SINCE this Scheme, Mr. Crump, belonging to the said Secretary, communicated to me the Account following, viz. of two later Benefactions, entrusted with this Company.

Poor Men and Women to be discharged out of the Prisons of Ludgate, Woodstreet-Compter, and the Poultry-Compter, by Mr. John Rand's Gift, of the Moiety of three Freehold Messuages or Tenements in Towerstreet, not exceeding 40s. to each Prisoner, so far as the neat Profits of the said Houses shall extend; deducting 4l. per Annum for the Master and three Wardens, for their Trouble in attending to see the Charity honestly distributed ---- as per his Will, dated 27 Aug. 1706.

Mr. John Kellesby's Will, dated 4 Aug. 1709. wherein he gives to the Worshipful Company of Mercers 120l. to be paid them after his Wife's Death; desiring that the Interest or Profits thereof may be annext to, and go towards the Augmentation of the Salary belonging to the Master of Mercers Chapel School for ever.

Catharine Hall, a College in the University of Cambridge, hath formerly partook of some liberal Benefaction from this Company of Mercers. In perpetual Remembrance whereof, they do send customarily, time out of mind, one of their Members yearly, to preach a Sermon on Good Friday before the Company at their Chapel. Besides which ancient Benefaction, the same Company have been bountiful Benefactors to them of later Times, in assisting them with their Charity in their new Buildings. And that the World may know as well the Liberality of the Society of Mercers to the said College, as the grateful Acknowledgment of the College to the Society, I will here repeat what was once on Good Friday, in the Year 1688, said by my self; who was both a Member of that College, and educated at their School at St. Paul's, and received one of their best Exhibitions, when I removed thence.

The Mercers Benefactors to Catharine Hall:

"Before I proceed farther, Gratitude and Ingenuity oblige me to declare the Cause of my preaching this Sermon. God hath usually raised up Benefactors to Learning. The Honourable Company of Mercers have been eminently such to Catharine Hall, that ancient Seminary of good Learning in the University of Cambridge. They have of late shewn themselves such, in a very noble piece of Munificence toward the expensive new building of the College: Besides what particular Members of the same worthy Society have generously done. But that was not the first time the Mercers have been Friends to that College. For anciently, beyond our Memory, they have been liberal unto the same. For which, as a lasting Remembrance of their Benefaction, the said College is obliged to send them a Preacher yearly on Good Friday, to commemorate in this Place the great Benefaction of Jesus Christ to the World, in giving himself for it. "

Remembred yearly on Good Friday, in the Chapel.

" This Burthen is now cast upon me, being one of those that owe my Education to that House. And indeed I was the readier to undertake it, in regard of my own private Obligation to the said Honourable Company; having been bred in a famous School in this City, still flourishing under their Patronage; and having for divers Years received from them a fair Exhibition towards the Maintenance of my Studies, at my Election from their said School to the University. Which I must never forget; and am very glad of this Opportunity of making a Publick Acknowledgment of the same.]"