[The Societies.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.35


3. That every Parochial Library shall be affixed in a decent and large Room of the Parsonage-House of such Parish, there to remain to the sole Use of the Minister thereof for the time being, unto all future Generations; and to be as Unalienable as any other the Rights and Dues of the Church, which are ascertained by Law.

4. That in order to the Preservation of every such Library to succeeding Ages without Loss, as far as can be humanely provided in any thing of that kind, there be made an exact Catalogue of the Books belonging to the Library of each Parish; and that every such Catalogue be fairly written in Four Books of Vellum provided for that purpose: The first whereof to be left with the Lord Bishop of London for the time being; a second with his Commissary, or some chief Clergyman in every of those Plantations where such Libraries are provided; and a third to remain in the respective Libraries themselves; and a fourth to be deposited in the Vestry of each of the said Parishes.

5. That the Commissary be obliged, at least once in three Years, Personally to make a Parochial Vistitation: And then, besides the Charge of this Duty in other respects, that it be incumbent also upon him, particularly to inspect the Parochial Libraries, and to see that none of the Books be imbezelled or lost: And that the Church-Wardens of each Parish be also obliged, every Year, before the Visitation, to inform themselves in what Condition the said Books are, and to present accordingly at the Visitation.

6. That for further Security to preserve them from Loss and Imbezelment, and that they may be known where-ever they are found, in every Book, on the one side of the Cover shall be lettered these Words, SUB AUSPICIIS WILLIELMI III; on the other side the Name of the Parish to which these Books do belong, EX. GRA. E BIBLIOTHECA DE MARY-TOWN, E BIBLIOTHECA DE JAMES-TOWN, &c.

7. That the Ministers of each Parish, their Heirs and Administrators, may be obliged, by vertue of an Act of Assembly, provided and made for that purpose, to make good what Books shall be imbezeled or lost by his Fault.

MEANS of Obtaining such Parochial Libraries.


1. THAT Application be made to the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry, for their Charitable Contributions to so Pious a Work; and espcially that the Merchants and Traders to the Foreign Plantations be earnestly called upon, as Persons principally concerned, to encourage this Design: It being most reasonable to expect, that in Gratitude to God, and the Inhabitants of those Plantations, the more plentifully they have reaped of their Temporal Things, the more liberally they should sow to them in Spiritual Things.

2. That Application be also made to such Learned Authors as are now living, that they would bestow some of their own Books; which shall be judged useful to the Purposes aforesaid.

3. That for the general Satisfaction of those who have advanced either in Books or Money to so pious a Design, a full Account shall be published what Books have been given, what Sums have been obtained, and how the same have been laid out to the Purposes aforesaid.

Lastly, In Gratitude to the Benefactors towards this Pious Design, all those who shall contribute any thing thereunto, shall have their Names and respective Sums, and the Authors shall have the Number of Books given by them, transmitted to Posterity, by being Reigstred in a Book kept for that purpose in each of the Libraries. And moreover, the principal Benefactors, whether publick Societies, Companies, or private Persons, shall have their Names endorsed in Golden Letters, upon so many Folio's and Quarto's as shall amount to the Sum given by them respectively, and the Words EX DONO AUTHORIS, shall be in like manner endorsed upon all those Books given by their respective Authors.

We do look upon this Design, as what will very much tend to propagate Christian Knowlege in the Indies, being it will, in all likelihood, invite some of the more Studious and Virtuous Persons out of the Universities, to undertake the Ministry in those Parts, and will be a means of rendring them useful when they are there. And therefore as we shall contribute chearfully towards promoting of those Parochial Libraries, so we hope that many Pious Persons will be found, who, out of Love to Religion and Learning, will also contribute thereunto.

Tho. Cantuar. H. Lond.
Jo. Ebor. W. Cov. & Litch.     
Ed. Worcester.     
Symon Eliensis.     
J. Norwich.

IN a Paper printed Anno 1704, by order of the Society, an Account is given what this Society designs to do upon further Encouragement by annual Subscription, or present Benefaction, or future Legacies.

What the Society hath done and designs to do.

And what great Progress was made in Maryland in the Time of King William, will appear by this Paper following.

The Present State of the Protestant Religion in Maryland.


IN the Year 1691, his Majesty having graciously thought fit to take the Government of Mary-Land into his own Hands, and the Province into his immediate Care; In May, 1692, an Act of Assembly passed for the Establishment of the Protestant Religion there, and for dividing the Ten Counties thereof into Five and twenty Parishes, each of which, one with another, are endowed with a yearly Income of nigh Twenty Thousand Pounds of Tabaco, to be raised perpetually by a yearly Assessment of Forty Pound per Pole, upon all the taxable Persons in the Country; the Profits of which Tabaco, till such time as a sufficient Supply of Ministers shall be sent, (viz. All which will arise over and above what shall go for the Maintenance of Six Divines sent thither already, with the present Governour, by my Lord Bishop of London's pious Care, there being but three before in the Country) are appointed for the Building of Churches in every Parish. But the Execution of that Act hath been in a manner wholly neglected, till it pleased his Majesty to confer the Government on the most Worthy and Excellent Person, Francis Nicholson, Esq; who since his Arrival in Aug. 1694, with an indefatigable Industry and Zeal to promote his Majesty's Honour, the Interest of the Protestant Religion, and the Good of the whole Province, hath revived and reinforced the said Act, by another additional one, for the Increase and Maintenance of Religion; hath collected the Arrears, and is now Building a fine Church at Annapolis in Arundel County, and by Midsummer next will (besides four or five which were begun before) have nine or ten Churches in good Forwardness, with as many Parsonage-Houses. To the Building of each of which, as of all the rest, his Excellency hath given 50l. Sterling; and his Majesty's Secretary Ten Thousand Pounds of Tabaco to ten of the said Houses, viz. one in each County.

Progress of Religion in Maryland.


A Church: