Proportion these Charitable Gifts are now advanced and augmented, beyond what they were in those Days.]

Sy nops. Papis.