Charitable DONATIONS belonging to the Worshipful Company of HABERDASHERS.


Free Schools, Almeshouses, Benefices,
Lectures, Exhibitions, and Pensions.
By whom founded, endowed, or given.

One at Bunbury in Cheshire
Mr. Aldersea. Who settled, 18 Eliz. about
130l. per Ann. for the Maintenance of this
School, and other Charitable Uses;
paid at Bunbury, according to the
Settlement in his Lifetime.
Another at MonmouthMr. William Jones, Anno. 1614.
Another at Newport in ShropshireMr. Adams, An. 1660. And 150l. per
Annum settled by him in his Lifetime.
Another at Bunhil Fields, in the Parish
of Cripplegate
Mr. Throgmorton Trotman, by his last Will
made Anno 1663. He gave 4000l. for Charitable Uses.
Another at his Hospital at Hoxton,
near Shoreditch, for twenty Freemens Sons
Alderman Aske.
One at Monmouth for 20 poor People,
Men and Women
Mr. William Jones, about the Year 1614.
Who left for this and other Charitable Uses, 18000l.
Another at Newland in Gloucestershire,
about three Miles from Monmouth,
for 16 poor Men and Women
Mr. Jones abovementioned. The same
Another at Snowhill without Newgate,
near the Conduit, for 6 poor Freemen;
and a Pension of 7l. 10s. each
Mr. Hammon, by his last Will, dated
Another at Hoxton (alias Hogsdon) in Middlesex,
for 20 poor decay'd Men, and 20 Freemens
Sons, to be taught there
Mr. Aske, Anno 1690. Who left the
Company upwards of 20000l.
Albrighton in Shropshire: Value 120l. per Annum.
Wigston in Leicestershire, about 50l. per Annum.
Dyesworth in the same Shire, about 50l. per Annum.
Layston in Suffolk, about 80l. per Annum.
Awre in Gloucestershire, 100l. per Annum.
With an Assistant Preacher, 20l. per Annum.
St. Bartholomew's behind the Exchange.
To be preached on Tuesdays in the
Afternoon. Salary 66l. per Ann.
Mr. Jones abovementioned, Ann. 1614.
Two at Criplegate Church. One to be
preach'd on Sunday Mornings: The other
on Thursdays. Salary 20l. per Ann. for each.
One for a Student of Sydney College,
Cambridge, of 6l. per Ann.
Lady Romney
Four more Exhibitions for as many
Students in the said College
Mr. Jesson
For a poor Preacher in the University
of Cambridge, a Pension of 5l. per An.
Mr. Culverwel
PENSIONS lately given.
400l. to pay 20 poor People 20s.
per Annum apiece for ever
Mr. Bodington, Anno 1700
150l. to purchase a Lease of some
House or Houses for 78 Years, (being
the time of his Age) to pay 4
poor Men and 4 poor Women of this
Company yearly during the said
Term, 13s. 4d. apiece

Baron, Esq; Anno 1702
To 20 poor Men of this Company,
2s. 6d. apiece per Annum
Mr. French, Anno 1699. He charged his Estate for the
Payment of this, with several other Pensions.



Lady Romney
Mrs. Paradine
Mr. Huntloe
Mrs. Monox
Mrs. Barret
Mr. Culverwel
Mr. Harrison
Mrs. Harrison
Alderman Heydon
Mr. Freeman
Mr. Shingler
Mr. Cauldewel
Mr. Sommers
Mr. Offley
Mr. Benskin
Mr. Brameley
Lady Burghleigh
Mr. Gale
Mr. Clark
Mr. Buckland
Mr. Taylor
Wynn, Esq;
Mr. Holden
Mr. Peacock
Sir Nicholas Rainton
Lady Whitmore
Mr. Jesson
Mr. Jones
Mr. Haslefoot
Mr. Adams
Mr. Hammon
Mr. Trotman
Mr. Gerrard
Mr. Morgan
Mr. Blundel
Mr. Barnes
Mr. Bond
Mr. Arnold
Sir Hugh Smythson
Alderman Aske
Alderman Bodington
Baron, Esq;
Mr. French

This Company hath many other Gifts which they yearly dispose of, under many Heads; as to poor Freemen, Widows, Prisons, &c. So that their Charitable Disbursements may yearly amount to about 3500l.
Drawn up by Mr. Stacy, Clerk of the Company: Communicated to me by John Billers, Esq; then Master.