Some Account of the Charitable DONATIONS entrusted with the Worshipful Company of SALTERS.


to, or whose Charities are
entrusted with the Salters.
Their GIFTS.For what USES.
Tho. Beaumond, Esq; SalterGave the Company's Hall, situate in Breadstreet, in the Year 1454. The Company since that purchased their new Hall in Canonstreet.
Two Houses
Six Almeshouses

For six Almesmen, to each 7d. per Week
Mr. ScarboroughFour Houses 
Mr. EgglestoneSeven Houses 
Sir William HorneSundry TenementsTo the Prisoners in the King's Bench, Newgate and Ludgate, 5s. a Year apiece
Mr. John BrittenOne Messuage 
Sir John CoatsOne MessuageTo Bredstreet Ward, 1l. 4s. per Annum
Sir Ambrose NicolasAn Almeshouse in Mugwelstreet, consisting of twelve RoomsFor twelve Poor, to receive 7d. a Week each
Mr. John GerrardSeveral TenementsTo the King's Bench and Newgate, 6s. 8d. to each Prison per Year. And to six Almesmen 1d. per Week
Mr. John Bloundel2l. per AnnumTo the Prisoners in Ludgate
Mr. ScottTwo HousesTo the Company's Poor, 5l. per Annum. And To six Almes, 2d. per Week
Mr. Salter, Chauntry Priest200 MarksTo the Parish of St. Margaret Moses, 18s. per Quarter

Mr. William Robson, Anno 1633

2500l. to the Company's Use for ever; and the other, 2500l. to the Uses following, yearly:
To the Almes People, 20l.
To the Poor of Newport in Salop, where he was born, 10l.
To the Ministers there, 5l.
To the Master of the Free School, 5l.
To Bridewell Hospital, 10l.
To Christ's Hospital, 5l.
To St. Thomas's Hospital, 5l.
To St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 5l.
To the Company for a Dinner, 20l.
2l. 10s.
To St. John's College, for two Scholars there, 10l.
To Jesus College, Oxon. 10l.
To the Master, Wardens and Clerk, 20l.
James Smith, Esq;An Almeshouse at Maidenhead. And 70l. per Ann. 
Bernard Hyde, Esq;1500l. Anno 1630For a Lecture at St. Dunstan's in the East, 30l. per Ann. Which now be reason of the great Fire of London, is reduced to 24l. per Ann.
To poor People so qualified, 5l. per Annum
To sixteen poor Widows and Maids, 13l. 10s. per Annum.

BENEFACTORS.Monies given.
Sir John Coats
William Clarke
Lady Nicolas
Alderman Heyden
Lady Webb

200l. each
Mr. Goulston300l.
Sir Ambrose Nicolas
Mr. John Harding
Mr. David Cock
Mrs. Jane Aubrey

100l. each.
Mr. Cock200l. to pay 7l. per An.

BENEFACTORS.Monies given.
Mr. John Ireland
Mr. Edward Prescot
Mr. Thomas Barker

200l. each.
Alderman Ellis Crisp150l.
Mr. Robert Paine
Thomas Gerrard, Esq;
Mr. Henry Plompton

100l. each.
George Bennet, Esq;50l.
William Carter, Esq;40l.
Alderman Rudge250l.

The Sum of the Charities yearly disbursed by this Company amounts to l. or thereabouts.
From Mr. Benson, Clerk of this Company.