BENEFACTORS.Lands, Tenements, or Sums
of Money given.
For what Uses.The Date of the
Mr. MorganHouses in Katharine-Wheel-AlleyTo the Town of Oswestree in Shropshire, a Payment of 20l. 
Mr. BlandelA House in the Poultry To the Wardens of the Company; to the Prisoners in Newgate. 
Mr. BarnesHis House in LumbardstreetTo 4 poor Men certain Payments, and to 4 poor Widows; and to 12 poor People at the Election; and to the Stock of the Company.His Will bore Date Aug. 20. 1663.
Mr. BondAn Annuity issuing out of Houses in Breadstreet. Now laid into one. The Rents considerably fallen.Payments to 6 poor Men, 4l. a Year. And to 26 poor Men of the Company at the Election.By Will bearing Date Aug. 3. 1671.
Arnold, Esq; 26l. a Year. Given by his Uncle. Cost the Company a Suit at Chancery before this Gift was fixedTo 20 poor People at the Election. 
Sir Hugh SmithsonAn Annuity of 10l. for 99 Years, issuing out of his Houses in Paternoster RowTo 20 poor People at Easter, 10s. apieceHis Will dated Aug. 4. 1670.
Lady Wild2000l.To buy in Impropriations, and lay them to small Vicarages. And as often as a Purchase is made, and laid to such Vicarage, the Vicar to enjoy two Parts, and the Company one, till the Value of the Purchase come in again: And after the Vicar to enjoy the Whole. 
Robert Aske, Esq;His Charity is so great and noble, that it is mention'd elsewhere in the Chapter of Colleges and Hospitals.  

Communicated to me by one now deceased, who had been Master of this Company.

BESIDES these, I meet with other Benefactors of this Company, mentioned by Stow in the Chapter of the Honour of Citizens, to which I refer the Reader; viz.

Robert OffleyThe Sum of 1460l.For several Charitable Uses. 
William Whitmore200l.To Bridewell. 
Florence Caldwell To several poor Parishes in London yearly, 20l. 
Robert Rowe For Maintenance of poor Scholars in the Universities yearly, 20l. 
William JonesA most liberal Donation, mentioned before.For an Hospital in Monmouth for the maintaining of 20 poor People. For a Free School, and for a Preacher in the same Town. For a weekly Lecture at St. Bartholomew's behind the Exchange. And many other Charitable Purposes. 

More Benefactors yet of this Company are mentioned by Dr. Willet, in his Catalogue of Good Works.