Take yet
Another Prospect of the various GIFTS and CHARITIES committed to the Trust of this Company of HABERDASHERS, as it hath come to my Hands.


BENEFACTORS.Lands, Tenements, or Sums
of Money given.
For what Uses.The Date of the
Sir Nicholas Rainton,
a Mercer in Lumbardstreet
Certain Houses in Lombardstreet; but the Rents reduced by means of the Fire.Certain yearly Payments to Saint Bartholomew's Hospital. To the Parishes of Enfield, St. Mary Woolchurch, St. Edmund the King: To Hyington and Washingborn: To 20 poor People of the Company, 17s. apiece. And to the Company.Anno 1646.
Mrs. Anne WhitmoreCertain Houses in the Parish of St. Martin's Outwich.To ten Widows 30 Years of Broad Cloth for Gowns. Ten Ells of Holland. To the Parish of Edmund the King, and to the Wardens of the Company.Her Will dated Jan. 21. 1622.
William JonesFor whose most large and noble Gifts I refer you to the Survey, in the Chapter of The Honour of Citiz.  

Mr. Haslefoot

A Mannor in Essex, named Pitley.
To the Churchwardens of St. Nicolas Cold Abby, for the better Maintenance of the weekly Lecturer, 8l.
To 20 poor Housekeepers of the Company, 20l. To the four Hospitals, 20l.
To Ludgate, Newgate, and the two Compters, 10l. And to the Company and Officers, and Stock [for laying up Corn]

Mr. Jessen
Two Allies in Grubstreet, formerly worth 100l. a Year: Of late laid into a Court, and let out to a Carpenter to build.To six poor Trimmers of Hats, to the Minister of Lambeth, and the Poor there, certain Payments to eachBy Will bearing Date Apr. 1622.

Deputy Adams

Lands in Staffordshire.
To maintain a School in Newport in Staffordshire; which the said Mr. Adams had founded there.
To the Schoolmaster 40l. To the Usher 20l. To the Minister 20l.
Payments also to two Scholars, for Ringing the Bell, for Repairs of the School, and to place out three Boys yearly. For Expences of the Visitors of the School.
To 4 Almes People, and 4 Scholars at the Universities, 5l. apiece. To 20 poor People of the Company, &c.

Anno 1660, and odd


Certain Houses in Towerstreet and Mincinglane
For the Maintenance of an Almeshouse founded by him, situate on Snowhill, for six poor People, single, and Members of the Company.
Certain Payments to 20 poor People at the Election at Christmas.
Alderman GerardA Quit-Rent out of some Houses in HolbournPayments thence to the Churchwardens of St. Sepulchre's; and to the Poor of Clerkenwell.