Charitable DONATIONS belonging to the Worshipful Company of IRONMONGERS of London.


Free Schools, Almeshouses, Scholarships, Exhibitions, Lectures,
Pensions, and other Gifts.
By whom founded, endowed, or given.
The Free School in St. Saviour's Southwark. 20s. a Year to the Master, and 10s. a Year to the Usher; an Augmentation, Mr. Handson
To the School of Bishop Storford in Essex, 5l. per Annum 
A Gift of 250l. to found a Free School in Landrake and South Erny in Cornwall (where he was born;) and for 2s. a Week in Bread for the Poor of the said ParishesSir Robert Geffrey, Kt. late Alderman of London
An Almeshouse consisting of eight Rooms, for four People in Oldstreet 
A great Sum of Money, (amounting, as it is thought, to near 10000l. to build so many Almeshouses as the said Monies will purchase, for the maintaining of so many Poor, and allowing them Gowns of 15s. apiece yearlyThe abovesaid Sir Robert Geffery, Kt.
This Almeshouse is now built near Shoreditch 
To two poor Scholars in Oxford studying Divinity, to each 5l. per Annum Mr. William Chapman
To two poor Scholars, one in Cambridge, the other in Oxford, 15l. to go by Course for 21 Years: viz. The first Year to certain poor Parishes in London; the next Year to the said poor Scholars; and the third Year to the Poor of Standon in EssexMr. John Care
Two Exhibitions of 5l. a Year. The Colleges to be appointed by the CompanyMrs. Margaret Dane
There may be ten or twelve Exhibitions in all. 
To poor Scholars, to the Hospitals, to poor Prisoners, &c. 200l. And 30l. thereof for three Sermons yearly To be lent to young Men 200l.Mrs. Woodward
A Sermon to be preached by an Orthodox Minister in the Church of Alhallows Staining, upon St. Mark's Day, 1l.Mr. Handson
Eight Quarters of Beef, and Forty Dozen of Bread, sent to the eight Prisons of London, Southwark, and Westminster 
A yearly Gift of 40l. to release poor Prisoners, where 40s. or under will discharge themSir James Cambel, Kt.
To the Poor of the 24 Wards, 24l. to buy them FaggotsMrs. Dane
37l. a Year (the Company makes it 40l.) to be distributed to the Poor of the Company To the Churchwardens of St. Saviours's Southwark, for poor Widows and Orphans, 5l. yearly For 20 poor Widows or others of the Company of Ironmongers, upon the first Quarter Day next after Christmas, 5l. yearly, viz. 5 Shillings apieceMr. Handson above mentioned
To the Poor of the Wards of Queenhith and Bainard's Castle, an annual Distribution of 25l.David Smith, Embroiderer
To the Sub-Dean of St. Paul's, 10l. he allowing Taxes 
400l. to purchase Land in Fee Simple, for an Encouragement to the Incumbent or somebody else, to read Prayers Morning and Evening in St. Dionys BackchurchSir Robert Geffery, Kt.
10l. yearly to 20 poor Maids at their Marriages, viz. 10s. apiece