Some Account of the Charitable DONATIONS belonging to the Worshipful Company of SKINNERS.


Free Schools, Almeshouses,
Exhibitions, and Lectures.
By whom founded,
endowed, or augmented.
One at Tunbridge in Kent. To the Schoolmaster 20l.
and to the Usher 8l. per Annum.
Sir Andrew Judd, Anno 1558.
[This School cost the Company in Suits
at Law and otherwise, 4000l.
Dr. Willet's Synop.]
An Additional Endowment
was given to this School
by Sir T. Smith, Kt.
One at Kingsclere in the County
of Southampton
Endowed in part by
Sir James Lancaster, Anno 1620
One at Basingstoke 
One at New Woodstock in the
County of Oxon
Thomas Fletcher, An. 1616

One at Hackney near London
Mrs. Margaret Audley settled upon
this School 20l. per Annum in the
Year 1616; But founded An. 1519,
Christophoro Urswick Rectore
At Great St. Helen's. [For six Alms People.
To each 8d. a Week, and 25s. 4d. in
Coals yearly. Dr. Willet's Synops.]
Founded by Sir Andrew Judd, Anno 1558.
And for the Maintenance of this Almeshouse
and the School, he gave this
Company 70l. per Annum. Dr. Willet's Synop.]
At Mile End, near LondonLewis Newbury, Anno 1685
To six poor Scholars going to either
of the Universities, from Tunbridge School.
Sir Tho. Smith, Kt.
One for a Scholar going to Oxford
from Tunbridge School
Mr. Fisher, An. 1562
One for a Scholar going to CambridgeMr. Lewis
Four for such as go to either
of the Universities
Sir James Lancaster, Kt. Ann. 1620
One in Basingstoke ParishSir James Lancaster, Ann. 1660.
One in St. Michael Bassishaw in
London, of 10l. per Annum
Sir Wolstan Dixy
One at New WoodstockMr. Thomas Fletcher, Ann. 1616

Peter Blundel
Thomas Hunt
John Draper
Nicholas Jennings
Sir Woolaston [or Wolstan] Dixy. He gave the Sum of 1700l. and in Annuities 72l. Whereof to a Free School in Bosworth in Leicestershire 20l. yearly: And for founding 2 Fellowships and 2 Scholarships in Emanuel College Cambridge, he gave 600l. Stow's Hon. of Citiz. and Dr. Willet's Synops.]
Joan Bush
John Russel
John Clift
Henry Barton
John Wallis
Sir Andrew Judd
Laurence Atwel
Randal Manning. He gave 4 Scholarships of 40s. each, for Students of Christs
and Emanuel Colleges, to continue the Space of 30 Years. Stow's Hon. of Citiz. By this time expired]
William Stoddart
Maragret Audley
Sir James Lancaster
Thomas Fletcher
Lady Alice Smith. She gave 15l. per Ann. towards augmenting the Pensions of the Almes Folk in St. Helen's
More, 300l. to the Hospitals and poor Preachers
More 20l. towards poor Scholars in the Universities. Dr. Willet's Synops.]
Mrs. Wilkinson
Frances Clark
Henry Fisher
Sir Thomas Smith
John Meredith
John Gale
William Lewis
Lewis Newbury
Other Yearly Gifts.
Besides these, this Company bestow Charitable Gifts yearly to several Parishes, Hospitals, and Prisons.
Alhallows Lumbardstreet,
St. Gabriel Fenchurch,
St. Sepulchres,
St. Bartholomew the Less,
St. Dunstan's in the West,
St. Antholine's,
Alhallows in the Wall,
St. Michael Bassishaw,
St. Botulphs Bishopsgate,
St. Swithens,
St. Giles Cripplegate,
St. Margaret Moses,
} in London.
Sutton at Houe,
} in the County of Kent.
Woodstock in Oxfordshire. 
} in the County of Southampton.
Hackney in Middlesex 
Christ's HospitalNewgate, Ludgate.
St. Thomas's HospitalPoultry and Woodstreet Compters

The Charities disbursed yearly amount to about 700l.
Given me by Mr. Daniel Russel, Clerk, by Order of the Company.