Some Account of the Charitable DONATIONS belonging to the Company of MERCERS; and the Names of their Benefactors.


Their Schools, Hospitals, Lectures,
and Exhibitions.
By whom Founded,
or Maintained.
THE School by St. Paul's, LondonDr. John Colet, sometime
Dean of St. Paul's, London
Mercers Chapel SchoolImmemorial
At Horsham in SussexMr. Richard Collier
At Lavington in Wilts Alderman Dauntesey
Whittington CollegeTrustees of Sir Richard Whittington
Lavington in Wilts.Alderman Dauntesey
At Stepney in MiddlesexLady Mico
Trinity Hospital in GreenwichHenry E. of Northampton
In Crooked Lane, oneA Contribution towards the
Lecture there by Mr. Hilson
At St. Antholin's, twoAlderman Perry and Lady Martin
At St. Bartholomew's behind the
Exchange, two
Mr. Fishborn and Alderman Perry
At Grantham in Lincolnshire }
At Wakefield in Yorkshire }
Lady Campden
At HuntingdonMr. Richard Fishbourn
At Mercers Chapel, Sundays
Afternoon from Advent to Easter
At Gresham CollegeSir Thomas Gresham
At St. Michael RoyalAlderman Heydon,
toward the Lecture there
At the Chapel, two Anniversary Sermons,
on the 30th of January, and 29th of May
Mr. Birkenhead
Four Exhibitions of 6l. 13s. 4d. per Annum.
For Scholars of any University or College
Lady Northampton
Four of 6l. 5s. each per Annum.
For Scholars of Trinity College, Cambridge
Mrs. Mary Robinson
Four more of 10l. each per Annum.
For Scholars of Trinity College Cambridge
Lord Campden
Ten or more Exhibitions besides, of
10l. per Annum each; for Scholars of
any Colleges in Cambridge or Oxford
Company of Mercers

Sir Ralph Warren
Dame Eliz. Martin
†The Lady North
Mrs. Katharine Clark
†Sir Henry Rowe
†Mrs. Mary Robinson
†Alderm. Dauntesey
Mr. Nicholas Statham
Sir Michael Dormer
Mr. John Marsh
Alderman Baskerfield
Mr. David Appowel
Mrs. Alice Blundel
Sir Thomas Leigh
Mr. Peter Symonds
Sir Roger Martin
Sir Thomas Rivet
†Alderman Heydon
Mr. Robert Hilson
Mr. Culverwel
Sir Lionel Ducket
Sir William Damzel
Alderman Elkin
Mrs. Martha Barret
†Mr. Edw. Barkley
Mr. George Birkbeck
Mr. Richard Barnes
Mr. Sharles
Mr. Barthol. Barnes
†Alderman Walthal
Mrs. Frances Clark
Mr. William Quarles
Alderman Holliday
†Mr. Rich. Fishborne. This Man gave to the Value of
Ten Thousand Pound, and very largely
towards the Buying in Impropriations
Mr. John Banks
Mr. William Ferrar
Alderman Pool
Mr. Ralph Stint
Mr. Giles Martin
Mr. Robert Gibson
Mr. John Ducket
Alderman Perry
Mr. Samuel Goldsmith
Mr. Edward Cropley
†Dame Elizabeth, Vice - Countess Dowager Campden.
This Lady gave 3000l. towards buying in
Impropriations; besides other Gifts
Alderman Sleigh
†Mrs. Anne Ducket
†Mr. Samuel Mico
†Mr. Thomas Rich
†Dame Marg. Hungerford
†Mrs. Jane Savage
Mr. Peter Birkenhead
†Thomas Langham, Esq;
Sir Edward Des Boveries
†Mr. Richard Collier
†Sir Richard Whittington, Founder of Whittington College
†Sir John Allen
Lady Bradbury
†Dame Isab. Gresham
†Alderman Chertesey
Mr. Browne
†Sir Thomas Bennet
†Mr. Francis Flyer
Mr. Bird
†Lord Campden
†Lady Jane Mico
†Dr. John Colet
†Henry E. of Northampton
†Sir Thomas Gresham
†Thomas Papillon, Esq; who gave 1000l.
Mr. Richard Laken
Mr. John Abbot
Mr. Robert Weston
Mr. John Millet
Mrs. Margaret Raynold
Sir Richard Haddon
Mr. Will. Widowson
Mr. Richard Fielding
Sir James Yarford
Mr. Rowland Hill
Mr. John Royse
Mr. William Bottery
Mr. John Taylor
Mr. John Fuller
Mrs. Margaret Sharles
Mr. John Newman
Mr. Mary Williams
Mr. Nathanael Bishop
Mr. Richard Bridges
Mr. John Green
N.B. Those that have this Mark (†) before
their Names, were the largest Benefactors.

The yearly Disbursements of this Company in Charities amounts to 3000l. or thereabouts.
From Essington, Esq; Clerk of this Company.