GIFTS and CHARITIES entrusted with the Worshipful Company of GOLDSMITHS of London.


Free Schools, Almeshouses,
Exhibitions, Lectures, &c.
By whom founded and
A Free School in Dean in Cumberland John Fox, above 150 Years ago
Another at Bromyard in Herefordshire 20l. a Year to the Master
At Cromer in Norfolk10l. per Ann. by Sir Bartholom. Read
At Stockport in Cheshire10l. per Ann. by Edm. Shaw, who
lived in Henry the Seventh's Time
An Almeshouse to contain six Rooms for six poor Men,
speedily to be erected in or about London;
lately given by the last Will of

Richard Worral
Land is purchased in a Brick Field going to Hackney,
for the building these Rooms; which is
ready to be gone in hand with.
And behind the Houses will be a
convenient Piece of Ground for a Garden.
One Exhibition or more, in
either of the Universities,
at the Discretion of the Company
Alderman Perrin
Two Scholarships of 5l. apiece;
one to each University.
Mr. Strelly
To the Lecturers at Bromyard in Herefordshire26l. per Annum
Anniversay SERMONS.
One at St. Mary WoolnothSir Martin Bowes, Kt.
Three Sermons to be preached at Hackney on
Good Friday, Ascension Day, and the
5th of November, 20s. each
Mr. Jameson, sometime
Vicar there

Thomas Athay
†Francis Ashe
†Sir Martin Bowes
Robert Brockleby
Robert Blanchard
Peter Blundel
Henry Banister
Robert Butler
Richard Cheney
†Richard Croshaw
John Carlior
Sir James Drax
Oliver Davis
John Fox
Sir Thomas Fowles
Anthony Fickets
Alderman Fenrother
William Feake
Hannah Girling
John Hill
Alderman Heydon
Mrs. Agas Harding
Tho. Jameson, Clerk
†Robert Jenner
John Loveday
Alice Lupset
†Sir Hugh Middleton. He gave a Share in the New River Water to this Company, for the Benefit of the poor Members of it. Which is so much now advanced, that the Dividend of one half Year, received Anno 1704, amounted to 134l. Which Dividends are customably bestowed upon the said Poor, at 26s. apiece
John Morley
Richard Morrel
Gaius Newman
Robert Paine
†John Perrin, Alderman
William Pierson
†Alderman Pattesley
Sir James Pemberton, Alderman
Ralph Robinson
†Lady Mary Ramsey
†Sir Barthol. Read, Alderman
Lady Elizabeth Read
†John Smith, Esq;
†Philip Strelley **
John Standolph
†Sir Edmund Shaw, Alderman
†Sir Thomas Viner, Alderman
†Sir John Wollaston
Anthony Walters
William Walton
William Walker
John Walpole
Richard Woral. Who left the Company an Estate of 2 or 300l. per Ann. besides a great deal of Money, for erecting the Almeshouse before mentioned, and endowing it. This Man was but a Letter Carrier; but by great Thrift and good Husbandry left such an Estate
Among these ought to be numbred Drugo Barentine, Maior, An. 1398. Who is said to have given fair Lands to the Goldsmiths.

** Mr. Strelly abovenamed in this Catalogue of Benefactors, besides many liberal Gifts to the Company for Charitable Uses, invested them in an Estate of 5 or 600l. per Annum, with this Trust, To make a Lease of it to a Relation of his own Name for fourscore and nineteen Years, if he should live so long. And upon his Decease the like Lease to his Heir for fourscore and nineteen Years, if he should live so long; and so successively. By which politic Means this Estate is perpetual to the Family, and is put out of the Power of a Spendthrift to alienate it, or to cut off the Entail, and so beggar the Posterity. And of this some of the Heirs are so sensible, that when they have come to the Company for their Lease, they have thanked God, that put it into the Heart of their Ancestor so to tie the Estate; which otherwise, they have acknowledged, such an extravagant Father or Relation, that went before, had certainly destroyed; as John Smith, Esq; a late worthy Member and Benefactor of the said Company hath related to me.

The Charities by these abovenamed given, are some for the Relief of the Poor of this Company, some for the City Hospitals, some for the Poor of certain Parishes, but chiefly St. John Zachary's, where formerly the Goldsmiths especially lived, and where the Hall stands. Besides the other Charities for Schools, Almeshouses, Exhibitions, &c. already mentioned.

N.B. The Persons whose Names have this Mark † set before them were such as were chief Benefactors.

The Sum of all the Charitable Donations yearly bestowed by this Company, amounteth to 1000l. and better.
Communicated by Mr. Foxal, Clerk, by Order of the said Company.