An Account of the Charitable DONATIONS entrusted with the Worshipful Company of MERCHANT TAYLORS.




These following gave Lands, Houses, Annuities, &c.

John Churchman
Peter Mason
John Duke
Thomas Sutton
Thomas Sibsey
Richard Holland
Ederal Hallet
Richard Toll
Hellen Langworth
Sir John Persival
Dame Thomazin Persival
Sir Steven Jennings
Sir Giles Laughter
Richard Smith
John Treswel
John Harris
John Bennet
Thomas Spight
John Wilford
Richard Waddington
Sir Thomas Row
Sir Thomas White
Thomas Thomlinson
Robert Donkin
Richard Hill
Hugh Hendley
Richard Bothill
Nicolas Spencer
John Hide
Reynold Barker
Richard Osmotherly
John Vernon
Sir William Craven
Giles Atkinson
John Wooler
Edward Warner
Nicholas Winniff
Walter Fish
Dr. Thomas White
John Harrison
Sir John Gore
Thomas Juxon
Thomas Coventree, Esq;
Walter Biggs
Dame Mainard
William Say
Andrew Dandy
Anthony Death

All these gave the Company Houses, Manors, Lands, Gardens, Shops, Quit-Rents, Annuities, for Charitable Uses.

These following gave Money on the same Account.

I. These gave Money for building the Company's Almes house near Tower Hill; and for Maintenance of 26 Widows of Freemen of this Company.

Fourteen of the said Almes Rooms were erected about the Year 1593, and the other twelve about the Year 1638.

There was collected for this Almeshouse 4102l. The Contributors were,

Rob. Grey and his Wife2000
John Brown300
Robert Dow100
Henry Ashurst100
Sir William Ducy and his Wife600
Gerard Gore106
Henry Webb106

These following gave lesser Sums.

Sir William Craven
John Hetherset
Thomas Henshaw
Robert Hawes
Robert Henshaw
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Ince
Arthur Medlicot
William Offley
William Price
John Robinson
George Suckley
George Smith
Charles Venables
Randal Wooly
Thomas Westley

II. These following gave Money to purchase Lands, to answer annual Payments for divers Charitable Uses. Given from Ann. 1596, to about Ann. 1680.

Robert Dow2958
Robert Gray2000
William Parker2000
John Vernon1790
Sir John Hanbury 500
Helen Gulston 600
Henry Colburn700
Henry Richards500

These following gave under 500l.

Auditor Conyers
Peter Blundel
Alderman Heydon
Robert Jenkinson
Dame Elizabeth Ramsey
Godfrey Elways
Elizabeth Clark
William Preelly
Randal Woolly
Elizabeth Cravon
Ralph Bolton
Sir Abraham Reynardson
John Strange
Henry Tudman
James Church
James Chadwick
Sir William Turner300l.

All the Monies given by these amounted to 16444l. 13s. 4d.

III. These gave Monies to be lent freely to Freemen of the Company.

Sir Thomas White100
Richard Venables200
Agnes Suckley, to eight Drapers400
Sir Thomas Roy, to eight Clothworkers200
Richard May to 4 Clothworkers400
Hugh Hendley200
William Cuttings, to 5 for four Years500
Robert Lee100
Thomas Harris100
Richard Shepham, for 4 Handicrafts100
Ralf Hamer200
Humphrey Corbet400
Sir John Merrick300
Richard Pierson100
Robert Gray500
John Brown200
Robert Hend 100
Henry Hendley 50
Sir William Acton, to a Merchant or Draper,200
Hugh Acton 100
James Church200
Robert Haws 200